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Intro Intim with Hurts

08:11 PM

Great pop anthems dominated the musical picture when Hurts were about to enchant the audience at Magnet Club last friday. The duo from manchester performed their first gig in germany and also one of their first concert at all within the Intro Intim. Nevertheless Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson didn’t seem to be nervous. With a perfectly fitting attitude and a minimalist stage show their impressive music took the center. Among the shades of Hurts who will be able to rise up as the new pop sensation, So So Modern who opended the evening had to consider theirself satisfied with a supporting role.

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photos: Christoph Paul

The XX live at Astra, Berlin

02:57 AM


Although The XX were said to be one of the by the NME‘s „bands to watch out for next year“ in late 2008, no one  could have anticipated this rocket-like rise of London’s minimalists through 2009.

Now in January 2010, it was already the third time the – now – three friends had been floating to Berlin. But this evening was supposed to be a special one, because The XX even played two sold out shows in a row at Astra. Trailer Trash Tracys challenged the opening, but presented their alike pragmatic songs in a clearly less charming way. Anyway the favorable audience was nothing but waiting for the band of the evening.

Fully dressed in understatement the 19-years old teenagers entered the stage. After a short moment of rest they pervaded the room with touching warmth by playing the catchy „Intro“ and „Crystalized“.  The listeners were freezed with emotions and vulnaribility and only got pulled out of this dreamworld by a few hard but well-placed beats till the end of the concert. It seemed that nothing could ever disturb the harmony between Romy, Oliver and Jamie. So they strolled through their songs with a blind-folded understanding. The only add-on of the quite short concert was „Stars“ including a star-spattered sky appearing above the stage.

In order to prepare their second part of the evening, The XX released their audience with a feeling of inner warmth into the freezing night.

Until today’s evening, 9pm, you can visit the sound sculpture of the band at .HBC, Berlin, although it’s sadly rather sparsely and uncharitably presented. We recommend to go there after the sunset anyway.

FOTOS: Christoph Paul

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Bottin hits Berlin

11:18 PM


Signor Bottin all over Berlin! The Venice disco darling is in town to play three sets within just six days. Starting on Friday night, January 8, at Tausend together with one of our absolute Berlin favourites Hugo Capablanca, followed by a Retro Futoro at HBC the next day, where Bottin will meet – among others – Kruton, Gu Mascio, and another Berlin favourite of ours, Emil Doesn’t Drive. Hoping that he’s not already bored of our city il signore will conclude his Berlin trip on Thursday, January 14, at Cookies.

Born in 1977 – the year when teens around the globe dreamed about hanging around with Giorgio Moroder and taking cocaine to Cerrone’s “Supernature” in the newly openend Studio54 – Bottin has been a time traveller for his whole life building bridges between the good old disco era and presence with some fantastic releases on cherished Italians Do It Better!, Bear Funk and more. He’s remixing the likes of both, In Flagranti and legendary Space, is putting together some really tasteful mixtapes and did even deejay in the Ukraine recently.

To get a clue of his skills give the following great “When you’re in need of a Bottin” – his re-edit of  “When you’re In need of love” by Raydio, Ray Parker Jr.’s former band before the very started making stuff like “Ghostbusters” – a listen. Bravo signor Bottin!

Download “When your’e in need of a BOTTIN” here.

Royal Bangs – 30.11.09 – Berlin

04:47 PM

royal bangs

Royal Bangs are a pretty unusual rock band and they are from Knoxville, Tennessee-USA. This goes pretty well together since Knoxville has not only been home to the Expo ’82 and some Country singers but to daredevils like Jackass Johnny Knoxville and director Quentin Tarantino.

Royal Bangs have thrown some weird bits and pieces of music together to create their new album “Let It Beep”, which can be called a great fun after all. And since the record was just released here in Germany on City Slang, it’s only consequent to play some Germany gigs, too. You should go there.

The Horrors & S.C.U.M live review

02:56 PM


Within only a few days London’s ex-Goth band The Horrors twice played in Berlin. Following their support appearance for Muse at the German capital’s new gigantic O2 Arena on October 29 the five piece came back to hit the stage at Lido together with young disciples S.C.U.M this Tuesday.

