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Vampire Weekend: Live in Berlin

01:03 PM

When you wanted to work-out with some movement against the winterly coldness on the last friday evening, Berlin’s Astra was the perfekt place to go to. Because Vampire Weekend had been inviting for a dance and many music lovers followed their request.

Beside their new longplayer Contra they brought along a great temper on tour. Already at the beginning of the evening they had been putting all on athletic peak perfomance – with their indiepop and afrobeat sounds – who were not drenched in sweat amid the densely packed crowd so far. ¬†Every single exact drawn and crystal clear written song had the potential to be a hymn, but one couldn’t get rid of the feeling they have been using their pop pattern a little bit to often. Although your can discover some ska influenses beside the African ones already mentioned, the audience refused the request of singer Ezra Koenig to do some pogo. Very polite, as he noted later.

FOTOS: Christoph Paul

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