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IKONS “Africa”

04:48 PM

[vimeo 13394278 nolink]

After “Guns” and “Slow Lights“,”Africa” is already the third video single from the mighty, but nameless debut album of Gothenburg-SRVC six-piece IKONS. Once again it’s Swedish director Patrik Johansson, this time with Eyal Shachar, who’s taking us away into his gyroscopic association beteween Lord of the Flies, a post-apocalypse scenario, literally energizing music and, finally, Werner Herzog. From the latter eventually comes the intro quote  “The collapse of the stellar universe will occur—like creation—in grandiose splendor.”, which Herzog himself already prefixed to his 1992 movie Lessons of Darkness and back then credited French baroque moral philosopher and physicist  Blaise Pascal with it. And just recently the German film maker returned to his words in the highly to be recommended essay On the Asolute, the Sublime and Ecstatic Truth, published within the winter issue of  US-magazine Arion.

IKONS live:
12.08. Way Out West, Gothenburg, Sweden
02.09. Monsters Of Pop, Helsinki, Finland
04.09. Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden