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Melt! Festival 2011

08:24 PM

As already in the year of  2009 and 2010 we presented you the most important and current information directly from the Melt!-Festival. In contrast to the last years the festival returned the his roots. But this wasn’t a reason for the people to stay away. And so the melt! was sold out early ago. Despite of the electronical renaissance with Paul Kalkbrenner, The Koletzkis, DJ Kotze, Boys Noize and many more the headliner were well know Indie-Legeneds: Pulp. This gallery will take you on a short tour through all days and stages at the Melt!.

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photo: Christoph Paul

Munich : on3 Festival : Photos

08:00 AM


The scene among (Bavarian) friends: Two weeks ago, Munich welcomed an illustrious regiment of national and international acts (albeit less than last year) to another issue of local youth radio station on3’s annual festival, offering a bright day and night programme. Photographer Fay Nolan was there for us and got back with some as atmospheric shots of Born Ruffians, Roman Fischer, Kele and Crystal Fighters – see them all below.

Fitting (German) reviews of the event can be found on Rote Raupe and das clienicum and on3 themselves put a live video of every appearance on their site.

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Flashguns x Red Drapes in Berlin

05:00 PM

Although they are at an early age the three guys from Flashguns seem to be very grown  up. Their music is elaborated, changing between pompous and energetic and their appearance is confident. That’s the way the three Brits presented theirselves on saturday at the Lido. Surely Luke Smith has a share in the profits too. He worked with Depeche Mode and the Foals and produced their current EP Matching Hearts, Similar Parts. But you schouldn’t forget about their musical qualities. As a support they hooked up the Red Drapes who are aspiring aswell, but stayed among the shades of the Flashguns this evening. We are looking forward for more guitarbands of this category from the UK.

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photo: Christoph Paul

Is Tropical x Tweak Bird x Berlin

07:25 PM

There wasn’t much known about the three guys from Is Tropical, before they visited Berlin to play at Comet Club on Friday the 15th. And apart from a first single it was hitherto only a deal with Kitsuné and the fact, that they keep hiding their faces with bandanas, which attracted proper attention.

But the pleasure of opening the evening was on the side of Berlin’s I’m not a Band. And the two enchanted the few people who found their way to Comet Club. Lacking of an album release as well, I’m not a Band played their set sovereignly, but not boredly. The delay of Is Tropical couldn’t confuse them, too. So they played encore by encore, collecting plus point.

The headliner of the evening then entered the stage with a big delay. Without a word of explanation to the waiting crowd but with their bandanas on, the three started their gig. The ones who didn’t pay attention to the sound-check could see the face of Is Tropical’s drummer nonetheless because his bandana got lost as fast as the whole band’s enthusiasm.

One hour later and at a different venue Tweak Bird was supposed to be more thrilling. All those who brought along their earmuffs to the sold out West Germany were well-advised to do so, since the powerful drums and the hardcore guitars sounds got some long-grown hair to swing. Though, the good set lost some of its substance and creativity towards the end, because the Bird brothers kept maltreating the four very same chords over and over again.

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Berlin Festival 2010

07:16 PM

The City, the location und of course: the lineup. All these are facts that showed the great potential of the Berlin Festival 2010. And most of the high expectations were fulfilled.

LCD Soundsystem, EDITORS, Robyn, Gang of Four and Zola Jesus are just a few of the acts who found their way to Berlin for this weekend. Adam Green even hooked up a special guest on stage: Macaulay Culkin supported his performance on the mainstage. The organisation of the entrances for the stages have not been that excellent. With the impressions of the Loveparade in their minds the organizer interrupted the festival on friday night, because the excess to Hangar 4 wasn’t able resist the big rush of people who wanted to enter after closing the mainstage. Despite of the influences on the linup (the performance of Fatboy Slim and 2manydjs got cancelled) and the atmosphere the Berlin Festival afforded everything you could have wished yourself for great musical weekend.

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photo: Christoph Paul

Melt! Festival 2010

02:26 AM

As already in the year of  2009 we presented you the most important and current information directly from the Melt!-Festival. 2010 the line up also promised a lot of good music and fulfilled all expectations and even more than that.  From punk sounds with Fucked Up or The Big Pink to electronic music à la Hercules and Love Affair and DJ Shadow the weekend was rich of musical highlights. This gallery will take you on a short tour through all days and stages at the Melt!.

