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Melt! Festival 2010

02:26 AM

As already in the year of  2009 we presented you the most important and current information directly from the Melt!-Festival. 2010 the line up also promised a lot of good music and fulfilled all expectations and even more than that.  From punk sounds with Fucked Up or The Big Pink to electronic music à la Hercules and Love Affair and DJ Shadow the weekend was rich of musical highlights. This gallery will take you on a short tour through all days and stages at the Melt!.

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photo: Christoph Paul

Chromeo “Don’t Turn the Lights On”

06:45 PM

This new Keith Schofield videos for Chromeo‘s “Don’t Turn the Lights On” literally makes your eyes pop out of your head. Or better: A look is worth ten thousand words.

[via P4k]

Melt! Liveblog: Der Samstag

08:59 PM

Hello again! After our first live blog in 2009 we are finally back at the fantastic Melt! Festival to cover the 13th issue as it happens – including photos (by Christoph Paul) and some first impressions (by Thomas Vorreyer).

Sunday, 16:40: The end is near … After it’s implementation in 2008, the third issue of festival day number three, the Sunday, invites us to a smaller (three instead of five stages) but even denser cast day. While Kings of Convenience are currently stroking their strings behind us, the Post War Years, Fucked Up, Crookers, WhoMadeWho, Slagmalsklubben and of course Goldfrapp and festival headliner Massive Attack are getting ready to hit the stages over the day and night.

Alas, we got a bit kept away from the blog yesterday because of interviews and more. So here’s eventually our review of the complete Saturday:

Despite of the mild weather the day kicked off quite slowly and turned out to don’t enjoy as much as highlights as the Friday before. Although, our dear Friendly Fires, who told us their gig at Melt! 2008 during the rain and storm mayhem was their first ever, played one of the by far best shows of the entire weekend. The band machine appeared to be very well oiled by now and the crowd cheered them, waving and dancing as one. During the new song “Running Away” even transformed-to-balloons condomes danced over our heads – interview follows soon. Of course, the dance-rock of Holy Ghost was lenient in comparison, while Hurts suprisingly well filled the light, late afternoon slot between these two on the Gemini stage with the usual big-gesture pop grandezza.

In the meantime the main stage got covered in some rougher sounds: Blood Red Shoes stormed powerfully, but solid as always through their set and Dendemann demonstrated the numerous international guests, that in Germany intelligent and brave hip-hop and mullet cuts can indeed go hand in hand. Parallel to this Darwin Deez stole their hearts of the younger crowd in the Intro tent, before The Big Pink entered it to blow the not fully filled tent away. But yet their grandiloquent guitar-synthie rock may would have fit the man stage better then the bit dry Jamie T did – interview follows.

Next: dance attack! Soul-pop singer Jamie Lidell, DJ Shadow, Sinden and German band Die Sterne played live parallel to each other. And it might hasn’t been a knockout victory, but a clear one by scores for Lidell, who thus had best sound at the Gemini. Here then Hercules and Love Affair took over the mic and beats with an almost all-new set basing on their new, yet-unreleased, second album. Sadly, the new line-up and their stringently chruny Chicago-to-Detroit oldschool mix, including the even sphericly re-arranged old hits “Blind” and “You Belong”, were a bit too many news for the crowd and the set undeservedly did not enflame everyone fully. Still, they all stayed at the stage to get loose of their coresponding dance reserves at Chromeo, who turned their gig with some nice audio and visual show extras into a really good on, before the DJs A-Trak, Tiga, Carl Craig and of course German tiro Moderat (Fotos) took over the direction for the rest of the night.

