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A capital between Classic and Falco: Vienna, might not be a (pop) musical melting pot anymore, but is still a steady source of inspiration for many artists. Ultravox devoted a pathos-full whole album to the Danube metropolis in 1980, while a group of the same name sang “Say You Love Me (Tu As Juré)” only four years later. Recently it was a short-time home to Ja, Panik! and Andy Butler recorded the new Hercules & Love Affair full-length Blue Songs here, artistically stimulated by his fellow-producer Patrick Pulsinger and colleagues as Wolfram (former Diskokaine).

With VIENNA, in suitable capital letters, there’s another new act in this roundel of associations, only this time from Berlin. Musically they’ve got only few intersections with the above. Instead, the anonymous trio merges both, minimal and melancholic electronica and synth-pop. The female-male vocal duet thereto bathes in the erratic zeitgeist, between excess and august, but unfulfilled feelings. And as we are told in “A Tourist”, ideally, one’s just on a visit:

I want to be a tourist in your heart
A tourist in your heart again
To feel my pulse rise

In the second of the already released tunes, “Blood”, it’s then dancing becoming the universal remedy of all wounds. Simple, but effective black-and-white videos were already made for both tracks. “Blood” is commences with an unfinished poem in a typewriter:

Ich will von jeder deiner Poren lehren. (I want to teach from every of your pores.)
Ich will von deinen Lippen kosten, (I want to taste from your lips,
und mich tief in ihnen versenken. (and deeply steep myself in.)
Will jedes deiner Haare, (Want to feel your every hair)
auf meiner Brust wippen fühlen. (whipping on my chest.)

But the final kiss fails to happen and the gesture is left back alone in the empty, grey space. You can watch and download the first two foretastes of VIENNA below.

VIENNA : A Tourist (Video) (Download)

VIENNA : Blood (Video) (Download)

Entrepreneurs : Interview

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German music journalists once created the term of Beat-Bastler, a English-German alloy best translated with a person, creating electronic beats the DIY style partly by piecing fragments together. If performed well, you might find some cellotape residues here and there, but the result shakes your with joy as a kid shakes his money-fattened piggy bank. New master of the arts and another talent we want to feature with a proper introduction is Entrepreneurs.

Young UK musician and now solo producer Adam M. Crisp is here gluing together so many different interfaces (and genre rudiments), that naming them all would lead us to pretty much to nowhere, but we can say, that the sonic pile of shades, which are his remixes and own productions, project the must entertaining and diffuse, rainbow-like reflections on the back of our heads, we’ve come across recently. The rest of the story shall be told in the not too-serious (means: deadly serious) E-mail questionnaire Adam filled out for us below – thanks a lot for that!

Entrepreneurs : Revenge Platter (Stream)

Hi Adam! I hope, you are doing fine. For the beginning and to get to know you a bit better, please, imagine a US diplomat visiting one your shows. Which compromising details would the scandalmonger cable back to Barack and Hillary?
Hello, I’m doing great. Umm… I don’t know. But I do know that Bill Clinton played saxophone on the next Entrepreneurs release “Fuck Tactics”. Out sometime in the new year. But on a more serious note, all we can hope now is for Sarah Palin to steal the Presidency at the next election and the world can at last return to a much safer, gun toting, and entertaining place.

You’ve set a quite impressing pace with your productions and remixes recently, young Sir. Profanely, how many hours do you spend with music in any way per week and, philosophically, what does it mean to you?
I probably devote about 5 minutes to music every month. Philosophically, this is the only way to keep the art pure. As a rule of thumb I try to write a piece of music in half the time of its final track length. This is only possible through complex algorithmic programming, and filthy lies.

Entrepreneurs : Hunting Roger Rabbit (Stream)

What is your personal agenda then?
Glad you ask; I have a five point plan (mapped out using an inverted pentagram). Its very complicated and totally secret but I can reveal the ultimate goal is to instruct the individual by allegory and symbol in the profound mysteries of Nature, and thereby to assist all humans in the discovery of his or her own true identity.

