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10 years of Electronic Beats : Win Tickets

08:35 AM

The Mad Men (and women) probably could have hardly created a better concept: For now already ten years the international music and lifestyle program of the Telekom, Electronic Beats, obtains not only to keep it’s mother corporation’s name on the street (and net), but indeed creates a consistent added value for its potential (new) consumers with a media conglomerate of online, print and DVD magazines plus radio. Tough, the centrepiece through all the years is and has been the EB Festivals and tours all over Europe – f.i. with Andy Butler and his Hercules and Love Affair in Berlin in 2008 or (our first ever) Fever Ray (gig) in Cologne in 2009. Of course, this spent together decade needs to be celebrated with a big party on November 4 at Berlin’s Radialsystem V.

So it’s rather appropriate to have an headliner as steeped in history as EB itself – or even a bit more like Britain’s synth pop visionaries The Human League. Musically active more or less but ever since 1977  the three-piece is currently reading its by now tenth studio album for Wall of Sound. And whether this will be filled with more intelligent, catchy hits like “Don’t You Want Me” from 1981, still part of the common nocturnal disco canon (also as instrumental mix), or not, can be discussed to a first extent after their appearance in Berlin, since Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley have announced to already try out some of the new songs live on stage.

A completely new, redone set, unifying both, DJ set and live performance, can be experienced with ex-Moloko singer and (probably registered) style icon Róisín Murphy (photo above). 2008 saw her already joining the Electronic Beats with her second solo album Overpowered from the previous year, then more recently she was prominently supporting Crookers in the studio and gave birth to her first child at the end of 2009. Together with “Orally Fixated” her artistic approach towards her soon-to-be motherhood, second single “Mamma’s Place” (with a very pregnant and also well dressed Murphy on the cover) from earlier this year was the release by the Irishwoman.

More guitar focus and even bigger pop gestures will then be offered by the Mancunians behind Delphic, who will complete with this gig a quite successful year in the international limelight, following the release of their debut LP Acolyte in January. Too, WhoMadeWho’s bass player Tomas Høffding will return to the Spree river with his solo alter-ego Bon Homme after his recent set at the Berlin Festival.

Admittedly the jamboree is already sold out, but everyone, who leaves us his or her birthday greeting for Electronic Beats in the comments (or alternatively on our Facebook page) until Tuesday (11/02/2010), 2 pm, can win a pair of invites for Thursday. The winner will be chosen random – so good luck!

Melt! Festival 2010

02:26 AM

As already in the year of  2009 we presented you the most important and current information directly from the Melt!-Festival. 2010 the line up also promised a lot of good music and fulfilled all expectations and even more than that.  From punk sounds with Fucked Up or The Big Pink to electronic music à la Hercules and Love Affair and DJ Shadow the weekend was rich of musical highlights. This gallery will take you on a short tour through all days and stages at the Melt!.

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photo: Christoph Paul

Melt! Liveblog: Der Samstag

08:59 PM

Hello again! After our first live blog in 2009 we are finally back at the fantastic Melt! Festival to cover the 13th issue as it happens – including photos (by Christoph Paul) and some first impressions (by Thomas Vorreyer).

Sunday, 16:40: The end is near … After it’s implementation in 2008, the third issue of festival day number three, the Sunday, invites us to a smaller (three instead of five stages) but even denser cast day. While Kings of Convenience are currently stroking their strings behind us, the Post War Years, Fucked Up, Crookers, WhoMadeWho, Slagmalsklubben and of course Goldfrapp and festival headliner Massive Attack are getting ready to hit the stages over the day and night.

