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(Deutsch) aufgemischt! präsentiert : Nordic By Nature Night

08:30 PM


Familjen : Det var jag (This Is Head Version)

07:55 AM

Already in 2010 This Is Head remixed re-interpreted “Det Var Jag” (English: This was me) by Familjen. Now Malmo film production firm beirut and (design) Studio 1982 have made the corresponding video; all in black-and-white with aluminium foil instead of gold. It’s captured mania. The single and remix got released by Adrian Recordings.


This Is Head : 0007 (Korallreven Remix)

08:24 PM

Following Tuesday’s “Unspoken” by Pacific! and El Perro Del Mar, here’s the next Swedish-Swedish collaboration: About a year after its video release Korallreven have recorded a remix of This Is Head‘s “0007”. Carefully built around the pessimistic chorus line, “What we care for isn’t gonna save ourselves”, they manage to the cut the dob shiny with a tidal calm. A good start for their first ever remix.

Korallreven’s latest release was the single “Honey Mine” with Victoria Bergsman on Acéphale.

This Is Head : 0007 (A REMIX BY KORALLREVEN)

Korallreven : Honey Mine


This Is Head : 0011 (Kasper Bjorke Version)

Weekend guide : All in one

07:09 PM

We have no time, so briefly: Berlin’s a bit schizophrenic this weekend, hosting half of the world also kind of itself. This can only be good as we guess!


If you have ever been to Neukölln’s Sandmann Bar on a Monday night, you know what this is about: Muschi Kreuzberg is at Heide 11 not far away from Hermannplatze (consequently, the event title is Du hast Angst vorm Hermannplatz!) to present its newest fashionable links between neo-hipsters and old Berlin originals like the one above. At 9 pm the (assisted) drinking starts, before the party kicks-off a few hours later. Sounds like a decent warm-up!

Whatever you do, don’t miss stopping by at our recent mixtape heroes of Local Suicide, who are deejaying at the Tapetenwechsel at Rosis!

Living Congolese legends and music visionaries Konono N°1 will be at Berghain supported by the young admirers Burnt Friedman and Shackleton – probably the event you can learn the most from this night.

By the way, if it would have been already around Konono N°1 would have probably played a REVOLUTION N°5 by Sick Girls back then. Instead the two female hosts turn their night at Chez Jacki into a little genre battle: It’s Grime Revisted!, or better: Grime vs. Dubstep, with a.o. DJ Absurd and Am Gunz.

Nordic By Nature can already celebrate their first anniversary and do so at the Levee Club (Ex-Bang-Bang) with the subtly heavy This Is Head and a bunch of DJs in the mix, including Berlin-Swedish two-piece Am Track.

Accordingly confusing to our introduction In Love With has somehow booked the New York duo(!) Mister Saturday Night for sophisticated disco on a Friday night at Bar Tausend. Still sounds like a lot of fun.


Definitely on on the right date will be second NYC duo Blondes. After recently playing at Picknick, they are now back in town for the Sameheads store at Richardstraße and Preston G Parallax and Xorzyzt will also be there for an all in all deeply grooving, eloquent night.

The only bigger party should be the Calcium release one by BNR Trax at First Floor, which we already gave you a preview for here.

DJ Supermarket has a new and own (truly recommendable) blog called And despite running already for quite a while this night will be its official launch party with Ian Pooley, Hunee and Pony Pop at Picknick.

This Is Head “0007”

05:03 AM

Malmö postrock outfit This Is Head, director Nicholas Wakeham (did First Aid Kit “Hard Believer” and others) and the Varelsen collective (remember Minilogue’s brilliant “Animals” video?) invite you to what they think a group meeting of the Audiophile Anonymous looks like in the new video for “0007”.  Although the vinyl loving parts of us think, a “Don’t try this at home!” warning would actually be pretty suitable here, we still like the realization of this idea and assume a statement pro digital revolution (and not contra pre-millennium music) behind it.

If you want to get rid of all your classic Full Moon Fever and Whitney LPs to spare yourselves paying an expensive therapist sooner or later, you might need some (digital) sonic replacement: check to download a great remix of the song by Pocketknife and to find out how to buy and get This Is Head‘s just released debut album 0001 (Adrian Recordings) – even as 12″! Head over to the Line of Best Fit to get the even more epic “0003” as download and look out for the 0002 single with a remix by fellow Swedish über producer Dan Lissvik as well.

This Is Head “0007” [download]

This Is Head “0003”

Ready to become a postrock Swedophile now? Check our prior articles on IKONS (Gothenburg) to take the next level.