Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs : Trouble

Now you got me messed up, please believe me, Orlando Higginbottom sings in the new Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs single “Trouble” and as consternatedly looks into the camera, despite of lolling blondes around him and although the lyrical tables will turn shortly after again. You may got already used to his quite impassive performance in the previous videos, but here it’s paired with an as bloodless as party-happy human setting, apparently somewhere in the US with the single’s title appearing in big letters over a panorama in the beginning. A bearded and well tanned man in his mid-fifties fills the role of Orlando’s later alter ego¬† or the sect leader. Combined with the sentimental lyrics this is all above absurd.

The single, which is digitally already available and properly out on June 20 with yet to be named remixes, is the first TEED release with major label Polydor and a first foretaste taken from the upcoming debut album of the former Greco Roman artist. And step by step it becomes visible, what was meant, when we got told around our common interview in Berlin earlier this year, that Orlando pursues bigger goals and plans than the independent label could make possible. So the new video is not only a way more elaborate production but also shows his new headpiece. Paradoxically both, an abstraction and exaggeration of the prior ones, it was made by the internationally celebrated jewellery designers of Yunus & Eliza, using material by Swarovski Elements. You can see a short documentary of the creation process below.

Though, it’s a bit sad that “Trouble”, in musical terms, only remains as breather instead of instantaneous heater.

On June 16 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs play their biggest headliner gig to date at London’s Scala, on July 7 they play live with D.I.M. and Optimus Maximus at the J√§germeister Wirtshaus Tour in Nuremberg, followed by an appearance at Melt! Festival in the same month.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs : Trouble

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