Cologne : Electronic Beats Festival

A good access to all kinds of new and interesting electronic music offer the website, the magazine and the DVD series Slices by the Electronic Beats editorial team, an annexe of the German Telekom. Additionally, the project provides an own festival series for all fans of such music. For instance, 2010 saw The Human League, Róisín Murphy and Bon Homme visiting Berlin under the EB banner. And at Cologne’s E-Werk, where two years ago Phoenix and Fever Ray among others created an impressive night, followed by Moderat and Major Lazer last year, now, Animal Collective (Photo), Nouvelle Vague, Planningtorock and Holy Ghost! are awaited for the next reissue.

So the evening promises a mixture of the spherically psychedelic sounds of the AC quartet with the tender voices and new waves remakes from France’ Nouvelle Vague and the synth pop of Holy Ghost! from New York City. Also not to forget is the outlandishness that is Janine Rostron’s show as Planningtorock, who recently cooperated with The Knife and Mt. Sims for the modern opera (and album) Tomorrow, In A Year and is soon releasing her new solo full-length W, from which you can take the last week’s “The Breaks” as introduction. And there are still some good news left over, since this big electronic night will be ended by a DJ set by the two messieurs Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, who are no other than Modeselektor.

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