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So folks, here’s a little thesis for knocking-off today:  ‘secret sells’ is the new ‘sex sells’ in music business’ golden book of truths. Think about it. Who cares about Britney & Co? And hasn’t been everyone wetting themselves for years now when it came to new releases of Studio and Burial or even new art by Banksy? What would all those acts be without the fog of  mystery floating around them?

Still great artists surely but it’s part of human’s natural psychology that they wouldn’t cause that big waves like they do now. You need this spicy, curious prickle in your chests and heads, don’t you? So here’s another little secret round-up for you.

1st Let’s begin with our French darling Kolt13. After we could present his last Chromeo remix of “Night by Night” we are happy to hit you back this week with another Chromeo piece by him, this time a “Fancy Footwork” Murdaphunk Remix. The first half chilled out vibe it’s definitely a nice tune and get’s even better after the dancy break that follows. Well done, boy. Oh and by the way, before Kolt fell in love with disco and electro he had his hands in France’s vibrant hip hop scene. Not the worst entry for a Dj’s/producers CV, I guess.

Chromeo “Fancy Footwork (Kolt13 Murdaphunk Remix)” [download]

2nd I might be a little bit late with this (sorry), but there’s a new duo from London which sticked to my ears and brain for some weeks now, actually with only one simple song. The act is called Monarchy and nobody really knows who they are. Here some suggestions from Carl Howard: “Erol and Tiga? Gary Barlow and MNEK? Derek Davies and Starsmith?”. I would like to add Dan Lissvik from Studio to the list, since he sonically would perfectly fit to the team, too, plus he’s living in London. After all they’re til now one and only song “Gold in the Fire” is a little masterpiece for it’s own. Can’t wait to hear more. Get the Mp3 from DISCODUST or Illegal Tender.

3rd Well, while writing this, it’s not a secret any longer but it’s still worth mentioning: Last Wednesday Erol-Alkan-linked label PHANTASY announced their sixth release by a secret artist and after five banging and wetting recent records (their Myspace gives a good overview about them all), I expected good things to come. Not suprisingly I wasn’t disappointed though. On Friday PH06 alias “Bangkok” by big player Boris Dlugosch with a remix by Roska hit Beatport with a limited vinyl release to follow. Think we have a new contender for our favourite label here. Enjoy!

Bangkok by phantasysound

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