There appear to be two streams in your work; a sunny, bubbling sound, which you seem to shift more and more to the remixes, and a more dark, rough and tricky one, which mostly fills your own productions. What is the background of this dualism and your general approach towards music?
Well for remixes I generally do a load of big beat wank that keeps people happy. I don’t like remixes. In general I fail to see the point in rehashing the same song twenty times. But then a lot of people would never have come across anything I’ve done if it wasn’t for the association with fantastic acts like Marina & The Diamonds.
I don’t really consider anything I do sunny or bubbling. Sometimes I find it amusing to write something well generic, just to try and prove some kind of point to myself. But on the whole, it’s all doom and gloom with me…

Marina & The Diamonds : Mowgli’s Road (Entrepreneurs Space-Hopper Remix) Download)

I’m sorry, but could you please explain this a bit more in detail?
Ya know, like a slow drawn out suicide. Naked. Surrounded by all your childhood bullies, pointing and laughing, with that new Black Eyed Peas song on repeat. That kinda vibe. True horror. Blood poring down the walls and everything. Jeremy Kyle‘s there. Since you asked.

Most of your tracks are around two or three crisp minutes long – or even shorter. Why is it good to keep things short?
People lead busy lives. How are they gonna pay attention to my music for more than a minute when their Facebook needs checking. But yeah, I like to cut to the chase. Maybe I have quite a short attention span. Maybe in pretentious terms, I just like to hang my musical ideas off the framework of the conventional pop song. I dunno.

Entrepreneurs : Bubblegunk (Stream)

Somehow, I hear musically intersection between your work and the one of Beck Hansen. Maybe this is pointless as a reference (please, correct me then) but at least I would be interested in your busy bee’s opinion on modern slackerism in 2010?
I’ve always been fairly impartial to Beck. Never owned an album. But I’ve heard the comparison before, and I think I see where people are coming from. No bad thing.
I fight a constant battle with laziness, so I empathise with slackerism. I think doing nothing is a perfectly valid activity. You won’t get any happier busting your balls 24/7. If everyone did nothing, everything would fall apart. And I think I’m quite up for that.

You used to play in the Brighton three-piece Elle Milano until 2008. What made you turn yourself towards music again two years later and did your home town Yateley play any specific role here?
Haha, two years later… I’ve never stopped making music. I just started from scratch after Elle Milano, so its been a slow process working out what I want to do. I’ve been quietly educating myself in various different production approaches etc. Experimenting. Yateley just happens to be where my Dad lives, and thus the only place I’ve been able to afford to live. I rarely leave the house to experience Yateley’s wide and varied offerings, so I’d say its had very little influence on my music. Of course what I mean to say is, the boredom of a soulless commuter town inspires me to dream and imagine a different life for myself (in another commuter town, a little further down the M3).

Feldberg : Dreamin’ (Entrepreneurs Saxual Eruption Remix) (Download)

Now, as Entrepreneurs, you are all on your own and last Wednesday was just your fourth gig under this moniker. How did you feel before and during your first live performance without the warming coat of a surrounding band and how have you evolved from there until now?
I thought, “This is total blag. It’ll be a small miracle if I don’t get laughed off the stage”. Luckily the stage lights were burning my eyes, and the bass was really fucking loud, so I couldn’t tell what the audience was doing either way. I’m confident with what I’m doing now. But I do intend to expand the line up in the new year, so watch out.

Last one: So what should the people put on their home stereo before leaving to an Entrepreneurs gig?
The Time (Dirty Bit)” by The Black Eyed Peas.

Penguin Prison : Something I’m Not (Entrepreneurs Candy Humper Remix) (Download)

Buy (or download for free – you choose, but choose wisely) Entrepreneur’s digital EP Uv Been Robbed (Joking, But Not) here and get yourselves the 7″ single Hunting Roger Rabbit / Six Severed from Stella Mortos on top. And listen to his probably best remix till now, a re-design of Everything Everything, here.

Entrepreneurs : Revenge Platter (Video directed by Kit Oates)

Fixers : Interview x Who Says Boys

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A collage representing our interview partners – see some proper live photos on their Facebook

They shipped us to “Amsterdam” and let us wash up at the West Coast, but their own journey began in the time-honoured university town of Oxford. 2010 saw the South-Eastern British quintet Fixers (Jack Goldstein, Jason Warner, Christopher Dawson, Roo Bhasin and Michael Thompson) first gaining national interest, then international (blog) love with all their dense atmosphere and deliriously harmonies. Now a bright future appears on the horizon line, lapped around by the first waves of expectations.

