Korallreven “Loved-Up”

korallven love-up

Sometimes a wrapping can cheat you. And sometimes/in every other case you get what you see. Since we are nice people, we won’t play neither with your feelings nor your loyalty. So look on the picture above and expect a wave tsunami to float your heart and mind within the next minutes.

Beloved Swedish Service label (features brilliant artists such as Lake Heartbeat, Jens Lekman and Studio) just sent us some new stuff to get excited for 2010. Well, actually it’s more an excuse.  Anyway, it’s the Nhessingtons Remix of Korallreven‘s “Loved-Up”.

Korallreven is the balearic artist outfit of Swedish music journalist Marcus Joons and The Radio Dept.‘s* Johan Duncanson. And yes, the name means really “coral reefs” and it does perfectly fit to the music, you’ll see.

They released their first digital single “Loved-Up” on Service earlier this year and then announced full-length “The Truest Faith” for this November.

So since it’s now already the end of the month and I previously mentioned “excuse” you can easily guess that the record won’t be out in time. According to Korallreven this has a simple reason:

Spring 2010 sounds so much better than autumn 2009, right?

Okay, that’s indeed true – sadly. And here’s where Nhessingtons enter the scene: the Force Majeure artists took the song to turn it into a great disco-dub version, like they did before with El Perro Del Mar. I guess, this weakens the pain a bit.

Both original and remix shall be released together as a 7″ single via Japanese Fastcut Records pretty soon. Listen to the original version of the song at their Myspace, buy the song over at Service/Klicktrack or iTunes, download the remix below and then – last but not least – join us getting excited for spring 2010, yeah!

Korallreven “Loved-Up (Nhessingtons Remix)” [download]

*Remember that song called “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done“?

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