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Weekend guide : sauerkraut

01:17 PM

Berlin: Whirling between November rains and May joys it’s two festivals, which offer us some short-term permanence during this true April weekend in March-disguise.


From today to Sunday the performance assembly For The Time Being (#1) tries through various different kinds of presentation to make a faster and faster moving presence concrete and reflexible. The magic will happen at Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben with support (and a programme overview) coming from


Polyhymnia Festival (#2) attempts actualising prog and krautrock, or better: the first ever modern avant-garde music German acts (as Can or Neu!) could actually and globally influence and define (next and last one was techno). From the current spectrum Berlin’s atelierTheremin, Schneider TM, Cologne disco kraut prog act Von Spar and Joe Dilworth (ex-Stereolab, Kissogram), Milo Smee (Chrome Hoof) and Florian Zwietnig (Mediengruppe Telekommander) as Zirkon will play live at the first of two evenings at Maria. Find more details over at

An as ambitious as good, sometimes even progressive rock band are MF/MB/, who’ll play at Crystal Club at Columbiadamm. Already founded in teenage days in provincial town Bollnäs, the band now releases a video with every single song they put out. Musically they do fit well in a row of new Swedish austerity with This Is Head and Ikons. You can still download their track “The Big Machine” or watch all videos at Vimeo. Rightfully, the aftershow party will be hosted by Nordic by Nature.

Not as new as in average appears Introducing at Magnet Club this weekend. In return it’s probably the first time in ages you can see Goose playing a gig which is not a super cool invite-only exclusive media presentation party, but happens to be in a normal club atmosphere. Totally new is instead the debut album Shift of Ira Atari, which you should remember from her 2009-collaborations with Rampue. And the not seldom gigantic Battles have with Gloss Drop a new album with them, too. Sadly this won’t be released before June, so the band’s saving some energy by just doing a DJ set instead of a proper concert.

At bar Stereo 33 (Krossenerstr.) you will find Ian Tricus, Fresh Meat, sweet Swedish duo Am Track and Schlechtest Boy Alive at the decks; it’s a bit of a small but nice Villa-revival and surely good for a stop-by.

Another one of Slow Motion’s Retro Futuro parties, this time with Rome’s Alan 1 as star guest, who recently released records with Gomma and Final Frontier.

Shake Your Ass To Dirty Beats: The Seducers and The Smoking 44’s live, Finckobot, Tvyks (both well know from their work with Get Wavey) a.o. at Rosi’s.

The Wasted Unicorns ride through the Festsaal Kreuzberg, partying with Turmspringer, Robosonic and Cinthie techno deluxe style.


Mathias Modica alias Munk has a new full-length baby called The Bird and the Beat out, leaving his Munich home to play it out loud all over Europe: Tonight the Gomma-label’s co-head’s stop is Berlin’s Picknick club, where he celebrates the releases with label mates Cécile, Ed Banger’s Mickey Moonlight and Easy Jetset from German Vice magazine. The club also opens it’s tunnel for the first time in this season, so Sweden’s Rollerboys can have some outdoor-fun with you.

The second and last night of Polyhymnia Festival opens with the Italian soundtrack experts of Goblin (first ever gig in Germany), followed by their legitimate Australian successors, Night Terrors, and finally Record Maker wunderkind and concept album fetishist Turzi at Maria. Already at 4 pm podium discussion Sind Kraut und Prog im 21. Jahrhundert angekommen? (Have kraut and prog arrived in 21st century?) featuring Faust veteran Hans-Joachim Irmler will take place at WAU/HAU2, which will also see the big kraut rock vinyl market Krautopia on Sunday.

Talent show: For the Finest Ego Weekend Chez Jacki welcomes Teebs and Jeremiah Jay of uprising Californian Brainfeeder label for their first ever German appearances. Also Blue Daisy, fLako and Comfort Fit make their debut in the town. It’s then again Robot Koch, who offers some prominent local support.

A mixture of wave, heavy-dark rock and electro with some occultism promises the second issue of ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR and reliq‘s Symbolclub at Raum20. Besides the two hosting bands and various DJs Berlin-Milan duo Effter will hit the stage.

With DJs Diamant, SWADANSI (Mixtape) and Worn Leatherette For the Time Being (see Thursday) will take a nocturnal party break before its last event day.

At Festsaal Kreuzberg the Berlin’s golden twenties shall come back to life and merge with modern techno and electro. Sounds a some cyber-punk kitsch, but could be a really cool party with electro-swing by Globalution, acoustic tunes by Cyclown Circus and the always great Alle Farben at the decks.

The truly like worthy Jeans Team plus Pier Bucci are playing live at the pre-party of Madrid’s Klubbers Day Festival at Berlin’s Ritter Butzke. Of course there will be many DJs as well.

PHOTO: “Sauerkraut abstract” by Mel Green (CC)

HEALTH : USA Boys (MF/MB/ Remix)

01:53 AM

Earlier today Swedish Adrian Recordings label send out a new remix by fellow band MF/MB/ of HEALTH‘s recent single “USA Boys”. And to be honest, it still leaves us a bit puzzled. Since in a way, it does sound like the hybrid of  the typical Ed Banger and Audiolith pow-pow and German funfair techno Schlager, probably on the bumper car ride – weirdly enough that’s mainly because of the actually capital synthesizer tracks in the original song. Thus, we can’t really escape from this.

For now only the knowledge calms us, that the issue with MF/MB/’s own work and the remix craft of Jesper Aubin looks much clearer; particularly in positive way.

HEALTH : USA Boys (MF/MB/ Remix) [Download]

MF/MB/ : The Big Machine [Download]

MF/MB/ : The Big Machine (Jesper Aubin Remix) [Download]

MF/MB/’s debut album Folded is out now via Adrian Recordings. Too, the band has recorded a video for almost every track – watch them all here. The HEALTH remix LP Disco2 can be found with two other songs in the Cityslang of your local music / download store.