We took the chance to interview Fixers hence, getting sucked in to a botanic microcosm of variously obscure music, just before they play with the likes of The Shaves, Exlovers, Entrepreneurs, Vondelpark and more at the Young and Lost Club Christmas party tomorrow. You can win tickets for that one here, by the way. Also you’ll find the band’s brand new video for as new track “Who Says Boys” at the end. It’s another psychedelic and hushed but mesmerising ride through Fixers’ batik telescopes, so you better put away your tax return papers, re-focus and let yourselves go – enjoy!

You started with the band in 2006, got on BBC Introducing last year and cracked Hype Machine and the NME in 2010. Not to mention a decent bunch of good gigs. Was there anything that went massively wrong recently?
Jack: We were driving home from a studio and our van blew up. All the hot water in the engine began leaking into the passenger seat, causing the engine to dramatically overheat. We had to be towed away and I had to wear plastic bags on my feet for the remainder of the journey. Also, last month I mixed a song down to VHS only to discover I had accidentley (sic) recorded over Cocoon II: The Return (1988 sci-fi sequel with an old Don Ameche and a young Courteney Cox). It could be karma for when Roo stole a copy of Slanted & Enchanted as a child (find the whole story here on page 15 of issue #11).

But it all in all has been a quite successful year for you, hasn’t it?
It’s exciting and has been a very formative year – it’s great being busy because we have all got to know each other so well and I think our work ethic has really developed over the last three to four months. We have had to take the concentration we are used to only dedicating to rehearsing and performing and utilise it in a more universal sense. Playing with Best Coast earlier in the year was a lot of fun, most of our shows have been local this year apart from the two BBC Festivals we did in the summer. It will be cool to hopefully get into the great wide open in 2011.

Next step: total world domination. So please, imagine that you would get the chance by the NASA or ESA to stream an audio message to alien life into outer space. What would it sound like?
I’d refrain from anything too spaced-out. We wouldn’t want to strain any interplanetary relations by condescending them with laser blips or phaser swirls. I think something fundamentally cemented within the history of the earth would be more suited and would choose a time capsule of old American sea songs, Greek Delphic hymns and early Cajun/Creole music. I may succumb to temptation and stick Merak by Adrian Wagner in there, too.

If Fixers were a plant, how would it look like, and what effects would it cause, if we consume it as a drug? (This question is of course inspired by your love to Mort Garson.)
Codariocalyx Motorius, Darwin called it The Hedysarum. It’s often refered to as The Dancing Plant, responding best to the music of Arthur Russell or Todd Rundgren – this sounds like us. Consumed as a tea – our dancing leaves, once plucked and brewed, would be a vital source of antioxidants. It’s such a beautiful dream. Plantasia is definitely my favourite Mort Garson record: Musically, its a voyage beyond reality but its context is so humble and flattering that you don’t become entangled within the musicianship and instead just get swept away within the botany song cycle.
I think thats the way all love songs should be:

You released ‘Amsterdam’ not only as a free download EP, but on cassette. Too, you (or at least Jack) are open admirers of Brian Wilson. Are you timetravellers or just vintage lovers (or neither)?
The CD may well have been a big technological blip. Cassette tapes are durable, compact and very affordable. I download a lot of cassette tape rips off mutant sounds and in that sense I think we used the cassette tapes as a production tool. The sound of the tape rips are so amazing that we wanted to emulate it. The sounds exclusive to the cassette tape release are quite experimental, I suppose. They were experiments for us but we took influence from beautiful experimentation records like Marcos & Harry by David Fulton and The Power Of The Source by L Ron Hubbard & The Apollo Stars.

Wednesday will be your last gig in 2010. What can we expect from you in 2011?
Plenty more shows hopefully, we have our first seven inch single coming out in february, “Iron Deer Dream“. We are touring the UK in February which should be exciting too. Writing new material, working on our live show. We will most likely spend any “downtime” in a rehearsal room, drinking tea and sniffing incense sticks.

And finally; how will you spend this year’s Christmas?
I’m going to sled down a hill so slowly that by the time I reach the bottom christmas will be over and i’ll be anxiously looking new years in the eye.

