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Web tip: Concert videos via Noisey

04:13 PM

After founding the Creators Project and the Motherboard together, the VICE network and its partner firms Intel and DELL have now launched new media portal Noisey devotes itself to the live music experience, offering a half-documentary mixture of high-quality (not Youtube-jiterry) shots from the gig and background interviews with the protagonists and their environment. The focus lays on young bands and artists from altogether elven countries (from the US to China) including the likes of Das Racist, Yuck or Pictureplane.

Also featured are London’s Factory Floor, who’ll headline the for now last warehouse event by Dollop in town tonight. JD Twitch from Optimo will deejay afterwards. Watch the first of five videos on the band below and the rest over at Noisey. Also read an interview we recently did with Sam Lawrence, the man behind Dollop, here.

London : dollop in Heaven again

07:05 PM

Continuing their residency in Central London tonight, the second dollop in Heaven sees the music policy take a deft turn away from the light. Nathan Fake is the main draw, his live foray into the shadow zone between electronica and expansive techno will set the tone. Before the baton gets passed to the Border Community mainstay, Factory Floor will suspend it in their lush blend of repetitive synths and soft noise. Bo Ningen, psych-metal exports from Japan, are well worth getting down early for as well – the hairy and stunning live performers have just released their debut album on Stolen.

Listen to a recent Nathan Fake remix for Walls here.