Alas, we got a bit kept away from the blog yesterday because of interviews and more. So here’s eventually our review of the complete Saturday:

Despite of the mild weather the day kicked off quite slowly and turned out to don’t enjoy as much as highlights as the Friday before. Although, our dear Friendly Fires, who told us their gig at Melt! 2008 during the rain and storm mayhem was their first ever, played one of the by far best shows of the entire weekend. The band machine appeared to be very well oiled by now and the crowd cheered them, waving and dancing as one. During the new song “Running Away” even transformed-to-balloons condomes danced over our heads – interview follows soon. Of course, the dance-rock of Holy Ghost was lenient in comparison, while Hurts suprisingly well filled the light, late afternoon slot between these two on the Gemini stage with the usual big-gesture pop grandezza.

In the meantime the main stage got covered in some rougher sounds: Blood Red Shoes stormed powerfully, but solid as always through their set and Dendemann demonstrated the numerous international guests, that in Germany intelligent and brave hip-hop and mullet cuts can indeed go hand in hand. Parallel to this Darwin Deez stole their hearts of the younger crowd in the Intro tent, before The Big Pink entered it to blow the not fully filled tent away. But yet their grandiloquent guitar-synthie rock may would have fit the man stage better then the bit dry Jamie T did – interview follows.

Next: dance attack! Soul-pop singer Jamie Lidell, DJ Shadow, Sinden and German band Die Sterne played live parallel to each other. And it might hasn’t been a knockout victory, but a clear one by scores for Lidell, who thus had best sound at the Gemini. Here then Hercules and Love Affair took over the mic and beats with an almost all-new set basing on their new, yet-unreleased, second album. Sadly, the new line-up and their stringently chruny Chicago-to-Detroit oldschool mix, including the even sphericly re-arranged old hits “Blind” and “You Belong”, were a bit too many news for the crowd and the set undeservedly did not enflame everyone fully. Still, they all stayed at the stage to get loose of their coresponding dance reserves at Chromeo, who turned their gig with some nice audio and visual show extras into a really good on, before the DJs A-Trak, Tiga, Carl Craig and of course German tiro Moderat (Fotos) took over the direction for the rest of the night.

Chromeo, DJ Shadow, Hercules and Love Affair, Melt! crowd (2), The Big Pink, Jamie T, Friendly Fires (2), Dendemann, Hurts, Blood Red Shoes, Holy Ghost, Jamaica

Saturday, 16:00: The Melt! Saturday has just begun and while we are looking forward to the likes of Jamaica, Holy Ghost!, Darwin Deez, Maskinen, Hercules and Love Affair, Chromeo, Tiefschwarz and Hurts (and to interview Friendly Fires and the Big Pink), let’s have a short and final retrograd look on Friday night. After Jónsi some strange sitar sounds led us to Yeasayer, where Chris Keating showed up with a vocal performance with all the sexiness and extravaganza immediately reminding us of Prince and, yes somehow, Michael Jackson in their greater days. One haven’t seen and heard such thing in  quite a long time and would have perfectly fit on the big main stage, where The XX were facing the mammoth task to present their intimate and minimalistic compositions within such a great frame. Apparently, they did it master it well. Key role was taken over by Jamie once again, who was enthroned behind a great, white X on black ground and a laser light roof drawn over the Ferropolis. He not only did rearranged the band’s songs but relined them with some heavy beats. And who watched Oliver trying out some unexpected, standard rock bassist moves, can may predicted the possible new direction this band will take from now on. Who, who already did follow this electronic path on his own, is Kele Okereke off Bloc Party. While his muscle-bound body satisfied completely, his set did only partly considering quite a few lengths in it. Too, not totally convincing where Foals, who played a – compared to their own benchmark – just average set despite a very driven Yannis Philippakis. Headling their own day stage at beach Modeselektor then didn’t reach the maximum as well, although guest appearances by Bonaparte promised a lot more action. Alas, it turned out to be just the addition, but not the desired multiplication of their forces. But still there was a 100% great end with the energetic live set of autoKratz in the Intro tent.