Still all the (overpowering) presence was a fair game since it was only the second time for the group to present their new Krautrock influenced and Goth hype breaking outfit in Germany after two festival appearances earlier this year.

So a still all black-in-black but more decent version of The Horrors entered the stage to play the fantastic 2009 full-length “Primary Colours” track-by-track with only little arrangement changes meeting a pretty unimpressed crowd.

The not completely filled Lido – with an audience reflecting a pretty diverse spectrum from little kids to dark avantgarde fellows and old rocker couples – only slightly enjoyed the new material. For instance “I Only Think Of You” nearly got drowned by the talking and whispering all-around.

While neither “Scarlet Fields” nor “Sea Within A Sea” or new non-album single “Whole New Way” – apparently three songs of real beauty – could move the entire crowd, already the foreshadowing of “Who Can Say” or – more precious – the genius but, too, simple lyrics of its intermezzo set everyone in a fever of excitement.

Eleven songs were played. Then band went off, roadie on stage. Everybody knew what was about to follow.

Fair enough, on the stage they laboured to surprise with a well performed cover of Suicide’s “Ghost Rider” but the majority in front it was already silently awaiting the first cords of “Count In Fives” which let them explode in one aggressive pogo, followed by “Gloves”.

What seemed to be compulsory for the band meant everything to their fans. The Horrors have grown out of (most) their following.

Those were of course no problems support act and London colleagues S.C.U.M had to fight with. Presenting – among others – an intense version of their to be then premiered fantastic new song “Berlin” (click on the link to download it via The Quietus) in the city where it was recorded for the Signals series back in spring. And nearly nobody was were to disturb (or enjoy) since apparently everyone was still enjoying their first beers around the corner.

It just wasn’t a good night for good music.

PHOTOS: Christoph Paul

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Hercules And Love Affair are back

07:22 AM

hercules and love affair

In the recent days we spotted some rare, new gigs of one of our favourite bands on some of our favourite venues live calendars. Last night all the excitement and anticipation became manifest in Hercules And Love Affair‘s official announcement of their upcoming European December tour. They are back on the road, dudes!

The tour will take them on seven dates through five countries – Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland, UK and Germany – presenting their new band line-up and surely new tunes. Newly added members are Daniella, Mark and Shaun after Nomi Ruiz  from Jessica 6 and Tim Goldsworthy quit their part time cooperation with the band’s old and original basis Andy Butler and Kim Ann Foxmann as planned before. See a drawing of the new five piece posted with the current announcement.

Hercules And Love Affair were one of the bands of 2008 getting a lot of media attention for their phenomenal untitled debut record featuring the voice of this time Johnsons-less Antony Hegarty and straight brilliantly produced traditional disco vibes. Their last Berlin onstage appearance goes back to last year’s November where Andy told us that some new material was already finished. Later through the following summer Mr Butler released an own mix compilation and spent his days djing around the globe. Before he’ll turn into Hercules again he’ll do a last set in Munich. See all dates below.

Hercules And Love Affair live
4.12. Casa da Musica, Porto
5.12. Club Lux, Lisbon
6.12. Paradiso, Amsterdam
9.12. Hafen 2, Offenbach
10.12. Panorama Bar/Berghain, Berlin
11.12. Fabric, London
12.12. Tripod, Dublin

Andy Butler DJ Set
28.11. Erste Liga, Munich

Lovvers’ consultation at West Germany

12:25 AM

lovvers onstage preview

Whenever you’re back to the point where you wonder why you aren’t yet bored by twanging guitar acts you know since Muddy Waters, The Monks or Billie Holiday – wait a sec: were dinosaurs still alive back then? – you suddenly stand in front of a stage built out of beer crates in a demolished former surgery – now called West Germany – in Berlin-Kreuzberg watching a band like Charlie Megira & The Mondern Dance Club playing on top of it. And intuitionally you start banging your head and doing the twist with the hippie girl next to you; you just can’t help yourself.

