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Familjen : Det var jag (This Is Head Version)

07:55 AM

Already in 2010 This Is Head remixed re-interpreted “Det Var Jag” (English: This was me) by Familjen. Now Malmo film production firm beirut and (design) Studio 1982 have made the corresponding video; all in black-and-white with aluminium foil instead of gold. It’s captured mania. The single and remix got released by Adrian Recordings.


Boeoes Kaelstigen : Interview

11:19 AM

All of you, who missed programmatic and visionary music 2010, should make a find with Boeoes Kaelstigen and their full-length debut Tanunm Teleport at the close of the year. Named after the eponymous INTELSAT satellite installation (Swedish Wikipedia entry), friendly and cooperatively used by the four Scandinavians countries for decades before its obsolescence,  Leo Nathorst-Böös and Tor Rauden Källstigen draw an attractive techno vision of a post-apocalyptic but peaceful, European unity. Too, the deliver the piece with a pair of official BK socks*. That eventually must left some impression on former Swedish minister for education, culture, trade and industry,  Mr Leif Pagrotsky, who showed up for a short address on the independent production – a joining of that kind it’s probably only possible in Sweden (and maybe Norway). Reasons enough for some questions:

Hej and thanks a lot in advance for giving us one of the apparently rare opportunities to ask you a few questions. At least, this is, what your Wikipedia entry and my present investigations want to make me believe; so, are you really that strict in your connection to the media and what is your general approach towards the project’s outer communication apart from the music?
Communication is very close to our hearts. We’re open to talk about our music, and the concepts and ideas behind Tanum Teleport. We believe that the ideas behind our music, what the album is about and how it came to be is worth talking about.

Did this change after working for/with Jonathan Johansson and consequently welcoming other artists, or better: voices, like Stefan Storm and MF/MB/ to your project?
The concept of outsourcing interests us a lot, and we tried applying that model to certain parts of Tanum Teleport. You provide someone with an idea, a concept and a framework — and you get something in return. If you work with the right people, often quite unexpected, and even more so quite fantastic, like our collaborations with MF/MB/ and Stefan Storm. We think that it’s a model that more people should use in everything they do. It’s OK to sometimes leave it up to someone else.

Some people were already jauntily anticipating your debut album for 2009, however you took yourselves the time for Tanum Teleport and performed very well with the finished product only few weeks ago. What was the hardest part about finishing it?
The challenges of making an album are much more about telling a story and creating an environment and an arena for that story — compared to, for example, the challenges involved in creating an EP, where the collection of songs and remixes are the important parts. If an album is worth doing, the finished product should be more than the sum of the individual parts. And that’s definitely what took time when finalizing Tanum Teleport.

The album has a very nocturnal vibe to me with a very distinctive interaction between streams of warmth and cold. How and where did the first sketches evolve?
The first sketches were basically just pieces of moods, sounds and mindsets. Then, they were kindly filtered through our musical distillery. Some made it all the way to Tanum Teleport. Others were left behind.

Although being an electronic album, the work is based around the apocalyptic 2038 Unix Millennium Bug scenario. What do you find particularly interesting in this vision?
At a macro level, Tanum Teleport is an exploration of a time and place where everything is turned upside down. On a personal level, it’s based on a deep-rooted fascination for conspiracy theories and doomsday prophecies. The concept of the millennium bug has fascinated us for long, it was a very real — and confusing — just threat ten years ago. As a matter of concept, we’re very much hoping for similar scenarios in the future.
Tanum Teleport, the satellite station we’ve named our album from, is both a piece of beautiful architecture and technology, and in it’s purest form an idea of pan-continental communication sans modern technology. In short, it makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

Is it hence your aspiration to have hereby create a piece of work people will still listen to in 28 years – like your kids maybe?
One part of our hopes on future listeners, might be that they hear our futuristic scenario and feels that warm happiness — as when you hear about those futuristic prophecies from the 50’s: THE FLYING CARS OF YEAR 2000.

