Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour : Frankfurt

A premier under time pressure: Just when Frankfurt should witness the first ever Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour event not by land, but on a house boat called the Yachtklub, it was Good Friday and its official German party ban called Tanzverbot forcing the night to come to early midnight end. But the booked bands were professionals and Munich’s Frittenbude declared that they wanted to play until the boat would capsize. (Fortunately) this didn’t happen but the crowd did quickly turn sweatily wet anyway – big-game hunting instead of fly fishing. Then Tom Deluxx took over the helm and earned his swimming badge as well.

The next event on May 19 at Stuttgart’s Calwer Eck is going to be even bigger, since Bag Raiders, Peaches and aUtodiDakt form the line-up. The photos of Franfurt were taken by Geert Schäfer and the team of i-ref also filmed the whole party:

In association with Jägermeister.

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