Ikons “Slow Light”

ikons slow light

After “Guns” (which saw the light of day nearly one year ago) here comes the second foretaste of what according to Swedish Service label “may be the best album we ever released”. It’s the music video to “Slow Light” by Gothenburg six-piece IKONS from their debut album of the same title.

Looks a bit like creator Patrik Johansson put this still life – including a globe, a skull, a bouquet, a pair of maracas, a zils and some grapes, books and candles – into the corner of flat around 3am with a party behind his back in its last throes.

So there’s nothing really happening here except some light show. Still this and – above all – this cosmic 8-minute long instrumental krautrock anthem the video was made to are enough  to lead you to a different sphere.

The record by  IKONS will be released as CD/LP on Service in January 2010. Luckily Service will start streaming the record on their site already on December 1. See the video and the tracklist of the album (or better said: it’s back) – including “Guns” and “Slow Light” – below.

ikons album back

This may be the best album Service ever released.

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