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We recommend: HEALTH (live)

07:33 PM

HEALTH are coming back to tour Europe and that are some good, not to say, great news, aren’t they? Eventually their amplifier effect-pedal orgies are the most quintessential use of electricity we can imagine – besides defibrillators and sandwich makers.

Here guitar sounds are blown through endless series-connected effect ranges, fuzzed and abstracted so long as they’re pattering on you like thousands of tiny, razor sharp Big Bangs through the stereo speakers (watch their new “We Are Water” video to get the full impression of it). Garnished with some percussive madness, lots of energy and DIY ethos this made simply the best live act of 2009 (see the article’s end for some gig reviews).

From this week on they’re now touring through France and the UK, playing London together with Chrome Hoof as part of the Ether Festival on April 22, before revisiting Berlin after a one-month long break supporting Liars (!). With Swiss Kilbi, Phono Pop and Melt! Festival three festival appearances in the German-speaking countries are already confirmed, too.

And till the live action finally kicks off you can lay back and watch the band realizing one of their lifelong dreams (see all tour dates afterwards):

HEALTH live 2010:
15.04. Printemps de Bourge, Bourges
16.04. Trinitaires, Metz
17.04. Impetus Festival, Belfort
19.04. Audio, Brighton
20.04. Captain’s Rest, Glasgow
21.04. Krovoa, Liverpool
22.04. Ether Festival, London /w Andrew Weatherall, Chrome Hoof, Zun Zun Egui
21.05. Volksbühne, Berlin supporting Liars
23.05. Channel Zero, Ljubljana
24.05. Locomotiv, Bologna /w Japandroids
25.05. Circolo Degli Artisti Roma, Rome /w Japandroids
26.05. Magnolia, Milan
27.05. Kilbi Festival, Duedingen (CH)
29.05. Primavera Sound, Barcelona
01.06. Santiago Alquimista, Lisbon
02.06. Casa de Music, Porto
02.07. Roskilde Festival, Roskilde
08.07. Les Ardentes, Liège
09.07. Phono Pop Festival, Rüsselsheim
16.-18.07. Melt! Festival, Gräfenhainichen/Berlin
24.07. The Mountain Man Music Festival, Saratoga Springs, NY
08.08. Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL

We almost stalked HEALTH through the last summer so you might want to check out our previous reviews and concert photos from their gigs at Intro Intim,Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin Festival and Dockville Festival.

We recommend: Liars (live)

03:00 PM

Which band can really claim to sound different, but as good on every record? Liars are one of the very few exceptions. Within their fifth longplayer Sisterworld the band manages to fit many already known elements into their new songs without repeating themselves even the slightest bit.

And their experimental tendencies are not restrictet on music, but also their current video „Scissors“ resembles a surreal trip. Or who of you didn’t feel chased and attacked by stones at least once in her / his life? Director Andy Bruntel, who is responsible for this piece of art, has been working together with artists like St. Vincent and Modest Mouse before and leads us into the width and the seemingly loneliness of the sea this time.

Video | Liars “Scissor

In May the Liars who are living in Berlin at the moment will be on tour with the stones but with sisterworld through the clubs of Europe. You shouldn’t miss this tour, especially not the gig at Berlin’s Volksbühne on May 21, when Liars will enter the stage with aufgemischt! heroes HEALTH!

The Liars on tour 2010:
12.05. Magnolia, Milan
13.05. Init, Roma
14.05. Bronson, Bologna
15.05. Nuits sonores, Lyon
16.05. Le Romandie, Lausanne
18.05. La Laiterie, Strassburg
19.05. Le Maroquinerie, Paris
20.05. Kranhalle, Munich
21.05. Volksbuehne, Berlin with HEALTH
22.05. Indra, Hamburg
24.05. Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht
25.05. Trouw, Amsterdam
26.05. Botanique, Brussels
27.05. Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

No other band delivered a more energetic and thrilling show than HEALTH last summer so you might want to check out our previous reviews and concert photos from their gigs at Intro Intim, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin Festival and Dockville Festival.

HEALTH “We Are Water” Azari & III Remix

01:25 PM

HEALTH from L.A. are almost definitively our favourite band (especially live!) and “We Are Water” is probably the best song on their recent album Get Color. Though, it does not bother us, when the Canadian duo Azari & III transfer only a very slight bit of it into their new remix of the track. After all their re-worl easily conforms with HEALTH’s general idea to take their alien-like feedback noise / sound wall, amplifier and drum orgies to the disco. And here we’re talking about late night disco at its best!

HEALTH “We Are Water (Azari & III) (mp3, 128 kBit/s)

Too, its a some pastime while waiting for the release of the live footage shot in Leizpig, Germany, with HEALTH playing Get Color track-by-track.  Oh, and by the way: we got to this lovely piece, which appeared first on Mola Super Poco, through James Penycate (follow him, it’s a link to his Twitter profile).