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photo: Christoph Paul

Review: Lykke Li @ subject60 Tour

02:46 AM


The electricity, the tension in the air; all these little sparks pattering on you, electrifying you – that’s Lykke Li‘s biggest talent, to load up the space with emotion. But what to do if space means a huge, empty former fabric hall? Between the new Volvo S60 and some TV starlets, journalists, bloggers / bloggerettes and other invited guests, the Swede introduced as the night’s host opened the subject60 tour last week, right next to Berlin’s Gleisdreieck. With her on stage: A guitarist along with his acoustic guitar and a percussionist with a tom-tom drum and a cymbal.

Played with such a minimalistic bed, songs like “Little Bit” almost got a new, brittle charm, while the singer was once coquetting with the at first not totally attentive audience and once beating the cymbal herself, shaking her long, blonde hair. And there it was, all of the sudden, the tension – only with a slight aggresive and hence interesting touch.

But after all, it was her songs (and not the free drinks), that warmed one’s heart. Divided into two mini-sets with each five tracks, not only well-tried (semi) hits, but the new song “Possibility” and the even newer, since until then unknown “French Lover” found their way on stage, both convincing. Fashion blogger and co-host Yvan Rodic and all the other guests thereby got the a complete audio-visual pleasure (she perfectly combined some black Acne with reckless footgear).

No wonder, that we’re already looking forward to her next album, which should be out in February. Tonight, Lykke Li will bring the subject60 tour to the old sorting office at London’s New Oxford Street. Catch her, if you can!

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subject60 tour:
02.06. London, UK
10.06. Mailand, Italien
16.06. Paris, Frankreich
24.06. Madrid, Spanien


Ulterior & UK Decay

11:37 AM

Throwing one of the few, good old rock’n’roll monsters of our time in one room together with some heroes of goth punk creates a attraction around this place you can’t withdraw from. And if this overlaps not only with the first band’s Berlin premiere gig, butwith the first gig for 28 years for the second one, the world– at least the one of rock’n’roll – spins around this certain place in  Berlin for an entire evening.

As seen at Slaughterhouse, where the gentlemen of UK Decay met the whippersnappers of Ulterior last Saturday. The younger demand the rock attitude for themselves. Beside lots of vodka behind, beer in front and leather on the stage, singer Paul McGregor represents a true reminiscence of the young-Axl-Rose look. So the obligatory bandanna was naturally part of his appearance just as the long hair – till now!  In spite of their delay and the fact that they surprisingly played on first position, a rock’n’storm blew through Berlin when Ulterior with a now short-haired McGregor entered the stage. Presenting their songs in a powerful, rough way, they may did not surprise anyone, but made a rather good show.

After some poses, beer and booming guitar sounds the spook was quickly put to an end. And the audience, which was shaken shortly but vehemently, got a recreation, since following act The Wars was not able to be more then an intermezzo between two great bands.

When UK Decay entered a stage in Berlin for the first time since 1982 the tension was literally within one’s reach. Having an even more than generous break before, they did their bit for it as well. But who cares about 30 minutes after almost three decades? No one! With a skillful jump the British four-piece kicked off and clashed their songs against the crowd. No wonder, their fans received them with excitement and awe, because UK Decay presented their 17 song set both, confident and enthusiastically.

And against all – wrong – expectations the oldies of UK Decay managed to hold their ground against the younger colleagues of Ulterior. A perfect evening for rock’n’roll one might say.

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Intro Intim with Hurts

08:11 PM

Great pop anthems dominated the musical picture when Hurts were about to enchant the audience at Magnet Club last friday. The duo from manchester performed their first gig in germany and also one of their first concert at all within the Intro Intim. Nevertheless Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson didn’t seem to be nervous. With a perfectly fitting attitude and a minimalist stage show their impressive music took the center. Among the shades of Hurts who will be able to rise up as the new pop sensation, So So Modern who opended the evening had to consider theirself satisfied with a supporting role.

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photos: Christoph Paul

Vampire Weekend: Live in Berlin

01:03 PM

When you wanted to work-out with some movement against the winterly coldness on the last friday evening, Berlin’s Astra was the perfekt place to go to. Because Vampire Weekend had been inviting for a dance and many music lovers followed their request.

Beside their new longplayer Contra they brought along a great temper on tour. Already at the beginning of the evening they had been putting all on athletic peak perfomance – with their indiepop and afrobeat sounds – who were not drenched in sweat amid the densely packed crowd so far.  Every single exact drawn and crystal clear written song had the potential to be a hymn, but one couldn’t get rid of the feeling they have been using their pop pattern a little bit to often. Although your can discover some ska influenses beside the African ones already mentioned, the audience refused the request of singer Ezra Koenig to do some pogo. Very polite, as he noted later.

FOTOS: Christoph Paul

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