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Korallreven “The Truest Faith”

01:18 PM

A melody to hum along,  almost oceanic harmonies and sun-drenched sound aesthetics, one could gently describe as balearic in terms of music genres – as Korallreven have just revealed in a blog post, the title track of their upcoming debut album The Truest Faith and A-side of new single on Acéphale Records, does not sound like a holiday in the Pacific for no reason:

It all started on the South Pacific island Samoa three years ago. Marcus (Joons) had been travelling around the islands there for some time and one day while chillin’ under a coconut tree, he serendipitously got a feeling of how he wanted his dream pop music to be like. Spiritual like the local Samoan Catholic church choirs, hypnotic like the breathtaking tropical nature and above all a feeling of finally reaching ”the other side”.
So, since last summer Marcus and dear friend Daniel – who aside of Korallreven plays keyboard in The Radio Dept. – have suffered some blood, sweat and even tears to turn this South Pacific dream into reality.

And yes, your eyes didn’t trick you: it’s not The Radio Dept.‘s Johan Duncanson, who’s Swedish music journalists Marcus’ partner in Korallreven (as we wrongly claimed among other media), but the band’s keyboarder, Daniel Tjäder, who’s hence co-responsible for one of the first big anthems of the approaching summer.

Korallreven “The Truest Faith” [Download]

Did this got you and your ears? We’ve another Nhessington’s remix of Korallreven’s “Loved-up” then here for you.

Korallreven: New ‘The Truest Faith’ Acéphale 7″

06:31 PM

News from Swedish tropical shoegazers Korallreven: the duo has finally announced the release of their The Truest Faith single with B-side “Loved-Up” on Vancouver’s 7″ tastemaker label Acéphale, who already brought us Kingdom, Memory Tapes, Air France, Salem, CFCF, Pure Ecstasy and Midnight Juggernauts (you see, hits only!), for the end of this month. The single will be limited to 500 copies only with the first 150 ones to been maroon-white colour discs.

The band has been talking about the probable single quite a while now, but it looks like Johan Duncanson’s, who’s collaborating with Swedish music journalist Marcus Joons here, very busy main band The Radio Dept. keeps him from meeting KR-deadlines in time at the moment. So we are still looking forward to the repeatedly postponed release of their debut album for some point of time around this year’s spring, summer, fall or winter – may it be called like the current single or not.

You can listen to both tune’s on Korallreven’s Myspace page or to the later below. See their current Vice mixtape including new song “Sa-Sa-Samoa” for more impressions and our recent “Loved-Up” post to download a wavy Nhessingtons‘ remix of the song.

Stream | Korallreven “Loved-Up

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