Korallreven “The Truest Faith”

A melody to hum along,  almost oceanic harmonies and sun-drenched sound aesthetics, one could gently describe as balearic in terms of music genres – as Korallreven have just revealed in a blog post, the title track of their upcoming debut album The Truest Faith and A-side of new single on Acéphale Records, does not sound like a holiday in the Pacific for no reason:

It all started on the South Pacific island Samoa three years ago. Marcus (Joons) had been travelling around the islands there for some time and one day while chillin’ under a coconut tree, he serendipitously got a feeling of how he wanted his dream pop music to be like. Spiritual like the local Samoan Catholic church choirs, hypnotic like the breathtaking tropical nature and above all a feeling of finally reaching ”the other side”.
So, since last summer Marcus and dear friend Daniel – who aside of Korallreven plays keyboard in The Radio Dept. – have suffered some blood, sweat and even tears to turn this South Pacific dream into reality.

And yes, your eyes didn’t trick you: it’s not The Radio Dept.‘s Johan Duncanson, who’s Swedish music journalists Marcus’ partner in Korallreven (as we wrongly claimed among other media), but the band’s keyboarder, Daniel Tjäder, who’s hence co-responsible for one of the first big anthems of the approaching summer.

Korallreven “The Truest Faith” [Download]

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