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Robyn : Call Your Girlfriend

10:19 AM

Robyn has put on her usual stage outfit to dance through the video of new single  “Call Your Girlfriend”. The soles are extra high, the leggings loud and tight, the top sprawling, while the singer mimes the sincere and honest beloved, who wants to make things right for everyone. On July 15 Robyn will play live at Melt! Festival.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs : Trouble

03:10 PM

Now you got me messed up, please believe me, Orlando Higginbottom sings in the new Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs single “Trouble” and as consternatedly looks into the camera, despite of lolling blondes around him and although the lyrical tables will turn shortly after again. You may got already used to his quite impassive performance in the previous videos, but here it’s paired with an as bloodless as party-happy human setting, apparently somewhere in the US with the single’s title appearing in big letters over a panorama in the beginning. A bearded and well tanned man in his mid-fifties fills the role of Orlando’s later alter ego  or the sect leader. Combined with the sentimental lyrics this is all above absurd.

The single, which is digitally already available and properly out on June 20 with yet to be named remixes, is the first TEED release with major label Polydor and a first foretaste taken from the upcoming debut album of the former Greco Roman artist. And step by step it becomes visible, what was meant, when we got told around our common interview in Berlin earlier this year, that Orlando pursues bigger goals and plans than the independent label could make possible. So the new video is not only a way more elaborate production but also shows his new headpiece. Paradoxically both, an abstraction and exaggeration of the prior ones, it was made by the internationally celebrated jewellery designers of Yunus & Eliza, using material by Swarovski Elements. You can see a short documentary of the creation process below.

Though, it’s a bit sad that “Trouble”, in musical terms, only remains as breather instead of instantaneous heater.

On June 16 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs play their biggest headliner gig to date at London’s Scala, on July 7 they play live with D.I.M. and Optimus Maximus at the Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour in Nuremberg, followed by an appearance at Melt! Festival in the same month.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs : Trouble

New Look : The Ballad

04:44 PM

And Canada for the second time: After Danish When Saints Go Machine Berlin-based !K7 has now also signed New Look from. Sarah Ruba and Adam Pavao, admittedly by now residing in New York City, priorly impressed the label with their re-work of Jimmy Edgar’s “Function of Your Love” (also on !K7, listen below). First single “The Ballad” of the upcoming debut album (out in September) is as heady as intense synth pop you immediately want to put on repeat. With the official release planned for June 27, Australian director Will Davidson, originally a busy fashion photographer for clients as Burberry or Vogue China and residing in London, uses a car body, smoke and textile projections to a build a coherent unit of sound and image in his video (and naturally the band’s name perfectly fits to his work).

New Look : Function (Covering/Featuring Jimmy Edgar)

New Look : The Ballad

Bonjay : Creepin

04:05 PM

They say, nowadays’ most spectacular nature documentaries to a big share prominently feature scenes shot with trained animals instead of wild ones. The extremely high per-day production costs simply often don’t allow one spending your budget waiting at a river for two weeks or more just to get some Grizzly go hunting for salmon and for real. Tough, we don’t know, if already Bill Mason back in 1972 used such tricks to make his film Cry of the Wild (stream), but we do know, that Jeff Parenteau has now turned the stunning images into a music video.

The song “Creepin”, an unusually introverted and densely humming one by exalted dancehall Canadians Bonjay, hereby mirrors its own tension in the eyes of the wilderness.  Recently the band also covered “Jamelia” by Caribou. And while the EP Broughtupsy is already out at home, it’s British label One Bird Records, who’s reading the single Stumble / Creepin (stream) for June 6 on this side of the planet. Around the release Bonjay will also then play live at London, Manchester and Berlin.

Eventually, the icing on this post’s cake comes with the sweet remix of another Bonjay track called “Want A Gang” by Noah Smith alias Hard Mix (while the CHLLNGR remix of “Creepin” is rather less exiting).

Bonjay : Want A Gang (Hard Mix Remix)

Bonjay live:
04.06. London, The Camp (DJ)
07.06. London, Bush Hall w/ MEN
08.06. Manchester, Islington Mill w/ MEN
02.07. Berlin, Lido

Lucknow Pact : Waiting in the Sun

08:00 AM

If we should ever have a category called The daily morning greeting or something like that (but chances are low, arguably), this article here marked the beginning. Because in a Lotta Kvist video for “Waiting in the Sun”, Gothenburg three-piece Lucknow Pact demonstrates a very eccentric but interesting move. The band name is a sign of protest, while tune just got released by HejMusik. And some fooling around from time to time isn’t that bad, is it?

