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Munich : on3 Festival : Photos

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The scene among (Bavarian) friends: Two weeks ago, Munich welcomed an illustrious regiment of national and international acts (albeit less than last year) to another issue of local youth radio station on3’s annual festival, offering a bright day and night programme. Photographer Fay Nolan was there for us and got back with some as atmospheric shots of Born Ruffians, Roman Fischer, Kele and Crystal Fighters – see them all below.

Fitting (German) reviews of the event can be found on Rote Raupe and das clienicum and on3 themselves put a live video of every appearance on their site.

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(Deutsch) on3 Festival : München im Herbst

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Sonntagsmusik (2)

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By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.

It’s Sunday again and we have compiled another bundle of great and new, sunny and relaxed tunes. First one comes via Stoney Roads, where the below remix of Kele‘s beautiful single “Everything You Wanted” by Fred Falke appeared first. And finally, the German-born, now French producer is reminding us, what actually made him to one, if not the, most eminent remixer of our times. Don’t miss the moving video of the original as well.

Kele “Everything You Wanted (Fred Falke Remix)” [Download]

Next song is another remix, this time by uprising but mysterious Italian talent Cosimo, who did remix Museum of Bellas Artes‘ ear worm “Who Do You Love” into a sacred experience. The track comes from British Transparent label, who will release a Watch the Glow / Who Do You Love 7″ of the Swedish Force Majeure act next month.

Too, they will present MoBA’s first ever UK show on November 9 at Madame Jo Jos, London. Tickets are already available online. Check TLOBF and Stadium & Shrines for more tunes by Cosimo.

Museum of Bellas Artes “Who Do You Love (Cosimo Remix)” [Download]

Important side-note: The gig features the previously here mentioned Vondelpark, another promising mysterious act, as support band in what looks like the band’s / project’s first ever public show. Time for us to give you another dreamy sonic orgy called “Hippodrome” and a new video for “California Analog Dream” – both via No Pain In Pop.

Vondelpark “Hippodrome” [Download]

The big chill-out continues with jazz / electronica artist Dave Aju, who, as Subraw knows, has returned to the scene after a longer break with a new EP on French label Circus Company last month. From this piece comes the heavenly “Flexa”, which you can find below next to an older but still great tune of him called “Crazy Place”.

Dave Aju & The Sol Percussion Ensemble “Flexa

Dave Aju “Crazy Place

Even busier with releases are Warp, who will release another label compilation for 2010 soon. The fabulously named Rustie track “Inside Pikachu’s Cunt” (not sure if Pikachu was a female) offers a first foretaste and can be downloaded for a newsletter subscription over on the Warp website. For you we have convoyed the song with another tune by our British favourite SBTRKT called “When Doves Strike” (Hi, Prince!). Too, you should give Falty DL’s Remix of Oriol’s current Planet Mu single “Coconut Coast” a listen (although it’s not available for embedding).

Rustie “Inside Pikachu’s Cunt

SBTRKT “ When Doves Strike

Our grand finale comes from Primary 1 and his friends, who spent a did on a Dalston rooftop covering the super dubsteb group Magnetic Man‘s (Skream, Benga, Magazine) heavy banger “I Need Air“. Have a great day!

PHOTO: “Breakfast is sliced” by MATT BLACKMORE (CC:BY-NC)

Melt! Festival 2010

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As already in the year of  2009 we presented you the most important and current information directly from the Melt!-Festival. 2010 the line up also promised a lot of good music and fulfilled all expectations and even more than that.  From punk sounds with Fucked Up or The Big Pink to electronic music à la Hercules and Love Affair and DJ Shadow the weekend was rich of musical highlights. This gallery will take you on a short tour through all days and stages at the Melt!.

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photo: Christoph Paul

Hercules & Love Affair: “Blue Songs”, The XX, Kele

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First, John Talabot remixes “Shelter” by The XX and, now, Hercules and Love Affair have even covered this song. Their interpretation shall be released at some time in November and thereby probably two months before their second full-length called Blue Songs in January. Date and title just got “leaked” by Andy Butler himself in an interview with the OMG Blog. According to this chat, not only Kim-Ann Foxman and current part-time workers Aerea Negrot, Shaun Wright and Mark Pistel can be heard on the new record, but definitely Kele Okereke, too. The common song “Step Up” has made it on the final version and was already performed together at London’s recent Lovebox Festival. See live footage below, please:

[via P4K]


Melt! Liveblog: Der Samstag

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Hello again! After our first live blog in 2009 we are finally back at the fantastic Melt! Festival to cover the 13th issue as it happens – including photos (by Christoph Paul) and some first impressions (by Thomas Vorreyer).

Sunday, 16:40: The end is near … After it’s implementation in 2008, the third issue of festival day number three, the Sunday, invites us to a smaller (three instead of five stages) but even denser cast day. While Kings of Convenience are currently stroking their strings behind us, the Post War Years, Fucked Up, Crookers, WhoMadeWho, Slagmalsklubben and of course Goldfrapp and festival headliner Massive Attack are getting ready to hit the stages over the day and night.

