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aUtOdiDakT : Jaegermeister WHT Interview

12:29 PM

When the Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour comes to Stuttgart’s Calwer Eck this Thursday, his journey to there is the shortest: Andres Klein alias aUtOdiDakt, label founder of Traktor Records and Mähtrasher, has his homebase in the Neckar city, being as familiar with the native club scene as with the regional cuisine, which he always comes back to after touring around the world. And despite expecting the rather hard (musically electronic) sounds from him first, he’ll be probably playing the most diverse of all three acts there. For us he answered a few questions on his background, first setbacks and later successes.

You can still win tickets for the night with him, Bag Raiders and Peaches here until today’s afternoon.

Until recently Stuttgart was recognised as a tranquil provincial capital, but with the protests against the Stuttgart21 construction project it suddenly turned into the home of the new Wutbürger (Germany’s protesting middle-class). You again never wasted much time on compromising in your music. Have you been a forerunner?
I have no idea and it would be presumptuous to call myself so. But in the early days most of the other DJs greeted my hard stuff with smiles, partly even telling the club owners in front of myself, that this would overcharge the people anyway and that the sound would never make it here. After a while, they started playing the same things, too. After the claim had become untenable, ha.
But I do believe, that, already for a while, Stuttgart takes a special position when it comes to acknowledging things that are in some way a gesture of rejection against certain things, musically or politically…

You are deejaying all over the globe. What are you most looking forward to, when returning home?
A hard mattress! I always get a backache on the way to soft hotel ones… Other things are my bathtub and cooking and recording music again!

Which dishes of the local cuisine are your favourites, and, more importantly, which can you cook/bake yourself?
I pretty much like all from the Swabian cuisine expect Kutteln (tripe) and Hirnsuppe (brain soup)! I can make a proper Zwiebelrostbraten (fried beef and onions in gravy) as well as Kaesespaetzle (cheese noodles), although my girlfriend does them way better! I like my food hearty and meaty, so the Swabian is exactly my thing…

Your aUtOdiDakT-predecessor project IMP-ACT perished at a major label without the release of the planned album.  Does this experience still pursue you until now, seven years later?
Of course, this had an ongoing influence on me! Back then, we had invested three years of time and ideas in it, without being able to influence what would happen afterwards with it. This meant, we were completely at their mercy and couldn’t sign somewhere else as well. Eventually, this destroyed the band and all seven involved band members wanted to leave the music business. Now they’re all having normal jobs, except me. I founded Traktor Records, because I needed a platform, where the complete control belonged to me a no a&r with Ibiza tan could tell, which music I should make or in which pigeon-hole he would like to promote me with with image…

Last year saw the release of your debut full-length Genres Are Dead, including 28(!) averagely more than four minutes long tracks, compiled on a double CD album. Didn’t you fear to overcharge your potential audience?
Of course I was aware of this maybe overcharging or confusing most people. But in the end I thought, that I was a) not up to make an album only filled with the rough stuff people would expect from my DJ sets and b) doing the whole album format only for myself. Actually, I just wanted to see, if I would be able to make a record that would stay interesting for me in the long run, offering a wide variety of styles as a producer. I recently listened to the album for the first time after three months (previously I wouldn’t have been unbiased enough) and was really pleased by it. This was my only aim: to still like the album after a while. The rest, meaning: record sales and if there any people at all, enjoying the record, too, was only secondary for me. But naturally it’s now the icing on the cake.

How was the album made?
In the winter of 2008 I released the first proper aUtOdiDakT single “Shit your rack” and kept on producing since then, without aiming at recording a full-length. I tried different things, because a get bored fast with producing the same style. I need diversion, that means at best I have three unfinished tracks on my harddrive, a calm, a hard and a funky one, so I can work on them according to my moods. If I’m in a bad mood, I can’t do the funky one, and if everything’s bright, I can barely focus on banging around.
Anyway, at some point it were about 80 tracks from electro to pure indie rock or downbeat and I started trying to compile an album out of them. Then I realised, that I still need some bridge songs, seguing from one style to another, or which where just stylistically lacking, to make the whole thing more logical.I then did these ones and also send instrumentals to some singers and rappers I like, because I don’t think of myself as that great singer, who should sing on the majority of the tracks… But I needed vocals to be on the album of course. Eventually, I only sing on the first and the last song, but the guest vocalist have done a more than great job! Maybe I’ll song more myself on the next record.
In terms of the different styles I also tried to rather leave out the really hard outliers from the electronic base, otherwise it would have been to hard even for me to identify the final record as an artist album instead of a compilation of not linked to each other stuff.

