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(Deutsch) Scuba veröffentlicht seine DJ-Kicks

12:09 AM

Im Oktober legt Scuba seine DJ-Kicks vor und hat auch so allerhand zu tun.

Paul Rose hat gleich in dreifacher Hinsicht in letzter Zeit die basslastigen Klangräume Berlins und der Welt maßgeblich mitgeprägt; als Chef des Plattenlabels Hotflush (u.a. Mount Kimbie, Joy O), als Koordinator der Veranstaltungsreihe Sub:stance und vor allem als Produzent unter dem Decknamen Scuba (“Before“). In Funktion des Letzteren veröffentlicht er nun am 25. Oktober seine DJ-Kicks. Roses Mix für !K7‘s renommierte Reihe erstreckt sich dabei über epische 32 Tracks, darunter gleich sechs bislang unveröffentlichte und somit exklusive Stücke: Addison Groove mit “An We Drop”, Beaumont mit “CPX11″, Sigha mit “Let Me In”, John Convex’ “Streetwalk”, “Acid Battery” von Boddika und die Eigenkreation “M.A.R.S.”. Zu den weiteren essentiellen Stücken gehört, laut dem Kompilateur, auch “The Breakup” (unten im Ausschnitt ab 2:00 zu hören), das auf am 12. September erscheinenden A Meaning EP des New Yorkers Braille erscheinen wird. Ein schöner Synergieeffekt, handelt es sich beim veröffentlichenden Label doch eben um Roses Hotflush.


Die nächste Ausgabe von Sub:stance im Berghain steht unterdessen am 7. Oktober an. Diesmal gesellen sich zu Rose u.a. Adrian Sherwood, Martyn und Untold.

Braille A Meaning EP (Auszüge)

Scuba DJ-Kicks
01) Sigha – HF029B2
02) Surgeon – The Power of Doubt
03) DBridge – For Tonight
04) Badawi – Lost Highway (Incyde remix)
05) Peverelist – Sun Dance
06) Until Silence – The Affair
07) Addison Groove – An We Drop [EXCLUSIVE]
08) Roska – Leapfrog
09) Trevino – Shorty
10) Beaumont – CPX11 [EXCLUSIVE]
11) Function – Two Ninety One
12) Braille – Breakup
13) Quest – Everybody in the Place
14) Sigha – Let Me In [EXCLUSIVE]
15) George FitzGerald – Shackled
16) Jon Convex – Streetwalk [EXCLUSIVE]
17) Mr Beatnick – Don’t Walk Away From My Love
18) Boddika – Acid Battery [EXCLUSIVE]
19) Marcel Dettmann – Captivate
20) Arkist – Rendez-Vous (SCB edit)
21) Locked Groove – Drowning
22) Recloose – Tecumseh
23) Sigha – Where I Come To Forget
24) Sex Worker – Rhythm of the Night
25) Scuba – M.A.R.S. [EXCLUSIVE]
26) Jichael Mackson – Gedons
27) Rivet – Running S
28) Recondite – Backbone
29) Ludovic Vendi – Mental Bright
30) Rivet – Slant
31) Scuba – Adrenalin
32) Sepalcure – Inside

Scuba “Before”

02:05 PM

It’s a foretaste for his new album Triangulation and it tastes sounds really good: while director Sam Geer visually comes up with some well-tried pictures, Paul Rose aka Scuba sends out fantastic new track called “Before”. Very atmospheric and featuring some great percussion samples the track ideal for early morning trances on the dance floor.

Triangulation is the second album of Scuba and will be released on March 22 via his own Hotflush Recordings label. It’s a really auspicious record, which you can pre-listen to in its entirety over at 3 voor 12. Too, the man behind Berghain’s quarterly dubstep night Sub:Stance will play one of his sets tonight at Villa, Berlin, at the 1st anniversary of Awesome. You can still win tickets for it here.