Alas, we got a bit kept away from the blog yesterday because of interviews and more. So here’s eventually our review of the complete Saturday:

Despite of the mild weather the day kicked off quite slowly and turned out to don’t enjoy as much as highlights as the Friday before. Although, our dear Friendly Fires, who told us their gig at Melt! 2008 during the rain and storm mayhem was their first ever, played one of the by far best shows of the entire weekend. The band machine appeared to be very well oiled by now and the crowd cheered them, waving and dancing as one. During the new song “Running Away” even transformed-to-balloons condomes danced over our heads – interview follows soon. Of course, the dance-rock of Holy Ghost was lenient in comparison, while Hurts suprisingly well filled the light, late afternoon slot between these two on the Gemini stage with the usual big-gesture pop grandezza.

In the meantime the main stage got covered in some rougher sounds: Blood Red Shoes stormed powerfully, but solid as always through their set and Dendemann demonstrated the numerous international guests, that in Germany intelligent and brave hip-hop and mullet cuts can indeed go hand in hand. Parallel to this Darwin Deez stole their hearts of the younger crowd in the Intro tent, before The Big Pink entered it to blow the not fully filled tent away. But yet their grandiloquent guitar-synthie rock may would have fit the man stage better then the bit dry Jamie T did – interview follows.

Next: dance attack! Soul-pop singer Jamie Lidell, DJ Shadow, Sinden and German band Die Sterne played live parallel to each other. And it might hasn’t been a knockout victory, but a clear one by scores for Lidell, who thus had best sound at the Gemini. Here then Hercules and Love Affair took over the mic and beats with an almost all-new set basing on their new, yet-unreleased, second album. Sadly, the new line-up and their stringently chruny Chicago-to-Detroit oldschool mix, including the even sphericly re-arranged old hits “Blind” and “You Belong”, were a bit too many news for the crowd and the set undeservedly did not enflame everyone fully. Still, they all stayed at the stage to get loose of their coresponding dance reserves at Chromeo, who turned their gig with some nice audio and visual show extras into a really good on, before the DJs A-Trak, Tiga, Carl Craig and of course German tiro Moderat (Fotos) took over the direction for the rest of the night.

Chromeo, DJ Shadow, Hercules and Love Affair, Melt! crowd (2), The Big Pink, Jamie T, Friendly Fires (2), Dendemann, Hurts, Blood Red Shoes, Holy Ghost, Jamaica

Saturday, 16:00: The Melt! Saturday has just begun and while we are looking forward to the likes of Jamaica, Holy Ghost!, Darwin Deez, Maskinen, Hercules and Love Affair, Chromeo, Tiefschwarz and Hurts (and to interview Friendly Fires and the Big Pink), let’s have a short and final retrograd look on Friday night. After Jónsi some strange sitar sounds led us to Yeasayer, where Chris Keating showed up with a vocal performance with all the sexiness and extravaganza immediately reminding us of Prince and, yes somehow, Michael Jackson in their greater days. One haven’t seen and heard such thing in  quite a long time and would have perfectly fit on the big main stage, where The XX were facing the mammoth task to present their intimate and minimalistic compositions within such a great frame. Apparently, they did it master it well. Key role was taken over by Jamie once again, who was enthroned behind a great, white X on black ground and a laser light roof drawn over the Ferropolis. He not only did rearranged the band’s songs but relined them with some heavy beats. And who watched Oliver trying out some unexpected, standard rock bassist moves, can may predicted the possible new direction this band will take from now on. Who, who already did follow this electronic path on his own, is Kele Okereke off Bloc Party. While his muscle-bound body satisfied completely, his set did only partly considering quite a few lengths in it. Too, not totally convincing where Foals, who played a – compared to their own benchmark – just average set despite a very driven Yannis Philippakis. Headling their own day stage at beach Modeselektor then didn’t reach the maximum as well, although guest appearances by Bonaparte promised a lot more action. Alas, it turned out to be just the addition, but not the desired multiplication of their forces. But still there was a 100% great end with the energetic live set of autoKratz in the Intro tent.

Autokratz (2), Modeselektor, Foals, Kele (2), The XX (2), Yeasayer

Friday, 23:32: Another round of diverse gigs lies behind us. We smiled at all the adolescence in the front row of Two Door Cinema Club, left the stage to dance to a brilliant dubstep-electro DJ set by Jamie XX at the beach (!) and got pulled away to the main stage again by our German heroes Tocotronic. Here, Dirk von Lowtzow almost enthusiastically greeted the crowd and praised the resistance once again and just for fun, while Rick Mc Phail was miming a modern god of guitar. This spectacle got followed by a delicious visual sandwich: a blue flash light orgy and loads of cheesiness by Delphic, lightening and thunder at HEALTH, who fantastically re-structured “Crimewave” into a new, even bigger version, and finally Jónsi, whose great, but complex and intimate setting and show was maybe ab bit too intimate for the big main stage and the oval in front of it. Now we are looking forward to Yeasayer, Four Tet, The XX, Kele, Foals, autoKratz, Modeselektor ft. Bonaparte and many others.

