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Mount Kimbie : Live

01:11 PM

“No one should miss this diffuse, but still harmonious and hence even greater interaction between mainly dubstep, ambient beats of all shades and fragmental guitar and voice samples,” we wrote about Mount Kimbie‘s last tour’s preview. And actually this would still say it all for their new upcoming dates, if there wouldn’t be Ruth Saxelby’s DUMMY review of their recent SXSW appearance. Quote: “[It] felt like witnessing two artists getting inside their art, […] something very specific has clearly clicked.” We’re excited. They’re also writing on a new record already.

Mount Kimbie live:
21.04. Stereo, Glasgow
22.04. Bongo Club, Edinburgh
23.04. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
24.04. Le Warr Pavilion (Small room), Bexhill-on-Sea
26.04. Audio, Brighton
27.04. Thekla, Bristol
28.04. Heaven, London
29.04. Deaf Institute, Manchester
30.04. Bergen Fest, Bergen
05.05. Nu Spirit, Bratislava
06.05. Donaufestiaval, Krems
11.05. AB Club, Brussels
12.05. Ekko, Utrecht
13.05. Simplon, Gronigen
14.05. Music Box, Lisbon
19.05. Social Club, Paris
20.05. Kraftfeld, Winterthur
21.05. MeetFactory, Prague
22.05. K4, Nurnberg
23.05. Sinkkasten, Frankfurt
24.05. Conne Island, Leipzig
25.05. Mondial Club, Hamburg
26.05. Icon, Berlin

London: Stella Mortos label launch tonight

06:33 PM

Many people dream about having an own record label. Multi-talented Jehan Harding has fulfilled it. And we are very happy for him, not because he’s a good friend and member of the clan, but because his label, Stella Mortos, could indeed become a real trendsetter. The first release was the 7″ Hunting Roger Rabbit / Six Severed Hates by the no-prisoners-taking Entrepreneurs (his new single “F**k Tactics” reminds us a bit of 2Pac and Dr. Dre’s “California Love“, the scrambled version; sadly it’s not another SM release but by Fear & Records), followed by the great EP Hot New Trash by FOE last week.

Tonight both acts will play live at the official label launch party at London’s Macbeth on Hoxton Street (you might noticed the event banner in our sidebar over the recent days…) Home Counties’ very own pop band EVRYONE will also make an onstage appearance. Ghostpoet, who’s also featured on “F**k Tactics”, Toby Gale and Pettre of Hivern Discs will deejay.

The entrance is free before 10pm, afterwards it’s only £5. Also (if you are not convinced yet), a rather outstanding French electro duo, who you surely know from our site among others, will play a DJ-set as secret guests…

Entrepreneurs ft. FOE & Ghostpoet : Fuck Tactics

Entrepreneurs : Bubblegunk (Jungle Fiction Remix) (Download)

FOE : Tyrant Song

EVRYONE : luv u more

London: dollop Citipost Warehouse Series

08:57 PM

dollop is heading back to Scrutton Street. The warehouse venue holds a special place in my heart, having been the source of much reckless abandon and dancing. I went round for a cup of tea and a chat with dollop’s main man, Sam Lawrence, as they were preparing to embark on their most exciting venture to date, a warehouse series with Border Community, FACT, Trailer Trash, Kompakt and Adventures in the Beetroot Field.

The sonic innovation in store isn’t limited to the lineup, the newly renamed Citipost Warehouse has been refitted and refurbished and will boast quadraphonic sound for the final soirée with Factory Floor. Tonight, however, is all about Seiji, Midland and xxxy. I can’t wait.

Seiji : More of You (Clip)

xxxy : Ordinary Things

So you’ve got this warehouse series coming up? what’s the idea behind this?
We’ve done quite a lot of events in this space before. We also did the closing party for the space with Ivan Smagghe, Matt Walsh and Thomas Von Party and Nathan Wilkins. Basically the building was up for sale, we were under the impression it was getting knocked down and they would be building a hotel. The sale didn’t go through, so we’ve been allowed back in. The lifespan of the building could only be until April, so we’ve got basically until April to do what we want. Rather than before when we booked other people in to do parties separately, we just thought it’d make more sense to get all the people we want to work with together and do it as a series every week. So everybody’s working together.