Chromeo, DJ Shadow, Hercules and Love Affair, Melt! crowd (2), The Big Pink, Jamie T, Friendly Fires (2), Dendemann, Hurts, Blood Red Shoes, Holy Ghost, Jamaica

Saturday, 16:00: The Melt! Saturday has just begun and while we are looking forward to the likes of Jamaica, Holy Ghost!, Darwin Deez, Maskinen, Hercules and Love Affair, Chromeo, Tiefschwarz and Hurts (and to interview Friendly Fires and the Big Pink), let’s have a short and final retrograd look on Friday night. After Jónsi some strange sitar sounds led us to Yeasayer, where Chris Keating showed up with a vocal performance with all the sexiness and extravaganza immediately reminding us of Prince and, yes somehow, Michael Jackson in their greater days. One haven’t seen and heard such thing in  quite a long time and would have perfectly fit on the big main stage, where The XX were facing the mammoth task to present their intimate and minimalistic compositions within such a great frame. Apparently, they did it master it well. Key role was taken over by Jamie once again, who was enthroned behind a great, white X on black ground and a laser light roof drawn over the Ferropolis. He not only did rearranged the band’s songs but relined them with some heavy beats. And who watched Oliver trying out some unexpected, standard rock bassist moves, can may predicted the possible new direction this band will take from now on. Who, who already did follow this electronic path on his own, is Kele Okereke off Bloc Party. While his muscle-bound body satisfied completely, his set did only partly considering quite a few lengths in it. Too, not totally convincing where Foals, who played a – compared to their own benchmark – just average set despite a very driven Yannis Philippakis. Headling their own day stage at beach Modeselektor then didn’t reach the maximum as well, although guest appearances by Bonaparte promised a lot more action. Alas, it turned out to be just the addition, but not the desired multiplication of their forces. But still there was a 100% great end with the energetic live set of autoKratz in the Intro tent.

Autokratz (2), Modeselektor, Foals, Kele (2), The XX (2), Yeasayer

Friday, 23:32: Another round of diverse gigs lies behind us. We smiled at all the adolescence in the front row of Two Door Cinema Club, left the stage to dance to a brilliant dubstep-electro DJ set by Jamie XX at the beach (!) and got pulled away to the main stage again by our German heroes Tocotronic. Here, Dirk von Lowtzow almost enthusiastically greeted the crowd and praised the resistance once again and just for fun, while Rick Mc Phail was miming a modern god of guitar. This spectacle got followed by a delicious visual sandwich: a blue flash light orgy and loads of cheesiness by Delphic, lightening and thunder at HEALTH, who fantastically re-structured “Crimewave” into a new, even bigger version, and finally Jónsi, whose great, but complex and intimate setting and show was maybe ab bit too intimate for the big main stage and the oval in front of it. Now we are looking forward to Yeasayer, Four Tet, The XX, Kele, Foals, autoKratz, Modeselektor ft. Bonaparte and many others.

Jónsi, HEALTH (2), Delphic, Tocotronic (2), Jamie XX, Two Door Cinema Club

Friday, 20:36: Words race with drops of sweat towards the keyboard – this Melt! Festival has already crossed its melting point. It’ sunny and super hot here and after the Audiolith Pferdemarkt yesterday at the festival side and the Introducing party in Berlin (photos below) Bonaparte and Midlake could finally open the big party to everyone, while the Big Wheel Stage was surrounded by a sweating mass covered in dust and seduced by the fine tunes of Oliver Koletzki. Then – parallel to Ja, Panik and Pantha du Prince – Sweden’s finest, the Shout Out Louds, hit the stage. Too bad they prepared an undercooled set to fight the heat. But they were some highlights still: the undestroyable beauty of “Impossible” for instance or their short cover of “Walking Like an Egyptian”, which now stands in a line with “Train in Vain” from their 2007er Melt! appearance. Now Two Door Cinema Club, Jamie XX and Tocotronic are about to begin. Looks like everyone reached working temperature immediately.

Shout Out Louds, Converse Mainstage

Post War Years and Alexander’s Festival Hall, Introducing (yesterday in Berlin)

We recommend: Melt! Festival 2010

04:54 PM

From July 16 to 18 2010 we (and thousands of other people) will once again pilgrim to five huge, steel-built machines in an old former East-German opencast mining. But instead of working instead of working in the mud one will go for a swim in the new lake and enjoy another three-day-long Melt! Festival at the fascinating Ferropolis.