You can pre-order Iron Deer Dream since today from the Young and Lost Club here. But first, here’s the promised new “Who Says Boys” video:

Fixers : Who Says Boys (Video)

Hot City

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If you either ever think of most of its natives’ attractiveness (no offence!) or its daily weather forecast, then you probably wouldn’t list London among the hottest cities in the world, but in terms of bearing new promising talents (both, native and moved there) over night this little big spot is surely out of competition. No wonder, that there’s now a producing team called Hot City putting things straight. And if you’ve been following this site for a while now, you might already know that their beats not only feed from the metropolis’ rich garage / 2step and rave tradition, but are as punchy and vibrant as the young Muhammad Ali and as juicy as the apples in the Garden of Eden.

But don’t worry, this is a fruit you can taste without being banned from your sweaty club hour. Eventually, their remix work for Monarchy (The Phoenix Alive) and Robyn (Hang With Me) has been highly delicious. Too, on September 7 a Hot Chip Remix EP called We Have Remixes with a Hot City remix of “We Have Love” will see the light of day on Astralwerks. That makes a hot², doens’t it? And there’s Hot City’s “Head Work” (Highpoint Lowlife) doing a real mental cinema brainwash to you. Recent single “Another Girl” (Moshi Moshi) and 2009’s “Hot City Bass” (Ramp Recordings) both reside on the same high level.

No surprise (and that’s the simple reason for this post) that Moshi Moshi has signed a record deal with them  last week, preparing a debut LP for the nearer future. So check out some of Hot City’s works below, their upcoming tour dates on his Myspace – including a night in Hannover, Germany(!) – and look out for more HC on our site soon!

Hot City “Head Work”

Hot City by brilliantlydifferent


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Oooooh! No, oOoOO! That’s the name of a new, interesting New Band on the Blog hailing from San Francisco. And actually that’s already quite everything that we know about them, except that it has probably turned from a one-man project into a proper duo, since oOoOO only seldom openly appear(s) in public. They (he) is a mystery finding its completion in highly symbolic artworks and promiscuous non-pop-but-pop songs. Mystical, hazy, somehow strange. Attributes, that awaken one’s interest. Too, there’s even something quite frenetic in oOoOO’s tracks. For instance, the female voice of his song ‚Seaww’ appears as a ghost sailing in from the off, battling with the mighty bass.

Video | “Seaww” by Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never)

Then again, pop elements cut their figure as well, temporarily reminding of the glory days of the Pet Shop Boys & Co. But it’s the apparent improvising with elements of the music’s meta level oOooO accents himself the most. And it’s what leads us to associations with Fever Ray, Demdike Stare and Salem, to  the inscrutable term of ‘goth electro’.

Currently the band’s working with the labels Emotion and Bathetic Records. For the latter they recently participated in the cassette mini compilation Dark As Night, the first released a split single of them and White Ring. Current news are that on September 27 oOoOO will release their debut EP of the same title via Tri Angle Records. We’ll keep an eye on it.

oOoOO oOoOO EP track list:
1. Mumbai
2. Burnout Eyess
3. Sedsumting
4. Hearts
5. Plains Is Hot
6. Burnout Eyes (Visions of Trees Remix)

oOoOO “Mumbai

oOoOO “Hearts

oOoOO “Sedsumting

oOoOO “NoShore


Interview: Monarchy

04:35 PM


Only a few artists recently grabbed our attention as irresistebly as Britain’s sensational but secret pop duo Monarchy did with their fantastic wide-screen pop smacking of sweet intoxicating mysteries. Actually tonight should be the date of their first live gig ever at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, but instead of showing up in East-London they’re currently sitting around in a studio somewhere in the US – to quote their press manager James Penycate, “they’ve been flown out to states to work with a couple of megastars.”

So we can expect even greater things to come. Til then we still have their debut single Black The Colour Of My Heart / Gold In the Fire, that will be released as 7″ via brilliant Neon Gold on February 1 (pre-order it from Pure Groove here). To bridge the time gap til then we loaded our spaceship with some questions and let it fly to the unknown galaxy*, where such cosmic music is made. This is what came back:

What inspired you to start MONARCHY?
We didn’t really decide to start Monarchy, it just chose us out of a series of random coincidences. Maybe it’s our birthright or destiny, or maybe an affliction from birth, maybe the stars aligned, however it happened, we ended up together making this music as Monarchy without conscious thought.