Back to the present: You re-recorded your first public track ‘Fasit’, which was pretty much an instant internet success back in 2007, for Tanum Teleport once again. I think, there evolves quite a burden from that, plus the time difference since then. How did you approach ‘Fasit 10′ then?
‘Fasit’ was the first track we created together as Boeoes Kaelstigen, and it’s become what defined our sound and format. We felt it was natural to include a version of ‘Fasit’ on our debut album, but in a slightly renovated version (no spotlights, nor a teppanyaki hob) that would fit the vision statement and overall feel of Tanum Teleport.

You may be experienced and calm professionals now, but do you sometimes still miss the endorphin rush of the first months and first successfully mastered steps or does it all still feel like a child trip to the candy store to you?
If it didn’t feel new and as exciting as it did at first I don’t think we would be continuing making music in the form of Boeoes Kaelstigen. We do this because there’s nothing else we’d rather do, simply put.

The album comes with a pair of official Boeoes Kaelstigen socks. Although we’re not really sure on this, -we think- chances are good, that you are the first ever band to have so. Is this an ironic statement against the almost absurd self-marketing of modern mainstream acts or just a nice Christmas present? I think the original idea goes back more than an entire year ago.
Tanum Teleport should not be enjoyed with cold feet — and the symbolic flags of future Tanum were stunning in woven cotton.

Boeoes Kaelstigen’s debut album Tanum Teleport is out now on Adrian Recordings, who will soon – and together with Discobelle Records – second single Lou. “The best music inhabits some kind of universe,” read our previous interview with Stefan Storm on Sound of Arrows here.

*Tor is already well-known for extraordinary clothing ideas. The label Noko Jeans, co-founded by him with two friends, was the first ever foreign company to produce jeans in the Stalinist North Korea and tag them as such – of course, the idea of rapprochement was at the forefront here as well.

Boeoes Kaelstigen Tanum Teleport (Stream)

HEALTH : USA Boys (MF/MB/ Remix)

01:53 AM

Earlier today Swedish Adrian Recordings label send out a new remix by fellow band MF/MB/ of HEALTH‘s recent single “USA Boys”. And to be honest, it still leaves us a bit puzzled. Since in a way, it does sound like the hybrid of  the typical Ed Banger and Audiolith pow-pow and German funfair techno Schlager, probably on the bumper car ride – weirdly enough that’s mainly because of the actually capital synthesizer tracks in the original song. Thus, we can’t really escape from this.

For now only the knowledge calms us, that the issue with MF/MB/’s own work and the remix craft of Jesper Aubin looks much clearer; particularly in positive way.

HEALTH : USA Boys (MF/MB/ Remix) [Download]

MF/MB/ : The Big Machine [Download]

MF/MB/ : The Big Machine (Jesper Aubin Remix) [Download]

MF/MB/’s debut album Folded is out now via Adrian Recordings. Too, the band has recorded a video for almost every track – watch them all here. The HEALTH remix LP Disco2 can be found with two other songs in the Cityslang of your local music / download store.

This Is Head “0007”

05:03 AM

Malmö postrock outfit This Is Head, director Nicholas Wakeham (did First Aid Kit “Hard Believer” and others) and the Varelsen collective (remember Minilogue’s brilliant “Animals” video?) invite you to what they think a group meeting of the Audiophile Anonymous looks like in the new video for “0007”.  Although the vinyl loving parts of us think, a “Don’t try this at home!” warning would actually be pretty suitable here, we still like the realization of this idea and assume a statement pro digital revolution (and not contra pre-millennium music) behind it.

If you want to get rid of all your classic Full Moon Fever and Whitney LPs to spare yourselves paying an expensive therapist sooner or later, you might need some (digital) sonic replacement: check to download a great remix of the song by Pocketknife and to find out how to buy and get This Is Head‘s just released debut album 0001 (Adrian Recordings) – even as 12″! Head over to the Line of Best Fit to get the even more epic “0003” as download and look out for the 0002 single with a remix by fellow Swedish über producer Dan Lissvik as well.

This Is Head “0007” [download]

This Is Head “0003”

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