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The Horrors : Listen to new album Skying

12:46 PM

On July 11 XL Recordings will release the new album of the Horrors, Skying. Now the complete record has been made available for streaming already. A first listening reveals: first preview “Still Life” is not the only more poppier song here. What do you think of it?

You can find the band’s tour schedule on their website.

The Horrors : Still Life

04:24 PM

“I think, it’s their best yet!” Rachel Zeffira highly praised the new album of her band partner Faris Badwan’s main project The Horrors, when talking to us before yesterday’s gig of Cat’s Eyes in Berlin (interview and photos will follow). The third LP by the Britons, called Skying, will be released on July 11 via XL Recordings (whose logo already rotates through the above video in acid-screensaver-style).

But the first foretaste “Still Life” is only partly causing himmelhoch jauchzende (ski-highly cheering) reactions. Slowed down once again, the take songs returns to the wide-screen aesthetics of the (fantastic) second work Primary Colours, weaving the net even tighter. But the excessive use of synthesizers not only reminds Swedish colleague Lisa Ehlin or the Guardian of no other than Simple Minds’ “Alive and Kicking“. The stoic bass line might do his bit, too.

So maybe it’s a hidden prophecy that Badwan meanwhile sings, “don’t worry, give it time. Things are what they used to be. (…) The moment that you want is coming, when you give it time.” So there’s a lot of hope for the rest of ten tracks, all produced and recorded by then band themselves in their studio in Dalston, London. The first live dates can also be found on the band’s website.

The Horrors Skying
01 Changing the Rain
02 You Said
03 I Can See Through You
04 Endless Blue
05 Dive In
06 Still Life
07 Wild Eyed
08 Moving Further Away
09 Monica Gems
10 Oceans Burning

The Horrors & S.C.U.M live review

02:56 PM


Within only a few days London’s ex-Goth band The Horrors twice played in Berlin. Following their support appearance for Muse at the German capital’s new gigantic O2 Arena on October 29 the five piece came back to hit the stage at Lido together with young disciples S.C.U.M this Tuesday.

Still all the (overpowering) presence was a fair game since it was only the second time for the group to present their new Krautrock influenced and Goth hype breaking outfit in Germany after two festival appearances earlier this year.

So a still all black-in-black but more decent version of The Horrors entered the stage to play the fantastic 2009 full-length “Primary Colours” track-by-track with only little arrangement changes meeting a pretty unimpressed crowd.

The not completely filled Lido – with an audience reflecting a pretty diverse spectrum from little kids to dark avantgarde fellows and old rocker couples – only slightly enjoyed the new material. For instance “I Only Think Of You” nearly got drowned by the talking and whispering all-around.

While neither “Scarlet Fields” nor “Sea Within A Sea” or new non-album single “Whole New Way” – apparently three songs of real beauty – could move the entire crowd, already the foreshadowing of “Who Can Say” or – more precious – the genius but, too, simple lyrics of its intermezzo set everyone in a fever of excitement.

Eleven songs were played. Then band went off, roadie on stage. Everybody knew what was about to follow.

Fair enough, on the stage they laboured to surprise with a well performed cover of Suicide’s “Ghost Rider” but the majority in front it was already silently awaiting the first cords of “Count In Fives” which let them explode in one aggressive pogo, followed by “Gloves”.

What seemed to be compulsory for the band meant everything to their fans. The Horrors have grown out of (most) their following.

Those were of course no problems support act and London colleagues S.C.U.M had to fight with. Presenting – among others – an intense version of their to be then premiered fantastic new song “Berlin” (click on the link to download it via The Quietus) in the city where it was recorded for the Signals series back in spring. And nearly nobody was were to disturb (or enjoy) since apparently everyone was still enjoying their first beers around the corner.

It just wasn’t a good night for good music.

PHOTOS: Christoph Paul

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Ghostly label release new iPhone app

10:52 PM

ghostly discovery

To anyone who searches for useful iPhone applications between iMilk or iPin: here comes the answer straight from Ghostly. The record label from Minnesota, USA, developped a new app for your pocket’s best friend.

With three different options to handle – mood, digital/analog and speed – you can easily tell your iPhone what kind of music you’re up to listen to right now and “Discovery” will feed you with suitable music from it’s and Spectral’s catalogue featuring different artists like Daniel Wang, Mobius Band or The Chap.

Ghostly Discovery from miguel on Vimeo.

And by the way, there’s another cool thing about Ghostly. They are part of RCRD LBL, a web cooperation of some blogs and lables like Warp or Drowned In Sound. This site brings you a bunch of mp3s and streams every day. All for free, all totally legal and all truly worth listen to. For the beginning have a closer listen to this three magic examples with features of our favourites Diplo, The Dead Weather, The Horrors and Damn Arms:

The Dead Weather “Treat Me Like Your Mother (Diplo Remix)”
Memory Tapes “Bicycle (Horrors Cosmic Dub)”
Damn Arms “Destination (Bang Gang Happy Acid Reshuffle)”