Mathew Jonson: Agents Of Time

Ambient ambition against complexity: Just ten years old he began to play drums, piano and percussion, which lead him into the electronic music business at first, now, Canadian producer Mathew Jonson presents his solo debut album Agents Of Time after another more than another ten years of numerous collaborations (f.i. Cobblestone Jazz) and singles and EPs.

The track list reads itself like a book, built on different chapters on avant-garde subjects (Thieves in Digital Land, New Model Robots), which can not really leave the presence of modernisation behind (Agents Of Time). Hereby Mathew Jonson begins calmly sedating. But the indulgence of “Love In Future” in its inherent atmospheric shape is only temporary, since he’s already showing this track’s antithesis with “Girls Got Rhythm”. As bass-heavy, almost club orientated and crowned with vocals Jonson elaborates his oriental sounds even stronger on the albumsnoch verstärkter.

On Agents Of Time his will is primarily focused on the relation of happy and sad emotions, which shall carry the compositions. However, the tracks appear not as completely produced as his earlier ones (except “Marionette”, ironically an already in 2004 as single released song, which is here represented in an edited rough draft).

Hence, Jonson’s compositions own a kind of co-hyponyms, which lacks a greater hypernym, the perfected sophistication.

At least one, with rising sympathy, needs to emphasize the recurrently meditative structure, which became Mathew Jonson’s significant characteristic on his way to one of the world’s most popular producers. Now he can be even prouder on the release of his first ever solo album on his own Wagon Repair label, which recently also put out the second full-length of his collective project Cobblestone Jazz (together with Tyger Dhula, Danule Tate and The Mole) in April.

01. Love in the Future
02. Girls Got Rhythm
03. Thieves in Digital Land
04. Sunday Disco Romance
05. Marionette (the Beginning)
06. Night Vision
07. Pirates in the 9th
08. New Model Robots
09. When Love Feels Like Crying
10. Agents of Time
11. Too Late to Change

Agents of Time was released by Wagon Repair and is digitally available f.i. at zero”.

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