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We Have Band : Jägermeister WHT Interview

12:15 PM

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“It’s part of a real Eckkneipe or Wirtshaus that it’s slightly frowzy, stick and about as fashionable as your grandmother’s interior design.” While the orange painted Jägerklause might would have scared old animal-loving grandma with all its sets of antlers, the rest of our expectations was met or even beat them. After a Bavarian Brotzeit, some drinks and a decent warm-up with some rounds of ping-pong, kicker and darts, in which Darren appeared to be a natural talent, We Have Band kicked-off the Jägermeister Wirtshaustour in Berlin with an intense performance. And although packed shoulder to shoulder into the tiny venue the crowd clearly enjoyed it from the very first minute, filling the air with joyful transpiration – which was surely worth waiting in the street-long cue.

In the first part of two of reviewing the night, the really chatty British trio of Darren and married couple Dede and Tom shares some old and new Berlin memories with us, discusses touring with your own mother and which drink we would prefer along with their new yet-to-be-finished second album.

You all seem pretty excited and jittery, especially Darren, who once said, he was sometimes a son, sometimes a grandfather to you, Dede and Tom. What’s his status today?
Darren: Oh yes, meet me at the playground to play!
Dede: I think, it’s son.
Tom: But I’m a dysfunctional father.
Darren: No, I’m disposable for anyone today. In some places, everyone got older part for anyone and Berlin’s one of them. We’re always a bit giddy here. I don’t know why.

Is it the local vibe?
Tom: It’s the vibe of a great city.
Darren: We love the it.
Dede: We always get excited here.

And it’s already your sixth time being here. Some of the venues like Scala and Villa have sadly closed down shortly after.
Darren: And Magnet moved. The Villa guys we’re talking about it back then. Maybe we’re bad luck and this place here is also closing soon.
Tom: Sorry!
Dede: Yeah, sorry. Tonight may be the last one so enjoy it!

But the town and the crowds must be full of familiar faces by now.
Tom: I’m not sure. But when we played (at Festsaal Kreuzberg) in November, it felt brilliant. 500 people were there, which is quite a lot for such a small band like us to come to such city and sell out these venues. Maybe we stepped over the edge.
Darren: It was really special.
Dede: We were glad, because they were so enthusiastic, so we felt really welcome.

But actually you started your careers in bars like this one, such as London’s Old Blue Last or Barden’s Boudoir. What kind of memories do you have from that time?
Dede: It was a bit chaotic, but a vibey chaos.
Tom: We still love the Old Blue. It was a great feeling to be a buzzy band. Sometimes it’s a curse and you can struggle to get beyond the buzz.
Dede: You go to those places and you know that the people there don’t know you, but they’re up for it and a good night, anyway. So you’re just having fun. It’s sweaty, crammed, too busy. The sound might be really bad so they can’t hear you and you can’t hear them either, but things are great.
Darren: Somehow it’s always still working.

Do you miss those days, in which you still had to win-over the crowd?
Darren: In a way it’s still like that, because now there’s a room full of expectations by people, who bought a ticket four months ago. It’s a different pressure, it never goes.
Tom: And when you do festival shows only a third of the people in the tent does know you and the rest don’t.
Dede: You always have to make the shifting.

And it’s easier when you are up on stage as a trio so interest and attention are split up, meeting all different tastes.
Tom: I like three. I played in bands with more people, but three works best.
Dede: All I can say is, that you wouldn’t get me up on stage without the two of them.
Darren: You mean: Not without your husband.
Dede: … or my special friend.

How does it affect the band chemistry, for instance in the tour bus? Because to be frank, until now all the three of you were mostly speaking at the same time and I guess, this does not exactly simplify your communication among each other.
Tom: Actually, at the tour bus we’re all quite, headphones on, trying to sleep.
Dede: There’s no talking and this lasts for about four to five hours until it blasts.
Darren: Tomorrow morning there was no talking in the bus, only some at the airport and then suddenly… bam!

So you are all three more the hangover type, aren’t you?
Dede: No, it’s not about that. We just don’t like mornings, neither when being drunk nor sober.

No romantic breakfast for you, Dede and Tom?
Both: No.
Darren: I got up at six in the morning today, which is not bad and not good either. Especially when it was a long night before.

What about your tour lifestyle? From you interviews, I guess, it’s more wild, but then again Dede’s mother joined you on tour in Switzerland, which actually might not be a contradiction at all.
Dede: It doesn’t mean, that we stay in a better hotel.
Tom: … but that she drinks it all.

