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Jamie xx : Far Nearer (Single)

12:16 PM

Since today Far Nearer the actual debut solo single by Jamie xx, the beat genius behind The XX and collaborator of the sadly recently passed away Gil Scott-Heron, is out via Numbers. Premiered already about nine months ago, the sweet title track now comes with its own website and contrarily darker B-side “Beat For”, which is even a bit rave-flavoured.

Jamie Smith can be heard on the label’s show tomorrow. He will also spend the summer playing festivals such as Glastonbury, Field Day, Øyafestivalen or Germany’s Open Source and awake Summer Break.

Jamie xx : Far Nearer

Jamie xx : Beat For

Jamie XX : Far Nearer

04:57 PM

Eloquent, energetic and divers: Jamie XX‘ afternoon beach DJ set was without doubts one of our highlights at this year’s Melt!Festivals. Now Smith is paving the solo paths he’s walking on with his, yet undated single “Far Nearer” on Glasgow-London label Numbers, following a first, back then “Ytinifni” titled track on the Fact Mix of his home band troika The XX. A complete, yet as undated full-length by beat genius was promised by XL Recordings recently.

On John Kennedy’s recent xfm radio show “Far Nearer” was played out loud for the first time. The song comes in playfully with steel-pan sound, the diffident vocals may remind one of Burial and the whole piece is carried by catchy and sincere, but relaxed euphoria (… you … me …). Listen to and download it below (or here if the streams got taken down). [via Dummy]

Jamie XX „Far Nearer“ [Stream]

On October 22 Jamie will deejay at Dom im Berg in Graz, Austria, followed by a set at The Stiff Kitten in Belfast the next day. No need to highlight this young man’s bright talent actually, but we do it once again: Below are two volume speaking remixes (including his unbelievable rework of “Basic Space”) and an older mix he did for Parisian fashion boutique Colette.

The XX Basic Space(Jamie XX’ Space Bass Remix)

Glasser Tremel (Jamie XX Remix)

Jamie XX „Colette Mix“ [Download]
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