Bonjay : Creepin

They say, nowadays’ most spectacular nature documentaries to a big share prominently feature scenes shot with trained animals instead of wild ones. The extremely high per-day production costs simply often don’t allow one spending your budget waiting at a river for two weeks or more just to get some Grizzly go hunting for salmon and for real. Tough, we don’t know, if already Bill Mason back in 1972 used such tricks to make his film Cry of the Wild (stream), but we do know, that Jeff Parenteau has now turned the stunning images into a music video.

The song “Creepin”, an unusually introverted and densely humming one by exalted dancehall Canadians Bonjay, hereby mirrors its own tension in the eyes of the wilderness.  Recently the band also covered “Jamelia” by Caribou. And while the EP Broughtupsy is already out at home, it’s British label One Bird Records, who’s reading the single Stumble / Creepin (stream) for June 6 on this side of the planet. Around the release Bonjay will also then play live at London, Manchester and Berlin.

Eventually, the icing on this post’s cake comes with the sweet remix of another Bonjay track called “Want A Gang” by Noah Smith alias Hard Mix (while the CHLLNGR remix of “Creepin” is rather less exiting).

Bonjay : Want A Gang (Hard Mix Remix)

Bonjay live:
04.06. London, The Camp (DJ)
07.06. London, Bush Hall w/ MEN
08.06. Manchester, Islington Mill w/ MEN
02.07. Berlin, Lido

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