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New Justice single & first details of The Embassy’s next album

02:27 PM

After their design company in charge, Paris’ Surface to Air, put out the cover of upcoming Justice single “Civilization” on Friday, it was their record label Ed Banger, who just announced the single’s release for April 4. And of course it’s the first (true) foretaste from the French duo’s upcoming second album.


Also during last weekend Swedish boat pop act The Embassy told our staff, that they are indeed back in the studio recording their all-in-all third and first album for six years. This time their producer will be former TSOOL guitarist Björn Olsson, who already produced the band’s debut album Futile Crimes and partly Tacking, and not Studio’s Dan Lissivk, who was with them on last single “State ’08”. Following a five-song-longshort set in Berlin (including three new tunes), Fredrik Lindson and Torbjörn Håkansson furthermore revealed, that they almost split last year. If everything goes well now, the third Embassy-full-length will be out this fall via Service.

Forest : Soon Be Over

12:42 AM

The cracking of our frost anguished windows might be louder, but we still enjoy Forest‘s new single “Soon Be Over” a lot. It’s a quite, timeless piece somewhere between Nico’s Chelsea Girl album and Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe”, though it lyrically leans more towards the darker first. The (bell?) harmonica gains another winter bonus point, as well does the Romantic styled cover by Palmestål Family.

Forest : Soon Be Over [Download]

You can also listen to the as mellow predecessor single “Just One Day” here.

Oh and is a new-fashioned, little gadget with an apple on its back (sounds weird, doesn’t it?) among your Christmas wishlist? Service will not only release the debut album of Forest on January 20, but has created a new app, which will automatically bring almost their entire catalogue and more label-related content to your electronic fellow. Find out more here.

Found : Service Mixtape

08:47 AM

French colleagues of Wow Magazine got gifted with this sonic beauty of a mix by Swedish Service label. See here for the playlist and more background information.

Ikons (album review)

02:58 AM

When six men get together in Swedish city Gothenburg and name themselves IKONS*, which is Swedish for icons, one should know he or she is dealing with a self-fulfilling prophecy from now on. After we already praised the brilliant “cosmic 8-minute long instrumental krautrock anthem” alias “Slow Light” on this site, we can’t help ourselves but do the same thing with their new debut album without title, which gets opened by the previously mentioned song.

Here IKONS do perform a nine-songs-strong vibrant on the entire almost asleep rock’n’roll circus, while drawing sonic parallels to the Horrors latest full-length.

Most of the songs share the same key structure: First the six-piece creates looping wall of sound slowly growing thicker and thicker till a keyboard or guitar breaks into it. And whenever this kicks off again, it will somehow feel like listening to Can, Space’s “Magic Fly” or Air‘s Moon Safari for the first time and somehow it will feel completely different from that, too. It’s a ongoing and thrilling trip to outer space and the next transcendental level. No wonder, that the cherished genius of Dan Lissvik of Studio did mix the album together with Alex Palmestål of Pistol Disco.

Sounding rough and beautiful at the same time, IKONS manage to pull you into a vision of the future which seems to be closer to the 1960ies/70ies’ notion of the post-millennium life, than to our modern societies clean and ambient styled version of the future. But fast you’ll discover that this music is timeless. Call it retro futuro** if you like.

And the album has with “Bye” a, in a broadest sense, typical Swedish, but resounding rock’n’roll song, too.

Still it has its tough moments around the middle and you will find some repetitions from time to time, but in the end you get a record, that’s rather outstanding not only in terms of style, but of quality from the majority of current music releases.

Ikons (no title) is out now as CD, vinyl and download via Service Label.

*The band features also an video artist.
**The real Retro Futuro is a great promoting agency here in Berlin.

Ikons “Slow Light”

03:23 PM

ikons slow light

After “Guns” (which saw the light of day nearly one year ago) here comes the second foretaste of what according to Swedish Service label “may be the best album we ever released”. It’s the music video to “Slow Light” by Gothenburg six-piece IKONS from their debut album of the same title.

Looks a bit like creator Patrik Johansson put this still life – including a globe, a skull, a bouquet, a pair of maracas, a zils and some grapes, books and candles – into the corner of flat around 3am with a party behind his back in its last throes.

So there’s nothing really happening here except some light show. Still this and – above all – this cosmic 8-minute long instrumental krautrock anthem the video was made to are enough  to lead you to a different sphere.

The record by  IKONS will be released as CD/LP on Service in January 2010. Luckily Service will start streaming the record on their site already on December 1. See the video and the tracklist of the album (or better said: it’s back) – including “Guns” and “Slow Light” – below.

ikons album back

This may be the best album Service ever released.

Korallreven “Loved-Up”

03:06 AM

korallven love-up

Sometimes a wrapping can cheat you. And sometimes/in every other case you get what you see. Since we are nice people, we won’t play neither with your feelings nor your loyalty. So look on the picture above and expect a wave tsunami to float your heart and mind within the next minutes.

Beloved Swedish Service label (features brilliant artists such as Lake Heartbeat, Jens Lekman and Studio) just sent us some new stuff to get excited for 2010. Well, actually it’s more an excuse.  Anyway, it’s the Nhessingtons Remix of Korallreven‘s “Loved-Up”.

Korallreven is the balearic artist outfit of Swedish music journalist Marcus Joons and The Radio Dept.‘s* Johan Duncanson. And yes, the name means really “coral reefs” and it does perfectly fit to the music, you’ll see.

They released their first digital single “Loved-Up” on Service earlier this year and then announced full-length “The Truest Faith” for this November.

So since it’s now already the end of the month and I previously mentioned “excuse” you can easily guess that the record won’t be out in time. According to Korallreven this has a simple reason:

Spring 2010 sounds so much better than autumn 2009, right?

Okay, that’s indeed true – sadly. And here’s where Nhessingtons enter the scene: the Force Majeure artists took the song to turn it into a great disco-dub version, like they did before with El Perro Del Mar. I guess, this weakens the pain a bit.

Both original and remix shall be released together as a 7″ single via Japanese Fastcut Records pretty soon. Listen to the original version of the song at their Myspace, buy the song over at Service/Klicktrack or iTunes, download the remix below and then – last but not least – join us getting excited for spring 2010, yeah!

Korallreven “Loved-Up (Nhessingtons Remix)” [download]

*Remember that song called “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done“?