Video | Azari & III “Hungry for the Power

Pics: HEALTH, Fuck Buttons!

09:29 PM


Intro Intim with Pictureplane, Le Corps Mince de Francoise, Fuck Buttons! and HEALTH.  PHOTOS: René Berger

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German festivals are cooler

01:30 PM

Did you know? German festivals are way cooler than any other events anywhere else. Even if it’s pretty unorganized, everyone will think that’s it’s still really well and German-like organized. The weather is nice, the festival side is often not far away from the big cities (or even placed in them) and nearly everyone’s good-looking. Funny bears are running around, while little kids are driving around in rocket cars and girls are playing weird instruments like the “Quadrorgel”. And between this lovely mess you can still watch your favourite bands from the US and UK like MGMT, Black Lips, HEALTH, Metronomy, Patrick Wolf, Crystal Antlers mixed with some German and continental European acts like Turbonegro, Element Of Crime or Whitest Boy Alive. Of course I’m talking about the latest Dockville Festival in Hamburg.


gute laune baer


Patrick Wolf

dockville crowd 2


dockville horn

dockville quadrorgel

beat beat beat

crystal antlers

erlend whitest boy alive

whitest boy alive



dockville crowd

black lips


dockville festival

FOTOS: August Hoffmann

HEALTH “Die Slow”

11:17 AM

health die slow

When we came back from London we recognized that we missed a huge bunch of great videos which apparently fall all out of the internet sky in recent days like rain. So we hurry a little bit to get them all away from the dirty data lines to safe them in our video box.  First band to be mentoined are HEALTH from  L.A. who now would be one of this site’s most appreciated bands if they had not already been that before.

In the typical DIY-manner of Health they shot a new video for “Die Slow”, apparently the best song of album “Get Color” (out in the US since yesterday). Directed by bass player John Famigletti they created an infomercial turning out to be a mind-striking picture of fantastic sexual escapism. The HEALTHian dogma “You will love each other” finds itself beeing embodied as the biblical sin lust, which then ends up in an apocalyptic cult scene with – in despite to Süßkind’s “Parfum” – no survivers. And that all in 3:22 minutes. Unfortunately we can’t provide you any photos from the video shooting this time.

A Sunday in the city

07:08 PM

crystal stilts text

After the breath taking Friday and Saturday filled by the Berlin Festival the beat went on in the city around river Spree. Beside from the genuine hipster locations for the end of the weekend (Berghain & Bar25) this week to fine concerts brought Sunday to live. First hold by Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts (see picture above) once more at Bang Bang Club. Anyone who survived the never ending introduction of the keyboard player, expirienced a pretty nice gig despite all the seriously looking Vice party guests.

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At the same time Crystal Antlers and Health, like once Bloc Party on “A Weekend In The City”, discovered Kreuzberg and it’s local venue the Festsaal. Together with Berlin based band chuckamuck they ran the festival aftershow party there. Since lost a lot of time searching for the leak between their numerous effect pedals we arrived officially too late but right in time to see them play. Concert shortened to three attributes: energetic, manic and almost android-alike perfect.

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Berlin Festival 2009

02:51 AM

As like we did with our live blog we are now giving you some impressions of Berlin festival which took place at Tempelhof airport.

fotos: Christoph Paul

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From LA to Leipzig: Health video shot

02:52 PM

health videodreh preview 1 by k huth

For the shot of their new live-DVD for their forthcoming album “Get Color” Health didn’t go to their hometown Los Angeles but to Leipzig in former East-Germany, were once the Peaceful Revolution unhinged the GDR regime. One might question whether this project was worth such a long trip or not, but after you’ve seen the pictures of KATRIN HUTH and have read how FRANZISKA FINKENSTEIN witnessed the workings, you will surely immediately forget what you were thinking about.

Hi Franziska, were did you and Health end up in Leipzig?
We went to the UT Connewitz, which is an aged former cinema built back in the early years of the 20th century. Now it’s vacant. Imagine a building with very high walls and a huge hall in it on which Health stood and played. Everything fitted perfectly together: the band, the vibe, the atmosphere. There were  even some very old, red decorations on the wall which seemed to be quite decayed. Looked like a Fever Ray set.

How did the band feel there?
I think they were impressed by the atmosphere. Of course the music had an even more special appearance there than on every other stage. Needless to say, that for example “Die Slow” sounded pretty wicked.

health videodreh preview 2 by k huth

We already watched them play at Berlin Festival together. Were there any differences?
Well, what means differences? Such an old building surely influences the band itself in another way and so the music affects the observer even more. The echo there made the whole sound very intense.