What is the highest moral concept you follow?
To be true to yourself. If you are honest with yourself and your deepest feelings, all else will follow.

Who’s your favourite person in history?
Genghis Khan.

What’s your favourite sonic gadget?
Protools. It’s also our least favourite. Microphones come in handy, too.

What’s your favourite sound?
The sound of galaxies imploding from a couple of million light years away, with the radiation spectrum transposed into auditory frequencies. Sounds lush. White noise is a close second.

What was the first music you ever listened to?
The sound of our mother’s womb, pulsating in the darkness, keeping us warm and nourished. It’s been a struggle ever since.

What do you see when you look into each other’s eyes?

As experts of the hidden, what’s your favourite Halloween/carnival costume?
We don’t wear costumes.

Are you democratically organized as a band or is one of you the other’s Sun King?
We have our own form of democracy based on our personalities and how we interact with each other.

If MONARCHY would rule the world, what would be different than now?
Less apathy, less bureaucracy, higher literacy and individual awareness and freedom. Democracy today is a farce, it’s dead, a veneer of equality that has been undermined for decades until it’s a shell of its former self.

Which song of another artists would you wish to have written yourselves?
There’s so many, but ‘I’m Not In Love‘ by 10CC springs to mind.

After a decade of stylistic coexistence which music will dominate the next ten years?
I suspect free music will be very popular.

…and will the British ever stop loving their monarchy?
About the same time as there’s peace on Earth.

*We know that someone already discovered the band’s former project/name, but why don’t you look this up for yourselves? We don’t want to destroy this nice concept.

Interview: Acid Washed

07:53 PM

acid washed

Nicolas Sarkozy is still in office, the recession hit the country and recently the news that national icon Johnny Hallyday was taken to hospital shocked the nation. If the French could still be proud of something in 2009, then it was the Parisian music label Record Makers. Their 2008 Sebastien Tellier album “Sexuality” kept going on filling the global dancefloors with some great remixes through this year, then Turzi released a new LP and now Acid Washed have entered the scene. The new RM signing deejayed a couple of times over here in Berlin and lately released the fantastic single “General Motors, Detroit, America” with an as fantastic hypnotic video by Anthony Burrill.

“Collaboration is the key to Acid Washed”, tells us their Myspace and so accordingly they’ve already teamed up with the likes of Xaver Naudascher, Gavin Russom, Christian Kreuz and Arnaud Rebotini among others. But apparently Andrew Claristidge and Richard D’Alpert are a very modest duo and gently enough to let their music get all the attention instead of themselves. So you’ll hardly find any live photos of their sets but – luckily – you have just hit upon our Q&A with the band. Enjoy!

What inspired you to start Acid Washed?
ANDREW: Acid Washed started a year and a half ago with a strong desire to make epic and beautiful “techno” music whilst trying to combine our major influences (Steve Reich, Moroder, Detroit music, Pop). Also needed to use all the vintage gear in my stony, old house in the French Cornwall!
RICHARD: Well, I guess, the desire to create music in a peaceful environment, far away from the clubs we’ve been spending a lot of time in over the last few years. We found this in Andrew’s studio, set in the beautiful countryside of Brittany, in France. It’s important to get a different perspective on the world. It’s a tormented landscape sometimes, magical often. It’s the land of the Celts. I’d like to think that in some tracks you can maybe feel the echoes of the Druids.

What is the highest moral concept you follow?
RICHARD: Being true to yourself. Whatever it takes. Whatever it costs.
ANDREW: Honesty and being real!

Your – refreshingly – bring together a bit of DFA and Italo Disco with Detroit Techno and Chicago House with your music. Are you old school gentlemen in real life, too?
RICHARD: Well, today, I’ve been reading the newspapers. I’m currently wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt & some Todd’s. I’m also listening “Scheherazade” from Rimsky-Korsakov. Does that make me an old school gentleman? I also love wearing tee-shirts, colorful scarves. Loads of different candys…strawberry shortcake.
ANDREW:  Yes I am. I’m surrounded by vintage furniture, vintage clothing with that old dusty smell. Most gentlemanly.