Jónsi, HEALTH (2), Delphic, Tocotronic (2), Jamie XX, Two Door Cinema Club

Friday, 20:36: Words race with drops of sweat towards the keyboard – this Melt! Festival has already crossed its melting point. It’ sunny and super hot here and after the Audiolith Pferdemarkt yesterday at the festival side and the Introducing party in Berlin (photos below) Bonaparte and Midlake could finally open the big party to everyone, while the Big Wheel Stage was surrounded by a sweating mass covered in dust and seduced by the fine tunes of Oliver Koletzki. Then – parallel to Ja, Panik and Pantha du Prince – Sweden’s finest, the Shout Out Louds, hit the stage. Too bad they prepared an undercooled set to fight the heat. But they were some highlights still: the undestroyable beauty of “Impossible” for instance or their short cover of “Walking Like an Egyptian”, which now stands in a line with “Train in Vain” from their 2007er Melt! appearance. Now Two Door Cinema Club, Jamie XX and Tocotronic are about to begin. Looks like everyone reached working temperature immediately.

Shout Out Louds, Converse Mainstage

Post War Years and Alexander’s Festival Hall, Introducing (yesterday in Berlin)

London: the creators project Party

06:29 PM

As you surely already know, Vice and Intel have joined forces to create the so-called the creators project, a very comprehensive blog and video site, giving you intimate inside views into the creative, intelligent and – sometimes – spaced-out minds of people from inside and behind the global music, arts, video and e-culture.

After their M.I.A.-suprise-appearance-crowned launch event in New York, featuring the first ever live gig of Interpol in 2010, the team is now bringing the project to live in London, UK. On Saturday, July 17, the UK capital will see even two events taking place in its middle.

From 12pm to 6pm everyone can visit the open exhibition (last entry at 5pm) including Triptych, a gigantic LED sculpture by British art collective United Visual Artists, an interactive short film experience by Spike Jonze (director of Where The Wild Things Are), a supernatural-natural installation by Karl Sadler and many others – not to mention our favourite video director crew Radical Friend from the States, who recently brought us the mind breaking parallel worlds of a music video that were “Ambling Alp” and “O.N.E” (both for Yeasayer). Making CONTAKT, the Richie Hawtin tour documentary we introduced you to recently here, will be shown as well. Oh and Nick Zinner off Yeah Yeah Yeahs has contributed a very special and personal music and photography presentation in 3D

From 6pm on the evening program will then kick off with quite a few other interesting screenings, panels and workshops, giving you the opportunity to share you thoughts with the likes of Radaidh McDonald off XL Recordings or Cassette Playa, among others. Afterwards a massive live music and dj line-up will guide you into the night. Besides well known star producer Mark Ronson, the fantastic likes of Kele (Okereke off Bloc Party solo – as seen above) and aufgemischt! favourites Yuck will appear live on stage, as well as Flats and Tinchy Stryder. Filthy Dukes, Saam Farahmand, Mumdance and Trevor Jackson will accompany them with their DJ-sets. Plus special guests of course …

Alas, the evening event is an invite-only one, but fortunately we have a last-minute pair of tickets just for you! Drop us a comment below until Friday, 11am UK time (or noon German time) to join the competition. Participants must be 18+

All exhibits: The Digital Flesh by Radical Friend, Triptych and Hereafter by United Visual Artists, Corridor by Karl Sadler, A.D.A.B.A. by Nick Zinner, Melter 2 by Takeshi Murata, “I’m Here” Means A Lot To Me by Spike Jonze, [Z]ink by DSP, Jetpack Basketball, The Thrill of Combat, and NIDHOGG by Mark Essen, Cloudy Mushroom by Li Hui, By Royal Appointment by Moritz Waldemeyer, Felix’s Machines by Felix Thorn.

All music acts: Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, Kele Okereke, Flats, Yuck, Tinchy Stryder, Filthy Dukes, Trevor Jackson, Saam Farahmand, Mumdance, DJ Crispin, and special guests.

All Screenings: I’m Here by Spike Jonze, Wow + Flutter by onedotzero, Go Fast Connexion by Ladj Ly, A Room With A Cat by Peng Lei, The Face by Ray Lei, Making Contakt by Richie Hawtin, Pixels by Patrick Jean, and 3 short films by Sun Haipeng.

All panels / workshops: Rodaidh McDonald (The xx), Mumdance, Jammer (Boy Better Know), Chris Allen (Light Surgeons), Cassette Playa, Mira Calix, Eric Dalbin, Joachim Sauter, Moritz Waldemeyer, and Shane Walter (onedotzero).