HEALTH played a new song at Incubate

HEALTH toured Europe once again in the recent days, playing festival shows at Berlin Festival on Friday, among others. At yesterday’s final show at Dutch Incubate Festival a premier took place: the noise-electronic-rock act performed a new, yet unnamed song (watch the video below). Suddenly, there’s a melody not getting corroded or deconstructed. If you remember, that the other three members of the band didn’t even understand what singer Jake Duzsik was singing about, when their debut album was recorded in 2007, you might, but really only might, consider this track as “pop”, in the context of the previous HEALTH workings of course. Musically the new piece definitely tied to “USA Boys“. The excitement bar for their third and upcoming album,  the successor of Get Color does rise anyway.

Recently, HEALTH put out a cover of Pictureplane’s “Goth Star”:

HEALTH : GOTH STAR (Pictureplane Cover)


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