This year the Sunday’s headliner slot was given to Massive Attack, who just released their new album Heligoland. Robert Del Naja & Co will meet a lot of stars, mainly from the electronic music scene, there: for instance doyen Carl Craig will appear on stage and so will Ricardo Villalobos, Joris Voorn, Four Tet, Booka Shade, Pantha du Prince and Modeselektor, who will get their own Melt!selektor Stage on Friday to headline a night of favourite acts with an own appearance together with Berlin’s music circus / band Bonaparte, after their second project Moderat last year literally drowned in the pouring rain.

One can surely add the sets of A-Trak, DJ Shadow and Crookers plus the collaborations of Henrik Schwarz with Jesse Rose (alias Black Rose) and Lindstrøm with Christabelle to the further highlights, while the Ostgut Ton Meltdown will bring to not only the famous / infamous atmosphere of the Berghain club to a festival but a lot of the first artists ever appeared at the festival with its thirteen editions by now.

And this time Jamie from The XX will exclusively introduce the Melt! crowd to his new dubstep solo project live besides playing with his original band as well! Elsewhere The Very Best and Schlachthofbronx showcase new trends in global music like former Melt! acts like Buraka Som Sistema did before.

Furthermore the festival puts its focus on well-tried music. With Tocotronic and Die Sterne, two grandees of German rock will return to Melt! as well as the almost festival residents Ellen Allien and former German MTV host and DJ Markus Kavka, who will officially open the festival again. Get Well Soon and Blood Red Shoes will bring some 2008-edition flavour, WhoMadeWho are back again, too, and the Foals will finally make good for their last-minute cancelled gig last year. Hamburg’s Audiolith label another well-known and will present a free Audiolith-Pferdemarkt (horse market) already on Thursday (!) with live appearances by Egotronic, Bratze, Frittenbude and Saalschutz.

A 3-day ticket will cost your € 94  (plus plus pre-sale fee and € 5 garbage deposit) this year and a 2-day ticket (Friday and Saturday only) € 74 (plus plus pre-sale fee and € 5 garbage deposit).

See our live blog from the recent Melt! edition plus complete reviews from 2009 (sadly till now none of our headliner suggestions from then is featured) and 2008 here, the official festival website here and the complete line-up below. More acts will follow soon.

Melt! Festival 2010 Line-up:
1000 Robota, A-Trak, Mathias Aguayo & Band, Ellen Allien, Almeida, Ata, An Horse, Archie Bronson Outfit, autoKratz, Beta, The Big Pink, Black Mountain, Black Rose (Henrik Schwarz & Jesse Rose live), Blood Red Shoes, Bonaparte, Bonaparte, Booka Shade, Boris, Bratze, Broken Bells, The Cheapers, Chromeo, Carl Craig feat. Mike Banks, Chris Cunningham, Clues, Crookers, Danger, Darwin Deez, Delphic, Dendemann, Marcel Dettmann, Dirty Disco Youth, Dirty Projectors, dOP, Douster, Edu K, Egotronic, Empro, Fake Blood, Fred Falke, Marcel Fengler, Fieber-Tanzparty, Roman Flügel, Foals, Four Tet, Frittenbude, Friendly Fires, Fucked Up!, Marius Funk, Sascha Funke, The Futureheads, Get Well Soon, Goldfrapp, Daniel Haaksman, HEALTH, Hemmann & Kaden live, Hercules and Love Affair, Holy Ghost, Nick Höppner, Hurts, Ja, Panik, Jackmaster, Jamie Lidell, Jamie T, Jamie XX, Jamaica, Johnossi, Jónsi, Markus Kavka, Sven Jozwiak, Karrera Klub, Kele, King Kong Kicks, Kings of Convenience, Ben Klock, Oliver Koletzki, Kode 9 vs. Matyrn, Kraushaar & Gradmann, Monika Kruse, Lindstrøm & Christabelle, Luna City Express, Mala, Massive Attack, Markus Meinhard, Melanie Melancholie, Midlake, Miike Snow, Modeselektor feat. Bonaparte (live), Moderat ft. Paul St. Hilaire & Dellé, ND Baumecker, Mutulu, Norman Nodge, Pantha Du Prince, Ewan Pearson, DJ Pete, Philipp Poisel, Popof (live), Post War Years, Prosumer, Ptterns, Radio & Fernseh, RemmiDemmi DJ Team, Revolver Club, Riton, Saalschutz, Schlachthofbronx, DJ Shadow, Shed (live), Shout Out Louds, Simian Mobile Disco, Sinden, Skate, Slagmalsklubben, Steffi, Chrisitan Steiffen, Die Sterne, Tama Sumo, Team Recorder, Tiefschwarz, Matthias Tanzmann, Thomalla, Tobias Thomas, Tiga, Tocotronic, Martin Topley Bird, Trashpop, Trip Fontaine, Turbostaat, Two Door Cinema Club, The Very Best, Ricardo Villalobos, Joris Voorn (live), Wareika, WhoMadeWho, The Wombats, Yeasayer, The XX

