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Melt! Festival 2011

08:24 PM

As already in the year of  2009 and 2010 we presented you the most important and current information directly from the Melt!-Festival. In contrast to the last years the festival returned the his roots. But this wasn’t a reason for the people to stay away. And so the melt! was sold out early ago. Despite of the electronical renaissance with Paul Kalkbrenner, The Koletzkis, DJ Kotze, Boys Noize and many more the headliner were well know Indie-Legeneds: Pulp. This gallery will take you on a short tour through all days and stages at the Melt!.

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photo: Christoph Paul

Berlin: Krakatau label night

01:35 PM

Sometimes the most horrific things have the most beautiful name: in August 1883 the explosion of the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa, or in German: Krakatau, and its plumes obscured the global atmosphere for almost two years. But when Berlin band of the moment Bodi Bill launch their new label of the same title, their aim is rather enlightenment than a black-out.

Starting with a remix single of their old hit “I Like Holden Caulfield” (not included on their new album What?, which made them sell-out the Lido four days in a row), their second release Gefilde showcased the talents of the city’s own Thomalla (photo) – a young man, who seemed to deejay at almost every good party of the recent years. And as if their press text writers would have anticipated our preview their rightfully summarise, that his music’s all about “Intelligenz und Romantik, Dunkelheit und Hoffnung” (intelligence and romanticism, darkness and hope). Now coming up is another single by Freedarich, the first solo production by Friedrich Greiling of Mittekill and Freedarich & Stiggsen.

This Saturday will see all three acts align at Tape Club, celebrating an official label night. Bodi Bill will only play as DJ Bodi Bill, but Lake People (also a Krakatau family member) will make a special live appearance. And you can win 2×2 invites for it, if you leave us a comment below until Friday noon. Winners will be chosen random – good luck!

Thomalla : Gefilde (Clips)

Thomalla : Mit Vergnügen (DJ Mix)

Bodi Bill : I like Holden Caulfield (Freedarich Remix)

Lake People : Deep Tropical

Play Winter Festival in Hamburg

03:46 PM


While we are already previewing the first festivals for the summer and with Berlin’s CTM.10 laying behind us in the space-time-continuum, one can bridge the time cap till real festival season with a little, but nice weekender in Hamburg this weekend. From Friday, March 12, to Saturday, March 13, Hamburg venue trio Prinzenbar, Docks and Neid Klub will see the Play Winter Festival 2010 taking place there, bringing a rather well-selected line-up to the mouth of the Elbe river.

On Friday DDBs (Danish discoboys) WhoMadeWho and international, Berlin-based “cirque de” Bonaparte – both acts continuously working on the creation of their own (live) legends – will enter the stage. Too, the for some to us unapparent reason idolized German Mediengruppe Telekommander will bring some real electro rock to the festival. In return a nice club night with a dj-set by Late of the Pier is awaiting all visitors and Record Makers’ rised-from-the-dead Kavinsky has parked his red Ferrari Testarossa in Hamburg.

German electro ravers exited for the so called Audiolith Horse Market at Melt! festival can already get a foretaste of it on the same day, with DJ MTDF, Krink, Torsun (Egotronic) and Rampue standing in the dj-stable.

On Saturday Berlin label/management/booking agency Snowhite will take over Play Winter bringing thei acts the Sounds, Zoot Woman, Eight Legs and Popular Damage with them. Bodi Bill (with a new album in their bags), global electronic and tribal music fusioning  Schlachthofbronx and British Joe and Will Ask? are among the confirmed acts as well.

You can get tickets for the whole weekend for € 42 and for Friday / Saturday only for € 25 / 27. Check for further information and see the complete line-up with more acts below:

Line-up Fryday:
Who Made Who, Bonaparte, Mediengruppe Telekommander, Kavinsky, Shit Disco, Dancing Pigeons, Audiolith Pferdemarkt, Late Of The Pier (Dj-Set), Love Ravers, Boy Omega, Planting The Seed

Line-up Saturday:
The Sounds, Zoot Woman, Bodi Bill, Schlachthofbronx, Joe and Will Ask?, Eightlegs, Popular Damage, Herpes, Vierkanttretlager, Jenana, I Heart Sharks, Kristellar, M.O.M.O., Tanner

PHOTO: “WhoMadeWho, Berlin Festival 2010″ Christoph Paul

Intro Intim with the fabulous Hurts

04:58 PM

Can you do magic? British synth-wizard Adam Anderson and hex voice Theo Hutchcraft can. And they have a box full of tricks. For instance neither using pretty simple and common vocabulary but re-creating some unbelievable beautiful, touching lyrics from it, nor drawing a major labels attention (and money) with a video made for £ 20, just to fly to Sweden the very next moment (or the one after that) to record the world’s loudest instrument, the Tyfon Organ, for their debut album was a big issue for them. Not to mention creating a straight black-and-white atmosphere and aesthetics pulling the viewer into a 3D version of Anton Corbjin‘s Joy-Division-biopic Control, but preaching to “never give up”, since “it’s such a wonderful life.” (Wonderful Life) And what about being British (sorry folks!) but looking like always decently styled models, who get photographed by Hedi Slimane and his famous camera?