Which lineup you most excited about?
I’m excited about all of them really, but I suppose I’m particularly looking to is the final one with Factory Floor. They are playing with quadraphonic sound. Factory Floor will be playing in the middle of the room, surrounded by these 4 speakers – each speaker is controlled separately.

Who are you most excited about as upcoming?
It’s an interesting time at the moment because there’s a whole new wave of DJ’s coming along who aren’t quite pulling 1,000 people yet but by the end of the year will be playing to big crowds. The likes of Ben UFO, Ramadanman, Numbers are really going to step up a level.

Having been a mainstay of London nightlife for the last few years, how would you say the scene has evolved over that time?
When I first arrived people were just getting back into dance music with nu-rave and dance music was becoming huge again. It never split off into different factions; it was always just this young crowd that wanted to go to clubs. Less about genre, the word genre got broken down. People are gaining taste, before it was about not giving a fuck, now it’s condensed a bit. People want deeper sounds, they want to hear nice music.
I think that people are just sick of relentless, generic sounds that would come genres crossing over. People are sick of all that and just want to hear some nice music. It’s not just about going out and getting completely fucked and going nuts. That’s what I’ve seen anyway, I’m sure it still exists in areas but for me it’s more about people wanting to hear deep music.

You had a pretty successful 2010. What would you say was the highlight?
It’s a weird one, as he highlight is also a failure at the same time. We launched in Heaven, which went really well. We filled the venue. That was the highlight, having working towards that success.
However, we’ve since decided not to do anything in Heaven anymore, just because it’s in central London. Wednesday night. 1000 capacity. To sustain that every month is something that’s quite hard, so even though it was a short, sweet victory, it’s also in a failure in some sense as well.
It was the first time we’d ever done anything in Central London and mid-week in London. We either needed to up the bookings, and get some bigger artists in which would mean bigger ticket prices, which would lose the whole concept of what the event was about – good music, cheap entry, mid-week. It went against our original idea, so we just thought we’d leave it for now.
It was the most intense 3 months we’ve ever had.

What would your dream festival lineup of all time be?
Bjork, Miles Davis in his heyday, Kraftwerk, Jimmy Saville. That’s it.

Facebook event

London : Dummy’s 2nd Birthday

09:00 AM

One of our favourite sites on the net, London’s, has just returned to the screen yesterday, ending a few, but sad days of abstinence, forced by a server collapse. And the comeback was accompanied by some rather good news: The magazine will celebrates it 2nd birthday with a decent party at the local XOYO on February 25.

With four albums in the recent four years Matt Cutler alias Lone has been one most constant and busiest producers in the UK scene, not seldom anticipating next year’s trends. Two other included artists and rising masterminds of the zeitgeist are R&S Records’ Pariah and Becoming Real alias Toby Ridler from London. An as big coup should be the very first live appearance of Snortex, a new ambient project by no other than Sam Willis, who’s one half of both, kraut-influenced band Walls and the growing El Dorado of mixes that is the blog Allez Allez. There will also be another, yet secret act.

Advance tickets are £6 and can be ordered here.

The XX : Basic Space (Pariah Remix) (Stream)

[no player]
Jamie Woon : Night Air (Becoming Real Remix) (Download)

Snortex : Hello Wendy (Download)

Cut Copy

10:53 AM

Sweeping blow in the matter of Cut Copy: Since giving you first foretaste “Where I’m Going” a big bunch of following news has filled our inbox: new album title, track list, cover, release date and documentary plus tour dates and a first official single with a great, free remix. But let’s take one at a time:

Zonoscope, the follow-up of thrilling In Ghost Colours, will be released on February 4 by Modular in the mother country, on the 7th in Europe and on  the 8th in North America. The record will be adorned by an epic photo montage by Japanese artist Tsuneshisa Kimura, who died already back in 2008 but let New York’s skyline half vanish, half tower up between gigantic waterfalls  in his cycle Visual Scandals, among other things, thereby anticipating the optics of current disaster films as The Day After Tomorrow (2004). And all that back in 1979, i.e. without any Photoshop tricks. Already the 1984-album Red Sails in the Sunset of fellow Australian band Midnight Oil got a malpais vision of Sydney by Kimura on its cover.