On a secret mission

06:53 PM


So folks, here’s a little thesis for knocking-off today:  ‘secret sells’ is the new ‘sex sells’ in music business’ golden book of truths. Think about it. Who cares about Britney & Co? And hasn’t been everyone wetting themselves for years now when it came to new releases of Studio and Burial or even new art by Banksy? What would all those acts be without the fog of  mystery floating around them?

Still great artists surely but it’s part of human’s natural psychology that they wouldn’t cause that big waves like they do now. You need this spicy, curious prickle in your chests and heads, don’t you? So here’s another little secret round-up for you.

1st Let’s begin with our French darling Kolt13. After we could present his last Chromeo remix of “Night by Night” we are happy to hit you back this week with another Chromeo piece by him, this time a “Fancy Footwork” Murdaphunk Remix. The first half chilled out vibe it’s definitely a nice tune and get’s even better after the dancy break that follows. Well done, boy. Oh and by the way, before Kolt fell in love with disco and electro he had his hands in France’s vibrant hip hop scene. Not the worst entry for a Dj’s/producers CV, I guess.

Chromeo “Fancy Footwork (Kolt13 Murdaphunk Remix)” [download]

2nd I might be a little bit late with this (sorry), but there’s a new duo from London which sticked to my ears and brain for some weeks now, actually with only one simple song. The act is called Monarchy and nobody really knows who they are. Here some suggestions from Carl Howard: “Erol and Tiga? Gary Barlow and MNEK? Derek Davies and Starsmith?”. I would like to add Dan Lissvik from Studio to the list, since he sonically would perfectly fit to the team, too, plus he’s living in London. After all they’re til now one and only song “Gold in the Fire” is a little masterpiece for it’s own. Can’t wait to hear more. Get the Mp3 from DISCODUST or Illegal Tender.

3rd Well, while writing this, it’s not a secret any longer but it’s still worth mentioning: Last Wednesday Erol-Alkan-linked label PHANTASY announced their sixth release by a secret artist and after five banging and wetting recent records (their Myspace gives a good overview about them all), I expected good things to come. Not suprisingly I wasn’t disappointed though. On Friday PH06 alias “Bangkok” by big player Boris Dlugosch with a remix by Roska hit Beatport with a limited vinyl release to follow. Think we have a new contender for our favourite label here. Enjoy!

Bangkok by phantasysound

Chromeo remixed by talented Kolt13

10:00 PM

kolt 13 graphic

We recommended you some Schwedish folks, some Danish, some Australian, British, German and of course some US-American folks in the recent days but we’d never forgot our beloved neighbor country in the west. Still these French people have one of the most vibrant electro scenes around. Even in times where you’re still waiting for a new Daft Punk record and watching recent dancefloor leaders like Kitsuné or Ed Banger running out of fire, there’s some fresh guy like Brodinski virtually forcing your feets to hit the dancefloor.

We are having an eye on Parisian youngster Kolt13 at the moment, since this producer defenitely earns some kudos for his work. Beneath remixes of  Phoenix’s “1901” or Major Lazer’s “Hold The Line” you have to listen to his great reworks of “God Knows” by Tigersapien and Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream“. To be honest, we have no idea who’s the boy or girl behind this project but the artists told us he/she will reveal some more details when “a lot of new stuff” is done. The next message contained this delicious remix of Chromeo‘s “Night by Night”. Well, it doesn’t really make waiting easier… we want more!

Chromeo “Night by Night (Kolt13 Ghetto Remix)” (download)