Every detail of Hurts seems to make a promise for a clearer and more serious, all in all better world. And with the sonic magic the duo of Manchester origin creates in songs like “Wonderful Life” and “Blood, Tears & Gold” plus a major label behind them chances are high, that they become the pop sensation of this year.

It is said, that they decided to make Sony Music their home harbour when staying in Berlin. But news get only very rarely spread, their song “Unspoken” for example till now got only shown as a sheet of music but not as an audio file. The last week saw them uploading a video called “Pellerin“on their Youtube channel, showing them and other singers recording in a studio, and Townsend Records added an album by them called hurts (sic!) with the release date August 16 to their roster.

Last night Hurts played a gig in London and not only Popjustice was pretty amazed by it, so we can truly understand, why Intro and Melt! Booking invited the duo to play two Intro Intim shows this week in Germany. On Friday, February 26, they will play Berlin’s Magnet Club and the Gebäude 9 in Cologne on the following day. Both dates will see New Zealand’s So So Modern presenting their new album Crude Futures including the track “Berlin” live on stage as well. Too, DJ sets by German art circus band Bonaparte and Bodi Bill, RemmiDemmi DJ Team, Thomalla (in Berlin) and Trashpop DJs (in Cologne) will complete the night.

You can still get yourselves tickets for the two shows (€ 10 plus advanced sale fees) here.

Melt! live-photoblog

06:03 PM

All aufgemischt! editors were at this year’s MELT! festival and had a good time. Underneath them, Christoph Paul almost hourly posted new photos from the stages at Ferropolis on this live-blog. See all of his pics here and read our summed up review of the festival plus some secret hints on the headliner of 2010 and our interview with Fever Ray.

Friday, the 17th of July – Day One

Die Converse Main Stage bei den Vorbereitungen für Cold War Kids
Preparings at Converse Main Stage for Cold War Kids
Cold War Kids gewohnt emotional engagiert
Cold War Kids get emotional like usual
Einer der vielen kreativ-gekleideten Besucher, für die wir das Melt! so lieben
One of the countless creatively dressed fans that make Melt! so loveable

Die Leute vor der Converse Main Stage und...
Crowd in front of main stage and …
... Delphic live auf ihr
… Delphic live on it
Ein Klaxon
One Klaxon
Bodi Bill: Positive Schwingungen
Bodi Bill: positive vibes
Röyksopp und ihr Bassist im Scheerenschnitt
Röyksopp and their bass player
Die Menge liebt die neue "Partyvariante" von Röyksopp
People love Röyksopp’s new “party-like” stuff and …
...und die Bagger lieben sowieso alle
… everyone loves the excavators
Crystale Castles machten ihr Blitzlichtgewitter mal wieder selbst
Crystale Castles: no additional flash lights needed

Travis Fran Healy in seinem Element
Travis’ Fran Healy in his element
gPop-Agitatorin Beth Ditto von Gossip
Gossip’s Beth Ditto leads pop to creative agitation
Rauschebart Ebbot von The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives’ Ebbot plus beard’

Saturday, the 18th of July – Day Two

Anna Ternheim: Schöne Sängerin zum schönen Konzert
Anna Ternheim: beautiful singer with a beautiful performance

Finden Sie diesen Duke Filthy genug?
Do you think this Duke is Filthy enough?
The Whitest Boy Alive dirigieren die Menge
The Whitest Boy Alive conduting the masses

Ein schaurig-schönes, intensives Erlebnis mit Geruch (leider nicht im Bild) : Fever Ray
Probably the most impressing live show on earth: Fever Ray
Phoenix : Bescheidene Franzosen
Phoenix : French definition of beeing decent
Bloc Party: Routinierter, junger Tagesheadliner
Bloc Party: young but experienced headliner
Des Elektrojüngers beste Freunde : Digitalism
Electro lover’s best friends: Digitalism

Sunday, the 19th of July – Day Three

Patrick "It's gonna be a wonderful day" Wolf

Patrick "It's gonna be a wonderful day" Wolf

melt so glasvegas
Glasvegas visibly enjoy themselves

Polarkreis 18 an einem lauen Sommerabend

Polarkreis 18 in the summertime

Geht im Nebel auf: Kasabians Sergio Pizzorno

Vanishing into the fog: Kasabian's Sergio Pizzorno

RT @aufgemischt: #melt LIVEBLOG: Fotos & Bericht von der magic performance des Herren PATRICK WOLF online! @meltfestival