But you might behave better?
Darren: No, she can keep up with the best of them.
Tom: She likes to have a party. When again don’t like it rough, we just don’t mind it.
Darren: Oh, don’t you like it rough?
Tom: Leave it alone. We were not the band getting picked up by a major label before we got known and put into big hotels, being treated like stars. We did it all ourselves and that quite dirty. But sure we like some luxury.
Darren: But what’s the difference? If you’re eighteen years old and someone slaps a massive check on the table, then you go for it all. We were doing our own gigs, setting up our own stage without anyone to do the sound for us; no tour manager, no nothing. And now, coming from that, we still take our trash out ourselves, so that’s a bit of a difference.

Did you feel kind of sorry for all the young artists in the machinery of the major label you used to work at before starting the band?
Dede: No and we had different jobs.
Darren: Different time…
Tom: … different era.

Are you getting nostalgic here?
Darren: Not for answering other people’s phones. If we would have been cool A&R managers, it may would have been different.
Tom: There’s no relation between what we did then and what we do now.
Dede: We just enjoy different times. You get different things out of different parts of your life.
Darren: This is the crucial question.
Tom: We don’t mind slamming it, but we also like a bit of luxury.

How much luxurious will your second album production then be? Will we get audio jewels?
Dede: No, there will be lot of love. Maybe about luxury things we love.
Tom: But definitely love.

Nightlife love?
Tom: Nightlife loving.
Darren: Some sexy stuff.

Cherry funk?
Tom: Or sherry funk.
Darren: We do like to do some cool vocals after a few drinks, that makes it sexy.
Tom: Do you know trifle? It’s an English pudding and you should enjoy the record with it, when it’s done. Or better with a bottle of sherry.

We Have Band WHB was released by Naïve. See the first part of our photo gallery from the event below and check back tomorrow for the second part and an interview with Yuksek about champaign, France’ future and first insights into his new, upcoming album. Meanwhile, the Jägermeister Wirthaustour moves on to Cologne, where The Subs and Proxy will play at the Dom im Stapelhaus at March 17 – see or Facebook for more details.

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PHOTOS: Christoph Paul

In cooperation with Jägermeister.

The Creators Project : Yuksek

10:00 AM

Another inside view: A very clear, focussed Pierre-Alexandre Busson opens the musical concept Yuksek (while giving hints on why he started The Krays) to The Creators Project at his rather isolated home studio in Reims, France, but not without the obligatory glass of champagne. Catch the Frenchman on Thursday along with We Have Band and Trashpop at the Jägermeister Wirtshaustour in Berlin – you can still win guest list invites for the night on the tour’s website.

And here’s a second Yuksek-preview:

Yuksek : 10 days off (Liveset 2010 07 06) (Stream)

In cooperation with Jägermeister.

Jägermeister Wirtshaustour : Win tickets for We Have Band & Yuksek

04:07 PM

It’s part of a real Eckkneipe or Wirtshaus (German for ‘tavern’ or ‘inn’) that it’s slightly frowzy, stick and about as fashionable as your grandmother’s interior design. But this doesn’t keep us from having some really great nights there from time to time and that’s why Jägermeister’s returning to it’s roots with the new Jägermeister Wirtshaustour properly kicking-off on February 17 between the dart games and kicker tables of Berlin’s Jägerklause.

With We Have Band (photo) therefore a trio returns to town already amazing us with gigs at by closed and legendary clubs like Scala or Villa and catchy disco-fillers like “Divisive”, which comes with a rather great video. They also prove their taste on debut album WHB (listen at Simfy) and an exclusive tour mix you can stream below. The Brits will be joined by French’s Pierre-Alexandre Busson alias Yuksek, who has became the remix darling of Lady Gaga, Moby & co over the past years with sublime productions as “Extraball” and re-works of Phoenix, Chromeo and Malente. Furthermore he just recently started his side-project The Krays with befriended Brodinski. Last but not least, Trashpop-DJs will play the rest of the night.

You can only win tickets for this event and of course we have a pair (1×2) them for you here. To get them, all you need to do is leaving us comment below until Sunday midnight (February 6) and pray to Fortuna, since winners will be chosen random. And to make sure you enjoy the whole night, we also offer ourselves to play a little kicker tournament with you and maybe some of the artists as well!

Check the tour’s own Facebook for more details and chances to win tickets.

We Have Band : Divisive (Video)

We Have Band : JM DJ MIX

In cooperation with Jägermeister.