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(Deutsch) Korallreven kündigen Debütalbum an und veröffentlichen neues Mixtape

12:36 AM

Lange wurden die Erwartungen geschürt, nun soll am 15. November das leidlich kreativ betitelte Debütalbum An Album By Korallreven von eben jenen bei Acéphale erscheinen. Zur Feier des Tages gibt es auch ein neues Mixtape, A Dream Within A Dream, dessen acht Titel auch auf einer eigenen Microsite heruntergeladen werden können (und das Album vorbestellt werden kann). Neben bereits bekannten Remixen -wie dem von Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends” oder This Is Head’s “0007“- findet sich etwa auch eine Interpretation des Velvet Underground Klassikers “Pale Blue Eyes” und schließlich am Ende unser neuer Favorit: “OAR003-B” von Oni Ayhun (im November wieder in Berlin) in der Korallreven Version. Letztere gibt es nachfolgend als Download sowie den gesamten Mix im Stream.

Korallreven A Dream Within A Dream

Oni Ayhun “OAR003-B”

Foto: Martina Hoogland Ivanow

This Is Head : 0007 (Korallreven Remix)

08:24 PM

Following Tuesday’s “Unspoken” by Pacific! and El Perro Del Mar, here’s the next Swedish-Swedish collaboration: About a year after its video release Korallreven have recorded a remix of This Is Head‘s “0007”. Carefully built around the pessimistic chorus line, “What we care for isn’t gonna save ourselves”, they manage to the cut the dob shiny with a tidal calm. A good start for their first ever remix.

Korallreven’s latest release was the single “Honey Mine” with Victoria Bergsman on Acéphale.

This Is Head : 0007 (A REMIX BY KORALLREVEN)

Korallreven : Honey Mine


This Is Head : 0011 (Kasper Bjorke Version)

Korallreven : The Truest Faith (Sail a Whale Remix)

10:37 PM

Sail A Whale : The Truest Whale (Remix of “The Truest Faith” by Korallreven)
(Video directed by Sebastian Rozenberg)

Because we love the blubbering here’s directly another anthem. Sail A Whale, the Stockholm graphic-video art & music collective off Sebastien Rozenberg and David Kyhlberg, put their talented hands on Korallreven‘s ‘The Truest Faith’, after Rozenberg already did a fantastic video for it. Now he did the same with the ‘The Truest Whale’ baptised rework and nonchalantly surpassed himself. The result is simple, but magic.

And since Sail A Whale do produce splendid, head transfiguring music on their own (listen below), Sincerely Yours and Acéphale will together and rightly release the six-song-strong, 40-page-long booklet garnished 12″  Sail A Whale – A Documentation on November 17, to which the following declaration belongs:


the truest whale, the truest rounded mandorla, the shape of sunshine and piercing thought; firm but soft, moving with certainty through the oceans. Incarnated here, tiresias foretells of all we are too dull and unwatchful to see, the blind seer; the impious interrupter of natural rites, a holy man of double gender; through the eyes of woman, once man, four sets of eyes, all blinded but sharpened, through him we have taken all the risks of interruption. foretell how all versions repeat after one another. all suspended, all former intermediaries in flight, we simply ask – what transcendence?

your voice clear on the phone, we would hallucinate that you were waiting for us, we would run toward you on the platform, we would have done everything so as not to fall.

– slwhl

Sail A Whale : love(the-dream)king
(Video by Sebastian Rozenberg)

Becoming Clear

11:24 AM

It’s raining. Again. Raining like when we finally came home from the night out, raining like when we left the house early in yesterday’s morning. And wasn’t it raining the entire week through, anyway? The weekend is here and the fog in our heads needs to clear. Good morning!

Yuck : Rubber (Mogwai Remix) [Download]

Fixers : Amsterdam [Download]

Ariel Pink : Round and Round (Little Loud Remix) [Download]

Korallreven ft. Victoria Bergsman : Honey Mine [Download]

Joe Worricker : Bobby Blue (Lissvik Remix) [Download]

Rubber is already the third single by our favourite Yuck and Mr Stuart Braithwaite’s remix is a small, but nice, free addition to it. A debut full length will also be ready by  January 2011 on Fat Possum. Fixers again are some steps on the career ladder behind: the young Oxford quintet is by now only selling Amsterdam as a tour cassette (or offers it with remixes as free download). More should follow soon, but for now there’s also a video of the song you can watch here.  Touring leads us to Ariel Pink, who currently spent some weeks on European roads. Though, the above, joyful remix by the young British producer Little Lould only goes for journey provision on the next US tour, which started yesterday. So we have to get something back from over the Atlantic ocean instead and it’s Korallreven’s upcoming single Honey Mine, which can be pre-ordered  from the store of Vancouver (Canada) label Acéphale – featuring a remix by Dan Lissvik. Whilst, the Studio genius is mixing the milksop out of Joe Worricker.