Your Traktor sub label Mähtrasher is pretty much a year old right now. How pleased are you with its progress? Which directions will it take in the near future?
Mähtrasher extremely surprised me! I thought to myself, that it would be easier to brand a label, representing only a certain style (instead of many different as Traktor does), but I never expected it to happen that fast! I almost believe, that Mähtrasher (at least outside of Germany) has already overtaken Traktor in terms of popularity in that one single year.

With Stuttgart kaputtraven – Traktor Edition you also host a bi-monthly party at the local club Rocker33. Have the hereby collected experiences made you more relaxed or more demanding as an artist on tour?
I think, in terms of the crowd’s reaction it rather made me become more demanding, because often the people totally freak out at Kaputtraven, ha. But in terms of the daily routine it naturally calmed me down a bit. When you experience all the promoter’s stress at a party yourself, you don’t get worked up as a DJ as well, because most of the problems are not yours.

You recently described deejaying with Proxy as “Christmas, birthday and the apocalypse put in one night.” Which other aUtOdiDakT gigs and Traktor nights have burned themselves into your mind as well?
“Exotic” appearances as in Johannesburg or Sydney have, but also “smaller” ones, like the one at a country inn called Fuchs & Has in some Bavarian village of 20 souls, where we hundreds of people went completely mad and the emptied out all the drinks pretty early! I don’t want to highlight a single edition of Kaputtraven here, because they have been all very special for me… The first was of course especially important, same goes for Kaputtdubben. An event series is defined by its  night and hence it was really satisfying having  such a great headliner and experiencing such an intense atmosphere!

aUtOdiDakT Genres Are Dead (Exzerpte)

In cooperation with Jägermeister.

Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour x Stuttgart

10:20 AM

Step-by-step the back in early February all white map of Germany is turning herb-liqueur-brown. Now, the Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour lands in this republic’s South, where on May 19 the cosiness of Stuttgart’s Calwer Eck will be over for one night. In the first craft brewery of the city, featuring a menu opening in proper regional style with Flädlesuppe and Maultauschen, the international three-piece of Trio der Bag Raiders, Peaches and aUtOdiDakT guest.

Bag Raiders are the next hitmakers from Down Under taking the long journey up to the north-west. Two years and a half ago, their b-side “Shooting Star” made them ride a global wave of attention and success two, they later neither left with their single “Sunlight” nor their debut album (which sadly is not coming out in Germany before June 30). Currently, their on disco and electronica fermented pop follows you to everywhere with “Way Back Home” soundtracking a national advertisement campaign. Having already warmed-up themselves with a few German and European gigs in the recent weeks already, the band should bring the crowd on fire immediately.

A master of this craft is surely Peaches. Whether as musical star in her own Llyod Webber adapation Jesus Peaches Christ Superstar and the partly autobiographical Peaches Does Herself or on tour with her recent album I Feel Cream (XL Recordings), which she already performed live and in full action with her leg in plaster: Merrill Nisker belongs to the cream. For Stuttgart she’s now preparing one of her infamous, not less intense DJ sets, while she’s currently fooling around with “Mud” in the same-titled video.

Meanwhile, local hero aUtOdiDakT declares, “genres are dead,” speaking only the language of bass himself. No wonder, that out of the former Wirtshaus acts Proxy and Tom Deluxx are his favourites. Now it’s time for him to become a part of the story.

You can 1×2 guestlist invites for the night by leaving us a comment below until Tuesday, May 17, 2 pm. The winner will be chosen random – good luck! Other tickets are given away via and Facebook.

Bag Raiders : Way Back Home (Video)

Peaches : Mud (Video)

In cooperation with Jägermeister.