Autokratz (2), Modeselektor, Foals, Kele (2), The XX (2), Yeasayer

Friday, 23:32: Another round of diverse gigs lies behind us. We smiled at all the adolescence in the front row of Two Door Cinema Club, left the stage to dance to a brilliant dubstep-electro DJ set by Jamie XX at the beach (!) and got pulled away to the main stage again by our German heroes Tocotronic. Here, Dirk von Lowtzow almost enthusiastically greeted the crowd and praised the resistance once again and just for fun, while Rick Mc Phail was miming a modern god of guitar. This spectacle got followed by a delicious visual sandwich: a blue flash light orgy and loads of cheesiness by Delphic, lightening and thunder at HEALTH, who fantastically re-structured “Crimewave” into a new, even bigger version, and finally Jónsi, whose great, but complex and intimate setting and show was maybe ab bit too intimate for the big main stage and the oval in front of it. Now we are looking forward to Yeasayer, Four Tet, The XX, Kele, Foals, autoKratz, Modeselektor ft. Bonaparte and many others.

Jónsi, HEALTH (2), Delphic, Tocotronic (2), Jamie XX, Two Door Cinema Club

Friday, 20:36: Words race with drops of sweat towards the keyboard – this Melt! Festival has already crossed its melting point. It’ sunny and super hot here and after the Audiolith Pferdemarkt yesterday at the festival side and the Introducing party in Berlin (photos below) Bonaparte and Midlake could finally open the big party to everyone, while the Big Wheel Stage was surrounded by a sweating mass covered in dust and seduced by the fine tunes of Oliver Koletzki. Then – parallel to Ja, Panik and Pantha du Prince – Sweden’s finest, the Shout Out Louds, hit the stage. Too bad they prepared an undercooled set to fight the heat. But they were some highlights still: the undestroyable beauty of “Impossible” for instance or their short cover of “Walking Like an Egyptian”, which now stands in a line with “Train in Vain” from their 2007er Melt! appearance. Now Two Door Cinema Club, Jamie XX and Tocotronic are about to begin. Looks like everyone reached working temperature immediately.

Shout Out Louds, Converse Mainstage

Post War Years and Alexander’s Festival Hall, Introducing (yesterday in Berlin)

Delphic – Acolyte

02:11 AM

delphic acolyte

When a hype band of Mancunian origin and a eminently respectable electronic producer based in Berlin get together to record the band’s debut full length, great things are expected. In 2010 Delphic‘s Ewan-Pearson-produced debut album Acolyte can be filed under this paradigm. Sadly they only partly meet one’s high expectations.

Kicking off the record with two pretty inexpressive, eclectic tracks – ‘Clarion Call’ and current single ‘Doubt’ – and two catchy, remarkable ones – omnipresent Kitsuné single ‘This Momentary’ and ‘Red Light’ – Delphic suboptimally celebrate a electronic rock-pop hybrid, in which guitar and synthesizer are coequal. It’s music, which – in it’s best moments – can be a modernly designed and intoxicating dancefloor filler (think of the fantastic drum sample in ‘This Momentary‘!) and it’s weakest an overcooled and grey bore.

Clearly produced and setting a nearly maximum store to the aesthetics Delphic still manage to sound not as calculated and über-perfect as Zoot Woman recently did, but often one’s sometimes missing the euphoria and briskness of a Friendly Fires tune. In a way you’ll find this in the title song, a nearly nine minutes long instrumental, which tastefully arranged erupts after three minutes turning into fine synthie ride before strangely fading for more than a minute like it would already be the album’s last track.

This could have a been a great opportunity to open a second conceptually different counterpart to the record but sadly Delphic keep on following the same lines and ideas as before. In ‘Halcyon’ it seems like the band is already pointing out to the huge arenas but misses to boost the actual song to that level and ‘Submission’ gets scotched by it’s own dramatization. ‘Counterpaint’ – their debut single – then is of course all right but the last two songs again appear as plane padding again and I find myself wishing the band of the Silent-Alarm-Bloc-Party.

