Mount Kimbie : Free track “Brave’s Chords” from new EP Carbonated

The by us recommended tour has already begun, but now Hotflush has announced the last release from Mount Kimbie‘s debut album Crooks & Lovers. New EP Carbonated will be out on June 27 and feature besides the original album track and its remixes by Peter Van Hoesen and Airhead, its forerunner on the LP, the short intermezzo “Adriatic”, in a remix version by Klaus plus two previously unreleased tracks.

While “Flux” was created during the C&L recording process, “Bave’s Chords” is a little charming find from the time around their 2009 breakthrough song “Maybes”. The latter was part of the bands recent intense but slightly weird performance in front of a silent crowd with headphones on for Abbey Road Debuts, which you can watch over at Dummy. You can download “Bave’s Chords” for an E-mail address below.

Mount Kimbie : Carbonated

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