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Exclusive : Local Suicide : drAUFGEMISCHT

07:00 PM

A mix made with love and an eye for the details, but also one you shouldn’t trust that easily: Fortunately, Local Suicide have produced us an exclusive mix and it’s become a really enjoyable one. Working slightly more harmonic than usual, the duo quickly develops and opens its musical envelope while keeping it eclectic throughout the whole 45 minutes. So drAUFGEMISCHT is continuously sliding from spheric klang art to distinctively, deeply grooving tracks and back. Surely the always changing club atmosphere of German Berlin and Munich on the one hand and Greek Athens and Thessaloniki – all four both, part of Brax Moody and Vamparela‘s regular tour schedule and more or less home to them – heavily influenced this approach.

Listen to / download the mix below and keep February 25 and March 3 free in your calendars, since Local Suicide will then deejay at Berlin’s Rosis and Ritter Butzke. Find more dates and their own recommendable blog at

Local Suicide : drAUFGEMISCHT (Mix 02/2011) (Download)

1. Stimming : Chemistry
2. Daniel Steinberg : Viwa La Fiwa (Hanne & Lore Remix)
3. Nick Harris : Shangri La
4. B Acid : XY-Me (Bowski Remix)
5. Rodriguez Jr : Chicky Chicky
6. Ruede Hagelstein : Emergency
7. Steve Lawler : Carnival (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
8. Markus Homm : Transposer
9. Andy Kohlmann : Ali Baba
10. Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver – Play The Game (Joris Voorn Dub)
11. Damien Porta : Llama (Original Mix)
12. Nicone : Hanaetano (umami Remix)


10:00 AM

Feed for the headphones and stereo systems of this world or: A compilation of a few mixes that should help you having a good time during the new week

Let’s start with a live-set by Berlin’s DJ dream couple Local Suicide, which Vamparela and Brax Moody recorded during their appearance at Vienna’s infamous Pratersauna on the morning of New Year’s Day. This one hour and a quarter surely bring some good fun.

Local Suicide : NYE Gala live at Pratersauna Vienna

Norway’s (re-)master of the universe, Todd Terje, recently went to Berlin’s Horst for another thrilling and virtuously mixed DJ set, from which we have a two-hour-slice below.

Todd Terje : Live @ Horst 17-12-2010 (Download)

Then just last week with Copenhagen’s Christian d’Or another Scandinavian visited the city at the river Spree, this time playing the Illusion Institute. Before he presented this porn-styled decent blend of vintage rock to Hugo Capablanca and his mix Banamania. Please, find more information here.

Christian d’Or : 7 INCHES OF PLEASURE MIX (Download)

Another deep pick from the antiquity (soundtrack) box comes from the quasi-archaeological website, who did this sadly barely mixed, but police-themed piece for the dear Italians Do It Better! label. More details here.

Polizei Motion : Polizei Moments (Stream)

Recorded in last summer, the “Slorida Mix” by Canadian CFCF is a ideal for reloading your body’s solar-cells during the grey winter days.

CFCF : Slorida Mix (Stream)

The MIX SERIES of Britischen fashion label label oki-ni is a really a thing, you should keep an eye one. With increasing regularity the site offers you interesting and entertaining mixes by the likes of Bottin, the Very Best and the Go! Team – always with a fitting design and t-shirt. But a true cosmic highlight is hiding behind Andrew Weatherall’s “MOON”, in which the well-known producer cinematographically combines lots of strings and obscure tunes from various decades to a beautiful Gesamtkunstwerk.

Andrew Weatherall : MOON (Download)

Furthermore: The always busy Rory Phillips has done a rather nice disco-club mix for Dazed Digital.

PHOTO: “Muesli-Session” by Petra Gschwendtner (CC: by-nc)


08:39 AM

On September 28 Iamsound releases King Night, the debut album of promising (and delivering) US three-piece Salem. It’s a compilation of eleven tracks emerging from a pile of shards’ reflection somewhere between oldschool hip-hop, slow disco, goth and electro. Already now there’s a new, familiarly obscure mixtape called mixtape by the band called “I BURIED MY HEART INNA WOUNDED KNEE” as foretaste. Not very surprisingly it features the voice of Warhol’s pre-gothic, Teutonic goddess Nico, among many others.

Salem “I BURIED MY HEART INNA WOUNDED KNEE (Mixtape)” [download]

Knight Night track list:
01 King Night

02 Asia
03 Frost

04 Sick
05 Release Da Boar
06 Trapdoor
07 Redlights

08 Hound
09 Traxx
10 Tair
11 Killer

Tiedyes Anton Quint sagt: “Hallo 2010!”

07:06 AM


Via Italians Do It Better! comes this little 2010-welcome-mix by Mr Anton Quint from Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with an African mix Mike Simonetti did for Cosmic Dancer (get it here), the one half of Swedish nu-disco act Tiedye (photo above) is kicking of the new year for the New Jersey label. Since the so called Taximix is nicely doing the crawl through some both new and old Swedish music with a few picks from outside, and since we are already looking forward to Glass Candy, Desire and Mike coming to Berlin again for Club Transmediale on Jan 29 while we keep partying with Bottin, we decided in our Italians-delirium to upload the full mix. Enjoy and feel free to download (mp3)!

Sorry, had to take the mix down, because we needed the space on our server. But you can get on zshare here.