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Review : JM WHT in Cologne

02:16 PM

Outside of the window of the Stapelhaus in Cologne, the Rhine calmly carved its way through the inner city, but inside condensed sweat was pouring down the panes. The Subs and Proxy got got invited by the Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour and the venue was packed to the top, with our four winners and their companions somewhere in the mass.

But we don’t know, if it rather were the hard beats or pheromone-rich pubic hair commitment by singer Papillon (see below), which got the crowd going crazy that hard during the first’s appearance. Then again, we already expected that there would be no time for a cool-down or some relaxing when Proxy entered the stage – however shy he may appeared.

Also two guys showed up, of whom we would have thought they would not prefer a liquor over a dry Martini: HURTS came down to Stapelhaus after their own gig in town that night to have their aftershow-party there. But where did they win their guestlist invites?

On April 21 Frittenbude from Munich and Tom Deluxx from French Bordeaux will await you at Yachtklub, Frankfurt a.M. Check or Facebook to register for the first competition.

PHOTOS: Gert Schäfer: 1,3 / Thang Dai (Electru): 2,4

Win: Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour x Cologne

12:19 PM

Yuksek and We Have Band are still reverberating through our heads, but the party already goes on: Next Thursday, on March 17, the Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour moves on to Cologne. And while the rustically intense atmosphere stays the same, local venue Dom am Stapelhaus will experience an even heavier, more bass-filled night.

The Subs (see the WHT site for an interview here) are on the list and as hot as Belgian fries. Like 2Many DJs/Soulwax, the trio jumped over the rim of local electro melting pot Gent with hard DIY work and is now ready to present you its by now already second album Decontrol live in concert.

But probably you would be even happier, if you could finally listen to the debut album of second act and Russian DJ / producer, Proxy. Although being a leading part of the international big beat scene for years now, the Eastern talent still hasn’t released a full-length record yet. Maybe he doesn’t even need one, because with the support of Tiga’s Turbo label and his own booming imprint MAKORECORDS Proxy just keeps own shocking his German-French colleagues and competitors with one massive single as “Raven” after the other.

Once again you can a pair of guest list invites just by leaving us a comment below until Monday midnight. As always the winner will be chosen random so good luck! Find more opportunities to win and other information  at the tour’s official Facebook page or at

And since Cologne is not a small village and it’s a quality line-up, you might meet some real rock star there. For this occasion we’ve compiled you a few pairs of stars and dishes from the wirtshaus card you better shouldn’t order or definitely go for.

These are rather bad combinations:

Liam Gallagher & Bavarian wheat bear: Although there’s not that big musical difference between Oasis and it’s Noel-lacking re-incarnation Beady Eye, at least the younger Gallagher brother stopped his occasional public fights for a while. For instance, his fight with five Italians and the local police in Munich in winter 2002 after a couple Maß of beer is still unforgotten.

Ringo Starr & onion pie: Like Lemmy Kilmister (see below) the former Beatles-drummer hates onions to death. But after all, it’s anyway questionable to take out a man, who recently denied all fanpost, for a huge night-out with German food.

Helmut Kohl & stuffed pig’s stomach: The Meat Loaf of German realpolitik won over not only US president Bush Senior and France’ Mitterand but also Soviet general secretary Gorbachev. And that thanks to despite the weird palatine dish he used to serve during all high state visits. We now that the results were good in the end, but we still don’t recommend ordering this at any occasion.

Jimmy Page & (fresh) fish: Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin recently were back on stage together and after all the refreshed memories you better either keep away any kind of fresh fish or your girlfriend away from him. Because once in the band’s peak times, a groupie got genitally maltreated with a freshly caught inhabitant of the sea and only a few years later the lead guitarist surprised to other groupies with four octopi in the common bubble bath.

… and these are rather good ones:

Beastie Boys & bread dumpling: While cooking with German Intro magazine, the three New Yorkers once outed themselves as fans of this Swabian meal with mushroom sauce. So everyone able to make a few good Knödel and offering good beer should easily make the band sing a little serenade. You know what: You gotta fight for your right to… Alternatively order Adam H. a pizza.

Lemmy Kilmister & potatoes and beans: Der Motörhead-Frontman stellt recht bescheidene Ansprüche an seine Mahlzeiten und verzichtet beinahe auf sämtliches Gemüse, mit Ausnahmen von Kartoffeln und Bohnen. Ein deftiger Kassler mit diesen Beilagen würde ihn also gesonnen stimmen, vorausgesetzt, der richtige bersteinfarbene Drink wird dazugereicht.

Campino & Jägermeister: The passionate football fan of Fortuna Düsseldorf and singer of German punk rock outfit Die Toten Hosen is surely responsible for one the liquor brand’s biggest gain in young consumers after recording the 90ies anthem “10 Kleine Jägermeister”. And if that’s not available a simple Bommerlunder will also do its best.

Die Sterne & veal schnitzel: The basics sound local but hand-made spinach-gnocchies and Sicilian vine make this favourite menu of Frank Spilker & co the artrocker in this list.

Fehlfarben & mustard roastbeef Düsseldorf style: In another issue of Intro’s cooking series, the rock visionaries appeared totally traditionalistic and attached to their native soil. But because of the competing local colour of Cologne you might better safe this one for the next tour stop in Frankfurt a.M. (with Frittenbude & Tom Deluxx).

Bon appétit!

PHOTO: Thierry van Dort

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