In musically terms, Zonoscope will be filled with eleven tracks (see the complete listing at the bottom), all produced by Cut Copy’s own Dan Whitford and pointing into a new direction. His bandmate Tim Hoey told on the new sound: “We certainly are using all sorts of electronic instruments, more synthesizers, computers, all of that, but contrasted with more organic sounds, more organic percussion.”

Besides a newly mixed version of “Where I’m Going” (Hoey: “[It’s] more chant-y, kind of tribal, and probably less pop than the version that came out a couple of months ago.”) the album will include first and already released single “Take Me Over”, exemplarily representing the musical development while underlining, not only with a favourable guitar intro and chorus, the trio’s flourishing pop sense and creating a refreshing contrast to HURTS’ pathos, that was all over 2010.  Furthermore, Tim Goldsworthy, recently more or less departed (former) DFA team member and producer of In Ghost Colours, took his moniker Thee Loving Hand to contribute an extensive, ten-and-a-half-minute long remix (Cut Copy: “[It’s] designed for a new futuristic main room that fits over the top of the old main room.”), which honours all the track’s promises in advance and club format.

Cut Copy : Take Me Over (Thee Loving Hand Remix) (Download)

Cut Copy : Take Me Over (Albumversion; alternativ: Radio Edit)

Currently still enjoying the summer in Down Under (and touring there), Cut Copy will be back in Europe for spring to play the new work live. More gigs, including the yet lacking Poland, Spain and Ireland, shall follow soon – see all dates at the end.

And if your can’t wait until then: Here’s three-part video documentary “Skies of the Ape”, in which Australian music video maker duo Krozm pictures the recording process of Zonoscope. Watch the first part below, the second here and the third here. A longer version with more material, called “Artificial Interpreter”, will be offered with the album’s deluxe edition. Krozm recently directed Miami Horror’s “Holidays” and have previously worked with the likes of Jet, Midnight Juggernauts and, yes, Cut Copy.

Cut Copy Zonoscope:
1. Need You Now
2. Take Me Over
3. Where I’m Going
4. Pharaohs & Pyramids
5. Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution
6. Strange Nostalgia for the Future
7. This is All We’ve Got
8. Alisa
9. Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
10. Corner of the Sky
11. Sun God

Cut Copy live 2011:
03.03. Glasgow, Death Disco Special
05.03. Manchester, Now Wave @ Quay House
06.03. London, The Forum
08.03. Oslo, Rockerfeller
09.03. Malmo, KB
10.03. Copenhagen, VEGA
11.03. Stockholm, The Strand
12.03. Helsinki, House of Culture
14.03. Tallin, Rock Café
16.03. Berlin, Lido
17.03. Cologne, Gebaeude 9
18.03. Amsterdam, Melkweg
19.03. Paris, Casino Nouveau
23.03. Lisbon, Coliseum

Fixers : New UK dates

08:00 AM

A new UK tour from the band, whose faces we just pinned on our unofficial signpost towards the year 2011: Fixers will create some psychedelic live waves throughout February, preluded by a home gig at Oxford’s O2 Academy 2 on January 15. See all gigs below, the nice illustrations the band used to announce them on their Myspace and our recent interview (“It’s exciting and has been a very formative year.”) with singer Jack Goldstein here. Meanwhile, their upcoming single Iron Deer Dream can be pre-ordered from Rough Trade now.

