Live : James Blake

The album is out there and so is the consent: From the big music magazines to newspapers and blogs, everyone is more or less impressed by the young Englishman James Blake and his debut full-length. Between piano sounds and spheric melodies Blake once again puts his fragile voice, causing a relentless melancholy. With some listeners it may appeal to their reflexive temper, while with others’ it addresses  their depressively melancholy vein as “Limit to your love” does.

As the last and third previous EP Klavierwerke (R&S Records) the now on major label Polydor / Universal released album is a stroke of genius, which can be surely breathtaking for one or the other of its guests when played out loud and live. So because of Mister Blake’s brilliance we recommend the four upcoming German gigs and point you to the first early live impressions from the UK meanwhile.

Here‘s also a BBC video interview with the artist.

James Blake live:
13.04. Köln, Luxor
15.04. Hamburg, Grünspan
16.04. Berlin, Berghain -sold out-
18.04. Munich, Atomic Café
28.04. Donau Festival, Krems (Austria)

James Blake
Saturday, April 16, 2011
20:00 - Alle Altersgruppen Buy Tickets
Am Wriezener Bahnhof
Berlin, Germany 10243
Other Info
*sold out*

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