PHOTO: “Fog over Miami” by miami_jj (CC:by-nc-nd)

Sonntagsmusik pt. 3

08:09 PM

Wow, it has been quite a while since we posted the last episode of Sonntagsmusik or “Sunday tunes”. Resurrection was badly needed, so here we go. Of course the rules stay the same: No overextending drone metal (which can be cool at some other time, though), no boring coffee house music. Just ten little (and new) treasures for you on one comfortable page for you. Listen to the seven downloadable tracks out of the ten (plus one video and two streams) in one playlist here and read the little track-by-track description below:

aufgemischt! : Sonntagsmusik pt. 3 (downloadable tracks only)

First track comes from Korallreven and is their Life’s a Bitch version of “No Letting Go” by Victoria Bergman’s stage alias Taken By Trees. Like the collaboration “Honey Mine” by the two acts, it was originally aired first via Korallreven’s recent mixtape. Tough the remix’s subtitle is a bit misleading, since chances are high that this track will brighten your life. Or is it an secret, artistic message to Studio?

Taken By Trees : No Letting Go (Korallreven’s Life’s a Bitch Version) [Download]

Magic Kids, Girls, Lemonade, Delorean, Cloud Nothing … Life would be much darker without New York / San Franciso label True Panther. Another part of one of this season’s best music imprints’ spearhead is Cameron Mesirow alias the fantastic Glasser. “Mirrorage”, this piece of sound wizardry, is another representative of the high quality album Ring, which can be heard live and for free tonight at Rough Trade East, London, and through all other week six additional gigs in Europe (we’ll put the dates on the site later).

Glasser : Mirrorage [Download]

And we stay with the “Girls”. The song by Nick Ericksen’s alter ego Taragana Pyjarama is the sunny energiser of this lists and surely a track you can spend a complete day with on its own. Maybe the Danish producer was dreaming of the Caribbean, it’s a beaut anyway.

Taragana Pyjarama : Girls [Download]

Living house music legend Robert Owens has released a new solo LP called Art, on which one can find this nice, Atjazz-produced slow-disco-house track “Hearts and Soul”. Keeping it classic.

Robert Owens : Hearts and Soul [via Spex]

Time for a bit disco psychedelia: Brooklyn-based collective Second Life emerged from the Vibes Management circle to bring you the chugging dream electronica that is “White Outside”, though we hope, the song title’s not a call for an early, heavy winter.

Second Life : White Outside [Download]

We already posted this track, but “Hearts” of oOoOO is too good and his debut EP has just been released. Too, it slowly leads and to the more guitar-focussed end of the list.

oOoOO : Hearts

“Leaflings” is another track by Oxford’s Glass Animals, who keep figuring out, how dubstep would sound, if it would be made for (or by?) fairies behind the dark sound of the moon. Pretty quite and somnambulistic as usual, but as great, too.

Glass Animals : Leaflings [Download]

Turns out that the Concretes‘ comeback album WYWH on Something in Construction is one of this autumn’s best so far and already digitally available (CD release on October 25). “All Day” is the first single from it and out tomorrow. Below you can see the band giving the song a warm acoustic overwork on a tiny boat in the sunset light.

The Concretes : All Day [Video , Island in the Sun Unplugged)]

Good cover interpretations have the benefit, that you can start listening to tunes again you’ve already locked away in your brain because of massive overplay in clubs and on the radio. Interpol’s “Slow Hands” is one of such tunes and we thank the talented rapper / singer Azealia Banks for breathing some life (and soul) back into it. Check her more heavier, bouncier own creations on her Myspace.

Azealia Banks : Slow Hands (Interpol cover) [Download]

And last track for today is a promise. L.A.’s Evan Voytas is a (jazz) musician from the Flying Lotus / Gonjasufi environment and one of the first signings of Service’ new sublabel Cascine. He’s debut EP will be out on October 18 and is called Tomorrow night we’ll go anywhere. Have a nice Sunday!

Evan Voytas : Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere [Download]

PHOTO: YoungToymaker

Found : first ever Korallreven interview

02:11 PM

Sandra Croft over at TLOBF had the chance to send Marcus Joons some questions for the first ever Korallreven interview. Joons here not only describes how he met The Radio Dept.’s Daniel Tjäder and formed the band with him, but talks new single “Honey Mine” with Victoria Bergsman (“She looks like a koala bear and behaves like a fox.”) and announces the debut album for Spring 2011.

Korallreven ft. Victoria Bergsman “Honey Mine [Stream]

Korallreven “The Truest Faith” (Video)

08:02 AM

The bizarre beauty of a nuclear bombs’ and tsunami’s unleashed forces of Mother nature facing the genuine grace of a butterfly and white horse – is this already the perfected demonstration of human existence’s absurdity and perversity, four and an half minute long seen through the rose-coloured glasses of Swedish video artist Sebastian Rozenberg?