How was the vibe in the band?
At the beginning pretty relaxed, but at the end of a take you could sometimes hear one of them swearing “Fuck!” when a micro passed away again.

And what about Jupiter’s (bass player) extra tight trousers: Did they survive once more?
Althoug I often thought: “Now, they are going to tear” they indeed did.

BJ’s drums, too?
Yes, but he constantly kept playing on them like in trance even during the breaks.

Yeah he’s a fantastic drummer. Okay so we’ve to wait no for the final result. I’m pretty excited to see it.

health videodreh preview 3 by k huth

The clips were made by Christian Fussenegger and Max Penzel, the later previously worked at the “Berlin Calling” movie and for Moderat and The Aim Of Design Is To Define Space, to name a few. All songs shall be released as a DVD later this year, but you’ll surely find some of them at different promo stuff around the web. But before  “Get Color” will be released on September the 18th, Health will put at the official video for the single “Die Slow”. See more pics from Katrin at her own blog

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Live blog straight from Berlin Festival

07:15 PM

Hej, folks! It’s us again. We’re at the Berlin Festival right now and thought we could show you some photos and impressions from time to time directly from one of the strangest airports in the world. For quicker news check our wTwitter page @aufgemischt.

The End: We’re back home from Berlin Festival and refilled our batteries for tonight’s adventures (look at our event calendar!). But since Christoph left for a week on vacation there won’t be a full and proper gallery of the festival until next weekend, I decided to show you some more pictures this time. So enjoy the style of Zoot Woman, an I-spy-with-my-little-eye-game with Jarvis Cocker and thousands of Germans going mad to Deichkind‘s pretty last show (this show is Nu-Rave’s bigger brother). Thank you, Berlin Festival – we had (all in all) a good time.

Zoot Woman

Zoot Woman

Jarvis Cocker is watching you

Jarvis Cocker is watching you

Jarvis Coker

Jarvis Coker



The Nu Olympics

The Nu Olympics



Samstag, 22:31: New pictures from The Thermals, The Rifles and Health. The later was absolutely epic. You should all see them tomorrow at Festsaal Kreuzerg with Crystal Antlers!

The Thermals

The Thermals

The Rifles

The Rifles



Saturday, 17:57: Kilians have just played the 2nd concert of today following I Might Be Wrong. All songs, even the newer more-pop-alike ones, got a true rock outfine which was enjoyable. Sadly the sound can’t compete with that. We hope it’s getting better.

Simon Kilian

Simon Kilian



Saturday, 14:02: First day of Berlin festival is over and with it the first headliner appearence done by Peter Doherty who came with two dancers (and his kid) to Berlin, after he was in the wrong plane first. His appearance was nearly sorted, long but slightly monotonous. Actually the old Libertines-songs written for a whole band were better than his solo stuff. And the size of his abdominal girth told us that he has changed from heroine to chocolate.

In total contrast to that were the previous gig by Dendemann and the following by Moderat. Dendemann may didn’t look like a cool German hipster but his set offered an energetic MC with a whole band and some really great hits. Moderat had a cool and well styled lightshow by Pfadfinderei instead but it often couldn’t manage to include the whole crowd. Maybe one of the reason therefore was the sound, which was still not at it’s best in the evening.

Some hours earlier the Danish band WhoMadeWho proofed once more that they’re on a secret mission to hit the rock olymp within just one single festival summer. James Murphy would call this a “disco infiltrator” and it would be damn right.

Tonight’s shedule features Health (plus an interview with us), Deichkind (playing their last concert ever), the glorious Zoot Woman, Kilians, The Thermals and many more. See you there.


Das Andenken an den Flughafen: Ein Rosinenbomber



Crowd @ Dendemann

Crowd @ Dendemann

Back to mother nature

Back to mother nature

Who Made Who

Who Made Who

Peter Doherty

Peter Doherty

Apparat from Moderat

Apparat from Moderat

Friday, 21:24: Telepathe, These New Puritans and Bodi Bill have played. TNP-Konzert was  like a mass, great but Jack Barnett prefered to be an acolyte instead of beeing a priest. The sound is kind of good, maybe a little bit too loud and not completely mixed. Right now a fat yellow moon is watching us. St. Etienne, Junior Boys, Dendemann, WhoMadeWho coming up.





These New Puritans

These New Puritans

Friday, 19:02: We just arrived. Weather is perfect, location, too. Seems to be well organized. Humanzi and Crystal Antlers opened the Main Stage, the lovely Frankmusik the 2nd Stage. We had a very interesting interview with the girls of Telepathe earlier and are excited to seem them play in some minutes, These New Puritans will follow. Tonight’s headliner is Peter Doherty. And here we go with the pics:



Crystal Antlers

Crystal Antlers