Lucknow Pact : Waiting in the sun

Ganglians : Jungle (Video)

06:53 PM

It’s a nice little B-movie styled music video Ganglians have here made for “Jungle”, the first single coming from Still Living, their new album Souterrain Transmissions will release on August 29. Robber Hotzenplotz meets the Rocky Horror Show meets alien monsters. Also it’s a real coming together: Pete Donaldson and Polly Philp took over the directing part, members of the befriended bands Mazes, Male Bonding, Graffiti Island (to which Donaldson belongs) and The Fair Ohs can be seen in the video as well. Though, Ganglians singer Ryan Grubbs seems to be mostly scared by his own costuming. We already offered you the song for free download here previously.

EMA : Milkman (Video)

01:10 PM

Last Thursday, EMA played a showcase full of genuine energy at the Berghain Kantine, which still swings through our head when our eyes now meet the video to “Milkman”. Turns out, this one’s brain melting. Director William Rahilly (who formerly was an recording artist himself under the moniker The Bother) must have spent a lot of time editing the bluescreen shots of Erika. The extravagant result perfectly reminds you of all the different approaches and influences EMA combined on her debut work Past Life Martyred Saints. We especially enjoyed the dripping singing face, the egg and the multiply crushed house here.

The album is out now via Souterrain Transmissions. Check to previous songs from it here. Also, watch out for a complete in-depth interview with the singer on this site soon. Until Saturday, EMA is touring the UK – dates below.

EMA : Milkman (Download)

EMA live:
11.05. London, The MacBeth
12.05. London, Cargo*
13.05. Manchester, Islington Mill*
14.05. Brighton, Great Escape Festival
*with Scout Nibblet

jj : Angels

11:22 AM

“We survive in America,” jj sing in their new track “Angels”, but in the video Hong Kong and Singapore, where the band toured in February, built the setting. Now, we can see, how (only) Elin Kastlander, Joakim Benon’s female counterpart, experienced the trip, while she’s singing about the dissolution of time (as it quite probably happens when being on tour).

That the band is aware of the sharp ridge walk a hype brings with itself underlines a last Friday’s entry from their own blog: a first video still is here linked to the Swedish Wikipedia article on Icarus, the tragic but finally not completely angel-like hero of the Greek Mythology, who flew so high with his wings, that the sun let the cohesive wax melt and him featherless fall into his deep grave in the sea. Another lyric with corresponding theme also says, among others:


Here, Icarus appears as well, but survives.

In March, the Swedish duo lastly shared a song with us, the back then untitled and first received as “The End” song, that turned out to be a very wide-ranging official remix of the Rebecca & Fiona single “Bullets“. Already here, screaming seagulls illustrated the genuine vastness and distance.

“jj : The End” Rebecca & Fiona : Bullets (jj Remix) (Download)

Bang On! : Got It

10:01 AM

His alias declares, he’s ready for every fight or challenge, and so Big Dada‘s Bang On! demonstratively swings the boxing gloves in new video “Got It”. Eventually the MC from Liverpool wants to regain the Northern English rap and electro scene from the shadow that is donk music. But who when picks representatives of Austria, Portugal and Jamaica for a battle at the chessboard, or better: the Davids of this metier, rather seems to prefer the small steps to the top. And pretending, not Reklews, but the as highly decorated as aged duo of Elisabeth Windsor and Joseph Ratzinger built your beats, doesn’t help either. It’s still a good musical fit and also part of one most interesting since most comprehensive campaigns to date,


Planningtorock : The Breaks

01:29 PM

In her new video “The Breaks” Janine Rostron as Planningtorock once again the approved images of Danish photographer (and filmmaker) Goodyn Green, as her living in Berlin at the moment, and the mask parts created for her by Gerald Kidd. The same recently consistently used skull morphing, for instance in the video to “Doorway“, is here complemented by fake muscles and another person. But it’s not Rostron’s daughter or little sister, who’s turning into her younger likeness, but a boy named Victor Völk , who already was part of the Sasha Waltz’s Kindertanzcompany. With his feature the classic sexual stereotypic images get completely dissolved in this project.

Interestingly enough, the video description explicitly states that the shots were filmed in “former East Berlin” although the environment doesn’t play a further role (besides offering a second frame to the colourful first) and Rostron herself resides with her studio near West-Berlin Kottbusser Tors, as we learnt from the current issue of SPEX. In the end it only supports the reminiscence of the late 1980ies, early 90ies already created by the grunge look of jeans jackets and very long hair.

The new PTR album W will be released on May 20 via DFA / Cooperative Music / Universal (in Germany, on May 17 via DFA in the US). On May 19 she will play alongside with Animal Collective, Nouvelle Vague and Holy Ghost! at Cologne’s Electronic Beats Festival, followed by another appearance with AC and this time German band Sizarr at the MELT! Klub Weekender in Berlin. Meanwhile, “Doorway” was transferred to calmer cyclic spheres by Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard as CREEP:

Planningtorock : Doorway (Creep Remix) (Download)