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Com Truise & VVV ready their debut albums

05:34 PM

On July 4, Ghostly International and New Jersey’s Seth Haley alias Com Truise will bring you the recent space odyssey called Galactic Melt – as visualised on the above cover. And ‘odyssey’ is by no means a cliché here, since the album is Haley’s attempt to record a sci-fi bildungsroman or film score on the life and death human rebirth of his alter ego Truise, a lonesome robot lost in space. Listen to first album foretaste “Cathode Girls” below and download “Polyhurt” of the three-non-album-track-single Fairlight, Ghostly released last week already. German distribution is in the hands of !K7.

Com Truise : Cathode Girls

Com Truise : Polyhurt (Download)

In other news, As we learnt from FACT, Texan producer Martin Clark alias VVV will soon (date’s still lacking) release his debut album on Scottish label Fortified Audio, which is run by Gordon Stewart and already put out his EP The Projects. The now full-length transatlantic collaboration got fittingly named Across the Sea. And since this is our first time mentioning this fine 2-step artist, you can find three from our present VVV favourites below (all not included on the album, which will be eight-track-strong). Also give “Linder Years” and “Remaining Seconds” a listen. A first teaser of the complete record can be heard here.

VVV : 335

VVV : Project Y (Download)

VVV : Moment’s Notice

Ghostly label release new iPhone app

10:52 PM

ghostly discovery

To anyone who searches for useful iPhone applications between iMilk or iPin: here comes the answer straight from Ghostly. The record label from Minnesota, USA, developped a new app for your pocket’s best friend.

With three different options to handle – mood, digital/analog and speed – you can easily tell your iPhone what kind of music you’re up to listen to right now and “Discovery” will feed you with suitable music from it’s and Spectral’s catalogue featuring different artists like Daniel Wang, Mobius Band or The Chap.

Ghostly Discovery from miguel on Vimeo.

And by the way, there’s another cool thing about Ghostly. They are part of RCRD LBL, a web cooperation of some blogs and lables like Warp or Drowned In Sound. This site brings you a bunch of mp3s and streams every day. All for free, all totally legal and all truly worth listen to. For the beginning have a closer listen to this three magic examples with features of our favourites Diplo, The Dead Weather, The Horrors and Damn Arms:

The Dead Weather “Treat Me Like Your Mother (Diplo Remix)”
Memory Tapes “Bicycle (Horrors Cosmic Dub)”
Damn Arms “Destination (Bang Gang Happy Acid Reshuffle)”