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Melt! Festival 2011

08:24 PM

As already in the year of  2009 and 2010 we presented you the most important and current information directly from the Melt!-Festival. In contrast to the last years the festival returned the his roots. But this wasn’t a reason for the people to stay away. And so the melt! was sold out early ago. Despite of the electronical renaissance with Paul Kalkbrenner, The Koletzkis, DJ Kotze, Boys Noize and many more the headliner were well know Indie-Legeneds: Pulp. This gallery will take you on a short tour through all days and stages at the Melt!.

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photo: Christoph Paul

Monarchy : I Won’t Let Go / MNDR : Cut Me Out

12:36 AM

British pop-duo Monarchy has released its new Stamp-Films’-Roy-Raz-directed video for “I Won’t Let Go“. And once again Raz puts his focus on sexuality and gender here, following his prior work The Lady Is Dead, which back then became the official video for its soundtrack song “In His Shirt” by the Irrepressibles. But while same-sex love was the latter’s open main image, it’s only the cryptic key solution of the new video.

It features a rather feminine male model, reminding one of current androgynous fashion star Andreij Pejic, who, over the recent months, has become the figurehead of a new genderless fashion movement. In “I Won’t Let Go” the model is transformed into a woman in a craft-like operation, more workbench than operating table. In between, the main character is shown in a cupcake rain outside in a forest. It could be a metaphoric dream sequence to the ongoing sex transformation – if you consider cakes as a symbol of two very strong female role models, the ideal 1950ies housewife and the modern and urban characters presented in Sex and the City, as last year’s article “Cupcakes, gender, nostalgia” by Ondine Park and Tonya Davidson for Briarpatch pointed out.

In the end, the video again negates the fashionable zeitgeist free of gender, when the now-transformed-to-a-woman kisses her apparently girlfriend. So the whole process turns into a manifestation of the limitless love Monarchy sing about, identity change included. The only slight minus is that the talented singer Rakhusan, who sings with the band here, doesn’t make a guest appearance.


Speaking about young female vocal talents in great videos: More than one year ago the subtle sounds of “I Go Away” made us aware of MNDR, Amanda Warner of Triangle fame’s new project. Following a feature on the Mark Ronson single “Bang Bang“, now “Cut Me Out” is Warner’s newest, more direct attempt and her first ever video, in which the singer is literally cutting herself out from what looks like a fashion glasses editorial. She escapes from her cocoon, if you want to say so.

“Cut Me Out” was made together with Partizian‘s Timothy Saccenti, who previously directed well-known videos as “Atlas” by Battles or “Dominos” by the Big Pink. The duo quotes a lot of surrealistic and hence almost nostalgic influences such as Luis Bunel’s Un Chien Andalou or Salvador Dali, but the effect realisation was quite modern: an augmented camera scanning video game controller, called Kinect, enabled them to creat Warner’s doppelganger.

Monarchy I Won’t Let Go is out via Moda Music with remixes by Bag Raiders, Sam Tiba & MYD, Mustang and Jaymo & Andy George. MNDR Cut Me Out is out via Green Label Sound with a remix by Hervé.

Monarchy : I Won’t Let Go

MNDR : Cut Me Out

MNDR : I Go Away

Hot City remixes Monarchy

09:57 PM

Remember Monarchy? That London duo that first took our hearts by storm with hyper pop grandezza like liquid crystals floating through one’s ears and than just ran flew away shortly before their first ever live gig to work with (assumedly) Madonna? Well, they still exist, busier than ever and new things are already hailing from the horizon.

Today this really heavy remix of their hymn “The Phoenix Alive” by too-London-based DJ and producer Hot City got premiered by the great Discobelle crew. It’s basically the original chopped into very small pieces, spun around and relined with a hot and heavy bass. Perfect start for a huge Friday nightout.

Check Hot City’s Myspace for some more rave ear-candy and see our Q&A with Monarchy here.

Monarchy “The Phoenix Alive (Hot City Remix)” (download mp3)

Interview: Monarchy

04:35 PM


Only a few artists recently grabbed our attention as irresistebly as Britain’s sensational but secret pop duo Monarchy did with their fantastic wide-screen pop smacking of sweet intoxicating mysteries. Actually tonight should be the date of their first live gig ever at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, but instead of showing up in East-London they’re currently sitting around in a studio somewhere in the US – to quote their press manager James Penycate, “they’ve been flown out to states to work with a couple of megastars.”

So we can expect even greater things to come. Til then we still have their debut single Black The Colour Of My Heart / Gold In the Fire, that will be released as 7″ via brilliant Neon Gold on February 1 (pre-order it from Pure Groove here). To bridge the time gap til then we loaded our spaceship with some questions and let it fly to the unknown galaxy*, where such cosmic music is made. This is what came back:

What inspired you to start MONARCHY?
We didn’t really decide to start Monarchy, it just chose us out of a series of random coincidences. Maybe it’s our birthright or destiny, or maybe an affliction from birth, maybe the stars aligned, however it happened, we ended up together making this music as Monarchy without conscious thought.

What is the highest moral concept you follow?
To be true to yourself. If you are honest with yourself and your deepest feelings, all else will follow.

Who’s your favourite person in history?
Genghis Khan.

What’s your favourite sonic gadget?
Protools. It’s also our least favourite. Microphones come in handy, too.

What’s your favourite sound?
The sound of galaxies imploding from a couple of million light years away, with the radiation spectrum transposed into auditory frequencies. Sounds lush. White noise is a close second.

What was the first music you ever listened to?
The sound of our mother’s womb, pulsating in the darkness, keeping us warm and nourished. It’s been a struggle ever since.

What do you see when you look into each other’s eyes?

As experts of the hidden, what’s your favourite Halloween/carnival costume?
We don’t wear costumes.

Are you democratically organized as a band or is one of you the other’s Sun King?
We have our own form of democracy based on our personalities and how we interact with each other.

If MONARCHY would rule the world, what would be different than now?
Less apathy, less bureaucracy, higher literacy and individual awareness and freedom. Democracy today is a farce, it’s dead, a veneer of equality that has been undermined for decades until it’s a shell of its former self.

Which song of another artists would you wish to have written yourselves?
There’s so many, but ‘I’m Not In Love‘ by 10CC springs to mind.

After a decade of stylistic coexistence which music will dominate the next ten years?
I suspect free music will be very popular.

…and will the British ever stop loving their monarchy?
About the same time as there’s peace on Earth.

*We know that someone already discovered the band’s former project/name, but why don’t you look this up for yourselves? We don’t want to destroy this nice concept.

On a secret mission

06:53 PM


So folks, here’s a little thesis for knocking-off today:  ‘secret sells’ is the new ‘sex sells’ in music business’ golden book of truths. Think about it. Who cares about Britney & Co? And hasn’t been everyone wetting themselves for years now when it came to new releases of Studio and Burial or even new art by Banksy? What would all those acts be without the fog of  mystery floating around them?

Still great artists surely but it’s part of human’s natural psychology that they wouldn’t cause that big waves like they do now. You need this spicy, curious prickle in your chests and heads, don’t you? So here’s another little secret round-up for you.

1st Let’s begin with our French darling Kolt13. After we could present his last Chromeo remix of “Night by Night” we are happy to hit you back this week with another Chromeo piece by him, this time a “Fancy Footwork” Murdaphunk Remix. The first half chilled out vibe it’s definitely a nice tune and get’s even better after the dancy break that follows. Well done, boy. Oh and by the way, before Kolt fell in love with disco and electro he had his hands in France’s vibrant hip hop scene. Not the worst entry for a Dj’s/producers CV, I guess.

Chromeo “Fancy Footwork (Kolt13 Murdaphunk Remix)” [download]

2nd I might be a little bit late with this (sorry), but there’s a new duo from London which sticked to my ears and brain for some weeks now, actually with only one simple song. The act is called Monarchy and nobody really knows who they are. Here some suggestions from Carl Howard: “Erol and Tiga? Gary Barlow and MNEK? Derek Davies and Starsmith?”. I would like to add Dan Lissvik from Studio to the list, since he sonically would perfectly fit to the team, too, plus he’s living in London. After all they’re til now one and only song “Gold in the Fire” is a little masterpiece for it’s own. Can’t wait to hear more. Get the Mp3 from DISCODUST or Illegal Tender.

3rd Well, while writing this, it’s not a secret any longer but it’s still worth mentioning: Last Wednesday Erol-Alkan-linked label PHANTASY announced their sixth release by a secret artist and after five banging and wetting recent records (their Myspace gives a good overview about them all), I expected good things to come. Not suprisingly I wasn’t disappointed though. On Friday PH06 alias “Bangkok” by big player Boris Dlugosch with a remix by Roska hit Beatport with a limited vinyl release to follow. Think we have a new contender for our favourite label here. Enjoy!

Bangkok by phantasysound