Delphic surely have some great tunes and sounds compiled here, but the non-optimal arrangement and – considering the total of songs – the lack of real ideas make Acolyte not easy to deal with and only half as good as expected. It simply doesn’t feel right.

Delphic Acolyte is out now on Chimeric Records / Polydor. The Band will be touring the UK in the next days before travelling through Europe the whole February, except another and third London show on the 22th. See all dates here.

Delphic to tour UK & Europe

02:10 AM


It’s not a very long time ago since Richard Boardman, Matt Cocksedge, James Cook and Dan Hadley alias Delphic sat in their Manchester flat creating a downright aesthetic hybrid of electronica and pop rock. What followed (shortly outlined) was a debut single in April 2009, a summer playing all the big festivals, another single – this time with model trendsetting music and fashion label Maison Kitsuné – and a Europe tour with them. Now there this week release and debut album Acolyte is waiting for a proper live presentation. And it shall get one! Delphic will spend the rest of January touring the UK before kicking of another, bigger Europe tour with an additional (and third) London gig in February. See all dates below.

UK Tour in January
14 Norwich – Arts Centre
15 Oxford – Academy 2
16 Sheffield – Leadmill
17 Bristol – Thekla
19 Brighton – Audio
20 Wolverhampton – Little Civic
21 Liverpool – Kazimier
22 Glasgow – King Tuts
23 Leeds – Cockpit 2
26 London – The Tabernacle
27 London – Dingwalls
29 Manchester – Islington Mill

Europe Tour in February
03 Hamburg – Molotow
05 Stockholm – Heroine @ Debaser Medis
06 Oslo – Blaa
08 Copenhagen – Vega
09 Berlin – Bang Bang Club
10 Munich – 59:1
11 Milan – Magnolia
13 Cologne – Subway
14 Brussels – Witloofbar
15 Mons – Chapelle Club
16 Paris – Nouveau Casino
17 Amsterdam – Paradiso
22 London – Cargo
28 Barcelona – Razzmatazz

Kitsuné Maison Night hits Berlin

05:35 PM

kitsune london 1

Kitsuné Maison the jack-of-all-trades in the current global hipster label community is doing pretty well once more: their main current main act, Hamburg’s electro duo Digitalism, is working on a new full-length, a new -as usual- well selected (but barely suprising) Kitsuné Maison compilation (#8 ) is out now and beneath their clothing and record divisions the Parisians are now curating a new own publication, called ME Magazine.

kitsune maison nacht berlinTo not let the fruits of this extraordinary creative power vanish somewhere in the target group’s skinny jeans’ pockets and blank CD boxes Kitsuné Maison launched a new tour covering nearly half of the world featuring a stop-by in Berlin on November 27. The global chic with French touch will be served live by Delphic – well known from the Melt! festival – and Two Door Cinema Club with a lot of various support acts.

Expect Delphic to play one of their better gigs since their new single “This Momentary” will be released on the same day and they should know that needs a celebration! See video below together with a new visual piece by Two Door Cinema Club which leads us to join Moritz Schmall praising the work of responsible directors Megaforce.

The two bands, both British, will be supported by the Phenomenal Handclap Band from New York City plus – at the DJ desks – Munk and Valis. In addition to that the 2nd, Berlin Battery Floor will see performances by our favourites Appaloosa and DJ sets by Shir Khan, Jack Tennis and Dj Supermarkt.

The whole thing will take place at  Ritter Butzke and not -as previously announced- at Haus am Köllnischen Park. How much fun such a Kitsuné Maison Night can be, already told us our London correspondent ANNA FERRARO, who saw the tour stopping by in London on Halloween featuring Yuksek. See two pics (and the header one above) below (videos afterwards).

But before that you should get in touch with us and send your name to to win two tickets for you and one friend for the whole night! The sweep is sadly over, all winners got informed.

kitsune london 2

kitsune london 3