15.01. Oxford, O2 Academy 2
07.02. Shefflied, The Harley
11.02. Brighton, The Hope
12.02. Southampton, Unit
16.02. Manchester, Night’n’Day
18.02. London, The Lexington
21.02. Cardiff, The Globe
24.02. Bristol, Start the Bus

Fixers : Amsterdam (Download)

Fixers : Who Says Boys (Video)

Junip x José González (solo) : new dates

08:02 AM


Update: Like almost all gigs of both tours, the Berlin show of Junip on February 20 is already sold out. Hence there will be an additional matinée show on the same date and also at Lido, starting at 3.30 pm (doors: 2.30 pm). And for children under 12 years, who are accompanied by a paying adult, the entrance will be even free! Pre-sale has already started.

Tickets for José González solo gig in March are still available.

They were of the concert highlights of 2010: Whether under a hall roof or on a festival stage, Junip (Photo: Christoph Paul) let the air around them spit like bonfire and their listeners pleasantly shiver. As three gentle, re-born desperadoes José González, Elias Araya and Tobias Winterkorn rode through their sets, which also could feed with Fields from one of the best albums of the year, and on top of it proved their humour in the video to “Always” (also one of the be… okay, let’s spare our words here, just watch it below.)

And we shall not miss the band in 2011 as well and can already look forward to the year in two respects: So not only Junip will tour through Europe from January to February again, but José González will sally for another two months of solo gigs in March and April, too. But he won’t be alone on the road, since with the Göteborg String Theory there will be a complete string orchestra with him.

The Göteborg String Theory evolved from Berlin String Theory and recently brought together musicians and composers such as Nackt, Ben Lauber and Nils Tegen) from both cities to create an entire album, presented live in April 2010 in Gothenburg together with the as participating artists Midaircondo, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Pacific!, Studio, El Perro Del Mar, Ebbot Lundberg (to name a few) as well as José González – listen to five songs from the studio below.

Following the big 2007 success with his second album In Our Nature and working with Junip, Gonzáles recently re-recorded the original Junip song “Far Away” for the soundtrack of video game Red Dead Redemption – congruously a (zombie) Western:

Jóse Gonzalez : Far Away (Junip Cover) (Stream)

Junip : Far Away (Stream)

The Göteborg String Theory (Stream)

Junip : Always (Video)

Junip live 2011:
13.01. Hamburg, Uebel & Gefährlich
14.01. Groningen, Eurosonic Festival
01.02. London, Scala
02.02. York, The Duchess
03.02. Belfast, Auntie Annies
04.02. Dublin, Whelans
05.02. Cork, Cyprys Avenue
06.02. Cardiff, Millenium Music Hall 2
07.02. Bournemouth, Old Fire Station
09.02. Bilbao, Azkena
10.02. Madrid, Teatro Lara
11.02. Barcelona, Razzmatazz
12.02. Lyon, Epicerie Moderne
13.02. Milano, Musica Salumeria della
14.02. Rome, Circolo degli Artisti
15.02. Geneva, L’Usine
16.02. Lucerne, Südpol
18.02. St Malo, La Route Du Rock Winter Edition
19.02. Warzaw, Fabryka Trzciny
20.02. Berlin, Lido
22.02. Kortrijk, De Kreun
23.02. Antwerp, Trix
24.02. Nigmegen, Doornroosje
25.02. Amsterdam, Melkweg
26.02. Aarhus, Voxhall

José Gonzales & The Göteborg String Theory live 2011:
26.03. Copenhagen, Koncerthuset
27.03. Hamburg, Kampnagel
28.03. Berlin, RBB-Sendesaal
29.03. Munich, Herkulessaal
30.03. Stuttgart, Theaterhaus
03.04. Barcelona, Palau de la música, Festival Millenni
06.04. Paris, The Gaite Lyrique, SUPER_MON AMOUR! Festival
07.04. Geneva, L’Alhambra
09.04. Rotterdam, Motel Mozaique Festival
11.04. London, Barbican
12.04. Brussels, AB, Domino Festival
15.04. Uppsala, Konsert & Kongress
17.04. Gothenborg, Lorensbergsteatern

London : Young and Lost Christmas Party

12:14 PM

Another breakfast club? No, but Young and Lost Club’s Exlovers.