What’s your favourite sonic gadget?
RICHARD: My new KORG XL. In red!
ANDREW: Arp Odyssey. The ultimate vintage, analog synth!

What’s your favourite sound?
RICHARD: My cat, purring.
ANDREW: Cowbells.

What was the first music you ever listened to?
RICHARD: Probably my mother playing the piano, back in the days when I was still inside her!
ANDREW: Kraftwerk. My dad was listening to that when I was a baby.

What do you see when you look into each other’s eyes?
RICHARD: Someone I know way too well!
ANDREW: Lies or truth!

As experts of the hidden, what’s your favourite Halloween/carnival costume?
RICHARD: Definitely the mask from V like Vendetta!
ANDREW: I never wear costumes, I wear my own clothes. I wear masks to guard my soul. If I was to wear a costume I would dress as a white clown.

Acid washed jeans: do or don’t?
RICHARD: Do it! Definitely! Even though I don’t.
ANDREW: I did!  Now: I don’t! Part of the past, but a nice memory!

“Collaboration is the key to Acid Washed.“ Who’s on top of your artist-yet-to-cooperate-with list?
RICHARD: You mean, if a genie appeared, and asked me who to pick as a wish? Then, The London Symphonic Orchestra & the Daft Punk! For the rest, I don’t know, there are so many musicians I love, cherish and respect. Maybe Ingrid Caven.
ANDREW: My biggest wish would be to collaborate with Steve Reich. I am ambitious. But first we have to progress.

Which song of another artists would you wish to have written yourselves?
RICHARD: “Here comes the sun“. From the Beatles. It’s the perfect musical example of “less is more”.
ANDREW: “Trans Europe Express” by Kraftwerk and “Ashes to Ashes” by David Bowie

After a decade of stylistic coexistence which music will dominate the next ten years?
RICHARD: Norwegian Metal! And it’s about time!
ANDREW: Ultra electro: a new style which doesn’t exist yet!

… and will the French love for electronic music ever to come an end?
RICHARD: Come on’ guys! It was the French who invented electronic music! Like we invented nearly all the good things in this world, including the girls. But that’s another secret!
ANDREW: I think they will love electronic music forever… Electronic music is anyway so linked to French culture especially with institutions like IRCAM, bands like DAFT PUNK, producers like J.P. Massiera. Do you really think this LOVE is gonna stop? “LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND“!

Acid Washed will deejay at Cookies, Berlin, on January 16.

Magic Wands: Love & tigers in the dark

01:44 PM

the magic wands

During this summer US duo The Magic Wands set us on fire with masterpiece EP “Magic Love & Dream” and gave us back our faith in love along their way. Since then married couple Chris and Dexy Valentine, who got back together through Myspace after meeting once and then loosing track of each other for months, arrested our attention.

So when we heard they’re back in the studio to record a proper record we got really excited and of course we teamed up with them for a Q&A over the Atlantic, from Berlin to L.A. and back. Result: The may not believe in the spirit of Prince but in tigers’.

Hi Chris and Dexy, I’m glad to see you survived the fire in L.A*. How’s current situation? I’ve heard it started to rain last night.
CHRIS: It’s hot with a good chance of black smoke.
DEXY: The sun and the moon are both red, it’s a bit apocalyptic, we’re up in a cabin in the echo park hills and can see the fire from across the way.

Do you think you’ll write a song about the fire?
CHRIS: Probably not, but we did write a song during the fire.
DEXY: No, it’s not very inspiring.

What’s the state of the recordings for your album?
DEXY: (They’re) in good shape.
CHRIS: We’ve made a bunch of new demos that we’re happy with. We can’t decide if we want to put the demos online or just record them in the studio first. We put up some videos for them like we did for the Warrior demo until they are fully recorded.

The recent EP featured four hits out of four tracks (CD version). Can we expect the same for the album, how will it sound like?
CHRIS: Haha thanks. Dexy can take that question.
DEXY: Thanks, well this will be a ten-twelve song album and the way it looks now all the songs are equally strong, hard to say how it will sound just yet.

What would you call the musicly most influential for you: tropicali, psychedelia or rock’n’roll?
CHRIS: Rock and roll.
DEXY: Psychedelia.

