New Friendly Fires Video for KoL

friendly fires kiss of live

The video for “Kiss of Life”, the new Friendly Fires single to be released on the 31st of August, had it’s web premier today. Definitely to be attempted as one of this year’s most beautiful clips you can see the trio dancing on a perfect beach on a perfect sunny day. Sounds like I parfume ad but singer Ed Macfarlane keeps his shirt on the whole time (sorry, folks!). Actually I’m wondering how often he had to change his shirt or what deodorant he does use, since there’s magically no single sweat stain on his clothes.

Anyway, the song itself is one more brilliant liquid synth pop diamant casted into four minutes with a flavor of some Afro beat, that grows from listening to listening. If you watch the video below you’ll see a drum group with Venecian mask (The Knife have found their soulmates) in it, so in this great puzzle everything fits together.

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