At least, this official music video’s soundtrack is Korallreven‘s “The Truest Faith”, one of our favourites of the year. See our post on the song (incl. download) here and watch out for the just released single on Acéphale. Too, there’s a debut album in the making (or better: accomplishing). Before that one, a The Truest Faith / Loved-Up Remix EP is readied for the global public, showcasing the remix works of  CFCF, Said A Whale and Swiss Ghostape (sic!), whose rework can be heard below:

Korallreven “The Truest Faith (Ghostape Remix)” [mp3]

And it looks like the Nhessingtons remix of “Loved-Up” won’t be included.

Korallreven “The Truest Faith”

01:18 PM

A melody to hum along,  almost oceanic harmonies and sun-drenched sound aesthetics, one could gently describe as balearic in terms of music genres – as Korallreven have just revealed in a blog post, the title track of their upcoming debut album The Truest Faith and A-side of new single on Acéphale Records, does not sound like a holiday in the Pacific for no reason:

It all started on the South Pacific island Samoa three years ago. Marcus (Joons) had been travelling around the islands there for some time and one day while chillin’ under a coconut tree, he serendipitously got a feeling of how he wanted his dream pop music to be like. Spiritual like the local Samoan Catholic church choirs, hypnotic like the breathtaking tropical nature and above all a feeling of finally reaching ”the other side”.
So, since last summer Marcus and dear friend Daniel – who aside of Korallreven plays keyboard in The Radio Dept. – have suffered some blood, sweat and even tears to turn this South Pacific dream into reality.

And yes, your eyes didn’t trick you: it’s not The Radio Dept.‘s Johan Duncanson, who’s Swedish music journalists Marcus’ partner in Korallreven (as we wrongly claimed among other media), but the band’s keyboarder, Daniel Tjäder, who’s hence co-responsible for one of the first big anthems of the approaching summer.

Korallreven “The Truest Faith” [Download]

Did this got you and your ears? We’ve another Nhessington’s remix of Korallreven’s “Loved-up” then here for you.

Korallreven: New ‘The Truest Faith’ Acéphale 7″

06:31 PM

News from Swedish tropical shoegazers Korallreven: the duo has finally announced the release of their The Truest Faith single with B-side “Loved-Up” on Vancouver’s 7″ tastemaker label Acéphale, who already brought us Kingdom, Memory Tapes, Air France, Salem, CFCF, Pure Ecstasy and Midnight Juggernauts (you see, hits only!), for the end of this month. The single will be limited to 500 copies only with the first 150 ones to been maroon-white colour discs.

The band has been talking about the probable single quite a while now, but it looks like Johan Duncanson’s, who’s collaborating with Swedish music journalist Marcus Joons here, very busy main band The Radio Dept. keeps him from meeting KR-deadlines in time at the moment. So we are still looking forward to the repeatedly postponed release of their debut album for some point of time around this year’s spring, summer, fall or winter – may it be called like the current single or not.

You can listen to both tune’s on Korallreven’s Myspace page or to the later below. See their current Vice mixtape including new song “Sa-Sa-Samoa” for more impressions and our recent “Loved-Up” post to download a wavy Nhessingtons‘ remix of the song.

Stream | Korallreven “Loved-Up

See new favourite Bathcrones for even more transcendental music and downloads – this time from Atlanta, USA.

Korallreven “Loved-Up”

03:06 AM

korallven love-up

Sometimes a wrapping can cheat you. And sometimes/in every other case you get what you see. Since we are nice people, we won’t play neither with your feelings nor your loyalty. So look on the picture above and expect a wave tsunami to float your heart and mind within the next minutes.

Beloved Swedish Service label (features brilliant artists such as Lake Heartbeat, Jens Lekman and Studio) just sent us some new stuff to get excited for 2010. Well, actually it’s more an excuse.  Anyway, it’s the Nhessingtons Remix of Korallreven‘s “Loved-Up”.

Korallreven is the balearic artist outfit of Swedish music journalist Marcus Joons and The Radio Dept.‘s* Johan Duncanson. And yes, the name means really “coral reefs” and it does perfectly fit to the music, you’ll see.

They released their first digital single “Loved-Up” on Service earlier this year and then announced full-length “The Truest Faith” for this November.

So since it’s now already the end of the month and I previously mentioned “excuse” you can easily guess that the record won’t be out in time. According to Korallreven this has a simple reason:

Spring 2010 sounds so much better than autumn 2009, right?

Okay, that’s indeed true – sadly. And here’s where Nhessingtons enter the scene: the Force Majeure artists took the song to turn it into a great disco-dub version, like they did before with El Perro Del Mar. I guess, this weakens the pain a bit.

Both original and remix shall be released together as a 7″ single via Japanese Fastcut Records pretty soon. Listen to the original version of the song at their Myspace, buy the song over at Service/Klicktrack or iTunes, download the remix below and then – last but not least – join us getting excited for spring 2010, yeah!

Korallreven “Loved-Up (Nhessingtons Remix)” [download]

*Remember that song called “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done“?