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Becoming Clear

11:24 AM

It’s raining. Again. Raining like when we finally came home from the night out, raining like when we left the house early in yesterday’s morning. And wasn’t it raining the entire week through, anyway? The weekend is here and the fog in our heads needs to clear. Good morning!

Yuck : Rubber (Mogwai Remix) [Download]

Fixers : Amsterdam [Download]

Ariel Pink : Round and Round (Little Loud Remix) [Download]

Korallreven ft. Victoria Bergsman : Honey Mine [Download]

Joe Worricker : Bobby Blue (Lissvik Remix) [Download]

Rubber is already the third single by our favourite Yuck and Mr Stuart Braithwaite’s remix is a small, but nice, free addition to it. A debut full length will also be ready by  January 2011 on Fat Possum. Fixers again are some steps on the career ladder behind: the young Oxford quintet is by now only selling Amsterdam as a tour cassette (or offers it with remixes as free download). More should follow soon, but for now there’s also a video of the song you can watch here.  Touring leads us to Ariel Pink, who currently spent some weeks on European roads. Though, the above, joyful remix by the young British producer Little Lould only goes for journey provision on the next US tour, which started yesterday. So we have to get something back from over the Atlantic ocean instead and it’s Korallreven’s upcoming single Honey Mine, which can be pre-ordered  from the store of Vancouver (Canada) label Acéphale – featuring a remix by Dan Lissvik. Whilst, the Studio genius is mixing the milksop out of Joe Worricker.

PHOTO: “Fog over Miami” by miami_jj (CC:by-nc-nd)

Ikons (album review)

02:58 AM

When six men get together in Swedish city Gothenburg and name themselves IKONS*, which is Swedish for icons, one should know he or she is dealing with a self-fulfilling prophecy from now on. After we already praised the brilliant “cosmic 8-minute long instrumental krautrock anthem” alias “Slow Light” on this site, we can’t help ourselves but do the same thing with their new debut album without title, which gets opened by the previously mentioned song.

Here IKONS do perform a nine-songs-strong vibrant on the entire almost asleep rock’n’roll circus, while drawing sonic parallels to the Horrors latest full-length.

Most of the songs share the same key structure: First the six-piece creates looping wall of sound slowly growing thicker and thicker till a keyboard or guitar breaks into it. And whenever this kicks off again, it will somehow feel like listening to Can, Space’s “Magic Fly” or Air‘s Moon Safari for the first time and somehow it will feel completely different from that, too. It’s a ongoing and thrilling trip to outer space and the next transcendental level. No wonder, that the cherished genius of Dan Lissvik of Studio did mix the album together with Alex Palmestål of Pistol Disco.

Sounding rough and beautiful at the same time, IKONS manage to pull you into a vision of the future which seems to be closer to the 1960ies/70ies’ notion of the post-millennium life, than to our modern societies clean and ambient styled version of the future. But fast you’ll discover that this music is timeless. Call it retro futuro** if you like.

And the album has with “Bye” a, in a broadest sense, typical Swedish, but resounding rock’n’roll song, too.

Still it has its tough moments around the middle and you will find some repetitions from time to time, but in the end you get a record, that’s rather outstanding not only in terms of style, but of quality from the majority of current music releases.

Ikons (no title) is out now as CD, vinyl and download via Service Label.

*The band features also an video artist.
**The real Retro Futuro is a great promoting agency here in Berlin.

Taken By Trees “My Boys”

11:53 AM

taken by trees my boys

May not all people exactly know Victoria Bergsman but we can take it as a fact that nearly everyone knows her voice due to her fantastic guest performance on Peter Bjorn & John’s “Young Folks“. Now, earlier this month, the young Swedish singer has released her second solo album as her artist alias Taken By Trees called “East Of Eden” (Rough Trade). For those nine songs she travelled to Pakistan on purpose to record in a totally new environment. Back in Sweden the songs were overdone by Studio’s Dan Lissvik and now you can watch the new video for her Animal Collective cover “My Boys”, which is one of the, by the majority, anglophone songs on the record. While the video is literally spoken a balancing act, the song provides a fine, in comparison pretty accessible and, not to say, typical Swedish folk pop sound.

Referring to her latest personal statement Bergsman will go on tour soon. We’ll await her.


Lake Heartbeat “Blue Planet”

10:34 AM

lake heartbeat

Did we just stumbled upon the perfect pop soud? Is our endless search finally over? Fact: Following among others acts like Studio, Lindstrøm, Fontän or Air France another new Swedish duo called Lake Heartbeat left us stunned. So it was no suprise for us to find out that Studio‘s Dan Lissvik co-produced their fantastic debut album “Trust Numbers”. Yes, that Dan Lissvik who created three magical albums – two with his band and one on his own - in a row and recently became everyone’s darling with his edit of Fever Ray‘s “When I Grow Up”.

Lake Heartbeat again are J.Kask and K.Kåks apparently two young men what you might not expect when you listen to their voices on record.  Needless to point out that they learned their lessons in mystery-mongering with Lissvik & Co. Same can be considered for calling their sound balearic but this time Lake Heartbeat actually even play with that label. Their songs are dreamy synth lead narrations about love and summer time with brilliant lyrics. So here’s your soundtrack for starting a life just with the one you love on a far away and lonely island.

We are happy to present the new Lake Hearbeat Single “Blue Planet” now for free (see below). Their album “Trust Numbers” was released through Swedish labek Service, who previously worked f.i. with Jens Lekman and Studio, and can be purchased here. Too, it’s worth visiting Gorilla vs. Bear, who sampled some more MP3s of the band and their friends.

Lake Heartbeat “Blue Planet” [download mp3]