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Web tip: Concert videos via Noisey

04:13 PM

After founding the Creators Project and the Motherboard together, the VICE network and its partner firms Intel and DELL have now launched new media portal Noisey devotes itself to the live music experience, offering a half-documentary mixture of high-quality (not Youtube-jiterry) shots from the gig and background interviews with the protagonists and their environment. The focus lays on young bands and artists from altogether elven countries (from the US to China) including the likes of Das Racist, Yuck or Pictureplane.

Also featured are London’s Factory Floor, who’ll headline the for now last warehouse event by Dollop in town tonight. JD Twitch from Optimo will deejay afterwards. Watch the first of five videos on the band below and the rest over at Noisey. Also read an interview we recently did with Sam Lawrence, the man behind Dollop, here.

London: dollop Citipost Warehouse Series

08:57 PM

dollop is heading back to Scrutton Street. The warehouse venue holds a special place in my heart, having been the source of much reckless abandon and dancing. I went round for a cup of tea and a chat with dollop’s main man, Sam Lawrence, as they were preparing to embark on their most exciting venture to date, a warehouse series with Border Community, FACT, Trailer Trash, Kompakt and Adventures in the Beetroot Field.

The sonic innovation in store isn’t limited to the lineup, the newly renamed Citipost Warehouse has been refitted and refurbished and will boast quadraphonic sound for the final soirée with Factory Floor. Tonight, however, is all about Seiji, Midland and xxxy. I can’t wait.

Seiji : More of You (Clip)

xxxy : Ordinary Things

So you’ve got this warehouse series coming up? what’s the idea behind this?
We’ve done quite a lot of events in this space before. We also did the closing party for the space with Ivan Smagghe, Matt Walsh and Thomas Von Party and Nathan Wilkins. Basically the building was up for sale, we were under the impression it was getting knocked down and they would be building a hotel. The sale didn’t go through, so we’ve been allowed back in. The lifespan of the building could only be until April, so we’ve got basically until April to do what we want. Rather than before when we booked other people in to do parties separately, we just thought it’d make more sense to get all the people we want to work with together and do it as a series every week. So everybody’s working together.

Which lineup you most excited about?
I’m excited about all of them really, but I suppose I’m particularly looking to is the final one with Factory Floor. They are playing with quadraphonic sound. Factory Floor will be playing in the middle of the room, surrounded by these 4 speakers – each speaker is controlled separately.

Who are you most excited about as upcoming?
It’s an interesting time at the moment because there’s a whole new wave of DJ’s coming along who aren’t quite pulling 1,000 people yet but by the end of the year will be playing to big crowds. The likes of Ben UFO, Ramadanman, Numbers are really going to step up a level.

Having been a mainstay of London nightlife for the last few years, how would you say the scene has evolved over that time?
When I first arrived people were just getting back into dance music with nu-rave and dance music was becoming huge again. It never split off into different factions; it was always just this young crowd that wanted to go to clubs. Less about genre, the word genre got broken down. People are gaining taste, before it was about not giving a fuck, now it’s condensed a bit. People want deeper sounds, they want to hear nice music.
I think that people are just sick of relentless, generic sounds that would come genres crossing over. People are sick of all that and just want to hear some nice music. It’s not just about going out and getting completely fucked and going nuts. That’s what I’ve seen anyway, I’m sure it still exists in areas but for me it’s more about people wanting to hear deep music.

You had a pretty successful 2010. What would you say was the highlight?
It’s a weird one, as he highlight is also a failure at the same time. We launched in Heaven, which went really well. We filled the venue. That was the highlight, having working towards that success.
However, we’ve since decided not to do anything in Heaven anymore, just because it’s in central London. Wednesday night. 1000 capacity. To sustain that every month is something that’s quite hard, so even though it was a short, sweet victory, it’s also in a failure in some sense as well.
It was the first time we’d ever done anything in Central London and mid-week in London. We either needed to up the bookings, and get some bigger artists in which would mean bigger ticket prices, which would lose the whole concept of what the event was about – good music, cheap entry, mid-week. It went against our original idea, so we just thought we’d leave it for now.
It was the most intense 3 months we’ve ever had.

What would your dream festival lineup of all time be?
Bjork, Miles Davis in his heyday, Kraftwerk, Jimmy Saville. That’s it.

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London : dollop in Heaven again

07:05 PM

Continuing their residency in Central London tonight, the second dollop in Heaven sees the music policy take a deft turn away from the light. Nathan Fake is the main draw, his live foray into the shadow zone between electronica and expansive techno will set the tone. Before the baton gets passed to the Border Community mainstay, Factory Floor will suspend it in their lush blend of repetitive synths and soft noise. Bo Ningen, psych-metal exports from Japan, are well worth getting down early for as well – the hairy and stunning live performers have just released their debut album on Stolen.

Listen to a recent Nathan Fake remix for Walls here.

London : dollop Launch at Heaven

09:11 PM

Since migrating south from Nottingham three years ago, the dollop co-operative have proved one thing in abundance, they know how to throw a party. Whether its taking on established East London hipster-dives like The Old Blue Last, carving a niche of their own with shambolic warehouse raves at Scrutton Street, dance stages at 1234 Festival in Shoreditch, spinning tunes at Tate Britain, the common thread running between them all being dollop‘s inimitable mark of quality.

Unsurprisingly, things are going up a notch with the announcement of a residency at Heaven, smack-bang in the centre of town. Bringing the party are The Invisible, currently putting the finishing touches to their second album in Brighton with Rich File (ex-UNKLE) and Walls, the collaborative project between Banjo or Freakout’s Alessio Natalizia and Sam Willis of Allez-Allez fame. They’ve just released another single called “Gaberdine” from their debut album Walls on Kompakt and have a new live show with them. Further support comes from Untold, Falty DL, Workit, Lucky PDF and Dollop DJs.

Dollop Launch In Heaven Mix By Foe For Vice

Dollop Heaven Launch Mix By The Invisible