Do you feel the spirit of Prince with you when you record with his old drum machine?**
CHRIS: Yes we do. It’s like he’s licking the toes of all our tracks.
DEXY: I haven’t felt prince in anything I’ve done musically ever but I did enjoy using the same drum machine sounds that were used on purple rain.

Are any other paranormal or spiritual phenomena following you?
CHRIS: We’ve definitely seen a few ghosts and some other things Dexy keeps track of.
DEXY: We see 3:33 or 11:11 or 5:55 every time we see a clock and we have animal spirits that visit us, we see lights in the sky alot. It’s nice to feel that we’re being looked after from above.

What do you think about musician couples like John & Yoko, Sonny & Cher, Johnny Cash & June Carter?
CHRIS: I like that they made magic together.
DEXY: Out of all those I like John and Yoko they were spreading a positive message to the world.

Do you think it will be easy for your marriage to bear the life as a band in the long term?
CHRIS: Sure, I think it will be as easy as we make music.
DEXY: Yeah, we don’t let anything that go’s along with being in a band in our personal space so it works.

It seems like you’ve got your sun glasses on 24/7. Do you own a complete collection, what’s your personal favourite?
CHRIS: We like our black ones, the world looks better with those. They are similar to the ones in the movie “They Live.”
DEXY: We’ve got a bunch, I like my black ray bans the best.

I know you like tigers and unicorns. Me, too. But do you have a theory why they’ve always to be painted in this cheesy airbrush art style?
CHRIS: That’s the only way they can be taken seriously for some people I guess. Plus it looks great when they are painted on velvet.
DEXY: I love cheesy airbrush art. I just got an airbrushed t-shirt, it’s a unicorn on a beach with palm trees. I don’t have a theory on why they make them in that way, it’s left field stuff most people would rather have a towel or a glass with a picture of cat or dog on it, I prefer a pegasus in a sunset or a tropical fantasy scene.

You’ve got back together through the internet but your Myspace and Twitter is well protected (with a long-term become-friends procedere). What’s your relation towards the internet?
CHRIS: Our music is available for anyone to check out. Either way we love the internet, that’s how we keep up with the latest crop circles and stuff
DEXY: It took me a while to get addicted but Im trying to spend less time on it.

There’s no comment on you on Pitchfork or Gorilla Vs Bear and only some barely commented photos from your gig with The Horrors and The Kills on Stereogum. On the other hand you’re featured in Nylon, in Loud & Quiet and in all those UK papers. Do you get the love you deserve by the US press?
CHRIS: Well, we haven’t put out a proper album, so I understand to a point about certain papers or blogs not writing us up here yet. The UK is great, we have lots of people who have been supporting us from the beginning. It’s not anything we lose any sleep over.
DEXY: I just think because we started in the UK and it’s been a slower start here.

I think there’s a little music rivalry between Silverlake/L.A., Nashville and Brooklyn. What’s your opinion about that?
CHRIS: If it makes those people more creative, then that’s fine I guess. We tend to get our inspiration from other things.
DEXY:I love and find inspiration in all those places, I spend alot of time in all three cities. I think there is a similar thing between Silverlake and Brooklyn. I don’t know of any rivalry tho, seems like alot of people know each other in those places and there is a good network of artists and bands who stick together.

Do you have any new touring plans for Europe?
CHRIS: We’re supposed to come back over there for some more shows the end of this year or beginning of next I think. We’ve had quite a few offers to come back but we’ve turned them down because of timing.
DEXY: Yes, we are looking forward to getting back over.

Could you imagine living over here?
CHRIS: We thought we wanted to for a while, but I’d say ‘not likely.’ In fact we’re not sure where we want to live right now. We just want to finish our album and see what’s next.
DEXY: I’ve lived in England, my family is from the UK. I have this really uncommon dream to live in a castle over there, ha.

Actually you should since it’s warm and sunny but we’ve got no wood fires over here.
CHRIS: We could crash with you. Do you have a king-sized air mattress?
DEXY: It’s so hot in California, right now Iceland sounds good.

You’re welcome at any time. Me and my king-sized couch will await you.

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*Los Angeles was surrounded by wood fires in the last weeks.
**The Magic Wands got the original drum machine Prince recorded “Purple Rain” with.

FOTO: artist’s own