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Intro Intim with Hurts

08:11 PM

Great pop anthems dominated the musical picture when Hurts were about to enchant the audience at Magnet Club last friday. The duo from manchester performed their first gig in germany and also one of their first concert at all within the Intro Intim. Nevertheless Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson didn’t seem to be nervous. With a perfectly fitting attitude and a minimalist stage show their impressive music took the center. Among the shades of Hurts who will be able to rise up as the new pop sensation, So So Modern who opended the evening had to consider theirself satisfied with a supporting role.

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photos: Christoph Paul

Intro Intim with the fabulous Hurts

04:58 PM

Can you do magic? British synth-wizard Adam Anderson and hex voice Theo Hutchcraft can. And they have a box full of tricks. For instance neither using pretty simple and common vocabulary but re-creating some unbelievable beautiful, touching lyrics from it, nor drawing a major labels attention (and money) with a video made for £ 20, just to fly to Sweden the very next moment (or the one after that) to record the world’s loudest instrument, the Tyfon Organ, for their debut album was a big issue for them. Not to mention creating a straight black-and-white atmosphere and aesthetics pulling the viewer into a 3D version of Anton Corbjin‘s Joy-Division-biopic Control, but preaching to “never give up”, since “it’s such a wonderful life.” (Wonderful Life) And what about being British (sorry folks!) but looking like always decently styled models, who get photographed by Hedi Slimane and his famous camera?

Every detail of Hurts seems to make a promise for a clearer and more serious, all in all better world. And with the sonic magic the duo of Manchester origin creates in songs like “Wonderful Life” and “Blood, Tears & Gold” plus a major label behind them chances are high, that they become the pop sensation of this year.

It is said, that they decided to make Sony Music their home harbour when staying in Berlin. But news get only very rarely spread, their song “Unspoken” for example till now got only shown as a sheet of music but not as an audio file. The last week saw them uploading a video called “Pellerin“on their Youtube channel, showing them and other singers recording in a studio, and Townsend Records added an album by them called hurts (sic!) with the release date August 16 to their roster.

Last night Hurts played a gig in London and not only Popjustice was pretty amazed by it, so we can truly understand, why Intro and Melt! Booking invited the duo to play two Intro Intim shows this week in Germany. On Friday, February 26, they will play Berlin’s Magnet Club and the Gebäude 9 in Cologne on the following day. Both dates will see New Zealand’s So So Modern presenting their new album Crude Futures including the track “Berlin” live on stage as well. Too, DJ sets by German art circus band Bonaparte and Bodi Bill, RemmiDemmi DJ Team, Thomalla (in Berlin) and Trashpop DJs (in Cologne) will complete the night.

You can still get yourselves tickets for the two shows (€ 10 plus advanced sale fees) here.