This Is Head “0007”

Malmö postrock outfit This Is Head, director Nicholas Wakeham (did First Aid Kit “Hard Believer” and others) and the Varelsen collective (remember Minilogue’s brilliant “Animals” video?) invite you to what they think a group meeting of the Audiophile Anonymous looks like in the new video for “0007”.  Although the vinyl loving parts of us think, a “Don’t try this at home!” warning would actually be pretty suitable here, we still like the realization of this idea and assume a statement pro digital revolution (and not contra pre-millennium music) behind it.

If you want to get rid of all your classic Full Moon Fever and Whitney LPs to spare yourselves paying an expensive therapist sooner or later, you might need some (digital) sonic replacement: check to download a great remix of the song by Pocketknife and to find out how to buy and get This Is Head‘s just released debut album 0001 (Adrian Recordings) – even as 12″! Head over to the Line of Best Fit to get the even more epic “0003” as download and look out for the 0002 single with a remix by fellow Swedish über producer Dan Lissvik as well.

This Is Head “0007” [download]

This Is Head “0003”

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