Fresh from celebrating five years in the game, London’s Young and Lost Club have decided to throw the mother of all Christmas parties at Counter Culture this Wednesday. The label / club night, run by Nadia Dahlawi and Sara Jade, have always had their ears close to the ground, acting as a launchpad for the careers of Noah and The Whale, Johnny Flynn, Good Shoes and Bombay Bicycle Club to name but a few.

The line up for this week’s extravaganza caters to all tastes, the jangly guitars and lush harmonies of Exlovers jostling for space in one room along with Fixers (dubbed the UK’s answer to Animal Collective), tropical pop purveyors Get People, the debut show by Bruise Music, the new project of cult guitarslinger Vincent Vincent. Also the enigmatic Vondelpark will be among the DJs.

Over in Room 2, the cyclopic calypso big-beat of Entrepreneurs collides headlong with CSNY-inspired folk from The Staves and hazy punk meanderings of Cheatahs. Truly something for everyone.

And we’ve got 2 pairs of tickets to give away. Just leave us a comment below or on Facebook until Wednesday (tomorrow) noon, to enter. Winners will be picked random – so good luck!

Fixers : Amsterdam [Download]


Disclaimer: The author manages Entrepreneurs.

London : dollop in Heaven again

07:05 PM

Continuing their residency in Central London tonight, the second dollop in Heaven sees the music policy take a deft turn away from the light. Nathan Fake is the main draw, his live foray into the shadow zone between electronica and expansive techno will set the tone. Before the baton gets passed to the Border Community mainstay, Factory Floor will suspend it in their lush blend of repetitive synths and soft noise. Bo Ningen, psych-metal exports from Japan, are well worth getting down early for as well – the hairy and stunning live performers have just released their debut album on Stolen.

Listen to a recent Nathan Fake remix for Walls here.

Flashguns : live in Germany

11:27 AM

Side-steppingly escaping from the pigeon holes, watching the waves go by. Do we need another guitar band from the UK? Of course we do! As long as they as beautifully tear apart their hearts and voices over their music as the Flashguns do. Especially since their tunes reveal us, that they apparently don’t care about such debates.

As a trio Sam Johnston, Olly Scanlon and Giles Robinson have a fine sense for truly luscious, thrilling singles à la ‘I Don’t Love You’ (watch the video below), but also no less distinctly for escalating, delirious odes like ‘Racing Race’. Not seldom they, in a beguiling way, do sound a lot older than these three adolescents could actually be. Then there are so much closer to Americana music than to the sound of their well-parted fellow countryman (and countrywoman).

Tomorrow their new single Come And See The Lights will be brought to the light of day by German Humming Records label, who also released the prior Matching Hearts, Similar Parts here earlier this year. Too, a debut album is waiting fully recorded for future heroics. Also on Friday, will start a tour through Germany, the first three of eight gigs with support by their label companions Red Drapes(*). London fans need to wait until December 2, when the band will play a special single launch party at the Old Blue Last.

We co-present all German dates and hence want to give away two beautiful and signed (by the band, not us) EP packages of Matching Hearts, Similar Parts, so that basically everyone (not only the people in the tour cities) has the chance to get something out of this trip. Just leave us a comment under the article or on Facebook until the tour ends on November 27, if you want one. Winners will be picked random, so good luck!

19.11. Halle, Klub Drushba*
20.11. Berlin, Lido* (plus Friska Viljor DJ-Set)
22.11. Hamburg, Prinzenbar*
23.11. Cologne, Tsunami
24.11. Heidelberg, Zum Teufel
25.11. Frankfurt, Yellowstage
26.11. Chemnitz, Atomino
27.11. Dresden, Groovestation

Flashguns : I Don’t Not Love You Video)

Flashguns : Come and See the Lights (Acoustic set filmed byBlue Flowers TV)