Awesome’s 1st anniversary at Villa

03:23 PM

Sure, for most parties the earliest editions have always been the best and most legendary, but sometimes there’s a party like a good wine: With the time passing and more and more new editions coming it gets even better and better. So when we clapped Swedish-German Awesome Agency on their backs for putting together one of their best, if not the best line-up for the February edition of their Awesome nightout (with Mama,KingdomHannah Holland&MeBodi BillDaniel HaaksmanDJ Wool and more) just one month ago, we see ourselves forced to correct us once again. Oh, (night)life is so fast moving nowadays … (yeah!)

For the Awesome March edition on this Saturday at Villa, Berlin, too, which marks the first anniversary of the night(!), an even heavier line-up got announced! The boys invited Swedish-British (relation 1:3) producer, singer and rapper Goldie Locks to perform live on stage following the current issue of the night “How to get your freak on?“. Aged just 16 she left the school and now it’s people like our friends from Puregroove or Marc Jacobs, who picked one of her songs for a catwalk soundtrack, who help her to gain an international foothold. And according to what we can listen to on her new I’m Not her EP with the song “Cold Sweat“, released by New York’s Instinct Records, things are going really well.

Expect a brilliant club set with an edge by Discobelle and Discodust‘s favourites Sharkslayer afterwards, who made their dance floor breakthrough in 2009 with one great remix after the other, solid quality work, an unbelievable to mad diversity of styles (often mixed into one single song) concurrent to a fine taste and a good sense of humor.

Another highlight will be the set by British Exil-Berliner Paul Rose alias Scuba. Being the promoter of the quarterly dubstep night Sub:Stance Berghain he recently still found enough time to create the first compilation for the night, produce his second album Triangulation, which will be out on March 22 and launch another quarterly party with his own label Hotflush Recordings bringing the (in)famous Killasan soundsystem to Horst Kreuzberg. No wonder that Saturday night will mark one out of only three live appearances by him in his home Berlin during this spring and it will surely be the cosiest and most intimate (not to mention, sweaty) one of all three.

New York’s house majestro Sean “Cobra” Krames will have an unlikely longer journey to Villa but we have no doubt that the DJ, who should be famous for his perfect growth of beard and hair (check his Myspace profile pic!) as well, will be another audiovisual schmankerl (delicacy).

In addition to the already mentioned ones Boysnoize Records’ Chris de Luca (this time without his beloved DJ Phono), keinemusik’s long runner Rampa, Bachstelzen glitter boy David Dorad and, to assure that the night goes ahead, Awesome’s Leo Diamond himself will do the honors.

And since we don’t want to party alone with this great people we give away 4×2 guest list entries to everyone, who leaves an awesome comment under this post. The sweep has ended. See you at Villa!

Emika “Drop The Other”

05:55 AM

emika drop the other

Wild old player like Massive Attack are releasing a new album or re-record and re-edit older ones like Tricky, there’s young acts are causing waves in the trip-hop scene as well, only this time the directions are electronica and dubstep. One of the newcomers is Emika, who just released her new single Drop The Other and is in this way rising the expectations for her debut full-length to be out this year higher and higher.

Listening to the song one can easily guess that she’s still listening to music from her former adopted home Bristol. The melancholic mood, female vocals and fragmented beats – who’s thinking about the early Portishead & Co right now gets pretty close to the core. In terms of beats one can draw the line to Aphex Twin’s creative rhythms, too.

Two remixes come with the single. Former London inhabitant and now Berliner (like Emika by now) dubstep pioneer Scuba (see at CTM.10 soon!), alias Paul Rose, turned “Drop The Other” into a even darker, mechanically cold version creating an even more atmospheric track. For the end a re-edit by G.e.R.M. is awaiting you. This is a pretty dancy remix forcing you with a catchy hook on the dance floor while Grum and MSTRKRFT are greeting from further up the road.

All in all it’s a great record making us excited to hear more. Get Drop The Other digitally (f.i. from Beatport here) or as 12″ from the releasing label Ninja Tune. Have a look on Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC Radio 1 website there a mix by Emika from her last show will be made available as stream pretty soon.