Later you will search for CM & TMDC on Google and will realize that they’re a sample of Israeli underground heroes But who cares? You already love this raw and loud band, this Mr. Megira with his overbite surely making him earning some good money as Dracula actor in various B-horror pictures; or this bass player named ‘The Dead Girl’ who’s starring at you like a – er – dead girl. You feel the joyful victory of a sweet cliché inside of you being verified when you watching beautiful drummer Mimi Shanel eating out Charlie (of course) and you don’t worry about Javier Schreiner since you know, he has his guitar. Simply perfect!

But don’t forget, they’re just the support for main act Lovvers. These looked actually a bit tired that night or just suffered some overdose onstage; singer Shaun didn’t seem to be really present anyway. What a fantastic benefit it was in this case that their album was recorded live and nearly without any production, so you can enjoy a gig like you prefer it to be: to sound like on record. At it’s end Shaun is dancing a little bit inside the crowd but that’s already the climax. Around this time Mimi is sleeping on the sofa next to the entrance door.

TEXT, FOTOS: Thomas Vorreyer

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Villa’s back: Awesome – Maral Salmassi

08:05 PM

maral salmassi

The guys and girls from Awesome Agency are back at Villa to start a new, burning season. This time some of Berlin’s top electro DJs meet the live acts Maral Salmassi and Zero Cash from Munich and Cologne to reunite Germany once more in another “awesome” party in East-Berlin.

A Sunday in the city

07:08 PM

crystal stilts text

After the breath taking Friday and Saturday filled by the Berlin Festival the beat went on in the city around river Spree. Beside from the genuine hipster locations for the end of the weekend (Berghain & Bar25) this week to fine concerts brought Sunday to live. First hold by Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts (see picture above) once more at Bang Bang Club. Anyone who survived the never ending introduction of the keyboard player, expirienced a pretty nice gig despite all the seriously looking Vice party guests.

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At the same time Crystal Antlers and Health, like once Bloc Party on “A Weekend In The City”, discovered Kreuzberg and it’s local venue the Festsaal. Together with Berlin based band chuckamuck they ran the festival aftershow party there. Since lost a lot of time searching for the leak between their numerous effect pedals we arrived officially too late but right in time to see them play. Concert shortened to three attributes: energetic, manic and almost android-alike perfect.

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In the MITle of a wave

04:39 PM

mit live rosis by katharina poblotzki

Mit had a break from their break last weekend to do a short gig at Rosi’s in Berlin. Alas, 16 months after the release of their debut album Coda the band returned with some bad news: singer Edi suffered some illness and raucousness that day.

But after all one could just barely notice this on stage. While Tamer put his focus on humbly disappearing in the background, Edi mimed a wincing maniac, who would roll all over the floor towards the end, and a sweaty Felix trechantly banged his drums.  Recently you could read here that Mit’s sound is: “a dark wave overrunning you”, but now this image experiences its embodiment: behind the dimmed light and the artificial waft of mist three black silhouettes erect a heavy wall of sound on the foundations of some great tunes like “Rauch” or “Park”.

Near to the end, “Gebaut” merged into the pre-album single “Was War Es”. The link in between is an enthusiastic quote of Wighfield’s “Saturday Night” – thanks God – without any Eurodance-likeliness. It’s the highlight of a show which closes despite Edi’s shape but due to the crowd’s demand with an encore.

mit live rosis 3 by katharina poblotzki

MIT left us with the awareness that they have indeed many good, not to say very good, songs . Other bands may do so as well, but what separates MIT from most of those German and other acts is their distinct but conclusive sound concept, Klangkonzept. Such attempts often fail through musically obtuseness (like the support band I Heart Sharks) but those three boys from Cologne have left such problems far behind.

So one should look forward to hear the new, second album, although this could take a while. Tamer told us, that right now new songs are written with none of them yet recorded. Fortunately there will be a remix EP soon featuring our highly rated Crystal Fighters.

Photos by Katharina Poblotzki