Crocodiles “Sleep Forever”

Bite: Looks like someone took a wrench to re-adjust the works instead of throwing it into them. At least US rock band Crocodiles does sound a bit different in 2010 than the 2009er Crocodiles did. Their sound has become smoother and stronger in a way, but it’s still as big, dark and drugged as before. Not least, the new song “Sleep Forever” bears witness to this development. The track is anon eponymous for the band’s second album, which is to be released on September 14 via Fat Possum in the States. The 7″ single already arrives on August 17. [via]

Crocodiles “Sleep Forever” [mp3]

If you now want to see the band live (and missed to do so on their recent UK tour in May), we have some bad news for you: Sadly the band has by now only confirmed some US dates, but we’re pretty sure, that some major UK/Europe touring is in plan for later this year.


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