Review : JM WHT in Cologne

Outside of the window of the Stapelhaus in Cologne, the Rhine calmly carved its way through the inner city, but inside condensed sweat was pouring down the panes. The Subs and Proxy got got invited by the Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour and the venue was packed to the top, with our four winners and their companions somewhere in the mass.

But we don’t know, if it rather were the hard beats or pheromone-rich pubic hair commitment by singer Papillon (see below), which got the crowd going crazy that hard during the first’s appearance. Then again, we already expected that there would be no time for a cool-down or some relaxing when Proxy entered the stage – however shy he may appeared.

Also two guys showed up, of whom we would have thought they would not prefer a liquor over a dry Martini: HURTS came down to Stapelhaus after their own gig in town that night to have their aftershow-party there. But where did they win their guestlist invites?

On April 21 Frittenbude from Munich and Tom Deluxx from French Bordeaux will await you at Yachtklub, Frankfurt a.M. Check or Facebook to register for the first competition.

PHOTOS: Gert Schäfer: 1,3 / Thang Dai (Electru): 2,4

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