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Ulterior & UK Decay

11:37 AM

Throwing one of the few, good old rock’n’roll monsters of our time in one room together with some heroes of goth punk creates a attraction around this place you can’t withdraw from. And if this overlaps not only with the first band’s Berlin premiere gig, butwith the first gig for 28 years for the second one, the world– at least the one of rock’n’roll – spins around this certain place in  Berlin for an entire evening.

As seen at Slaughterhouse, where the gentlemen of UK Decay met the whippersnappers of Ulterior last Saturday. The younger demand the rock attitude for themselves. Beside lots of vodka behind, beer in front and leather on the stage, singer Paul McGregor represents a true reminiscence of the young-Axl-Rose look. So the obligatory bandanna was naturally part of his appearance just as the long hair – till now!  In spite of their delay and the fact that they surprisingly played on first position, a rock’n’storm blew through Berlin when Ulterior with a now short-haired McGregor entered the stage. Presenting their songs in a powerful, rough way, they may did not surprise anyone, but made a rather good show.

After some poses, beer and booming guitar sounds the spook was quickly put to an end. And the audience, which was shaken shortly but vehemently, got a recreation, since following act The Wars was not able to be more then an intermezzo between two great bands.

When UK Decay entered a stage in Berlin for the first time since 1982 the tension was literally within one’s reach. Having an even more than generous break before, they did their bit for it as well. But who cares about 30 minutes after almost three decades? No one! With a skillful jump the British four-piece kicked off and clashed their songs against the crowd. No wonder, their fans received them with excitement and awe, because UK Decay presented their 17 song set both, confident and enthusiastically.

And against all – wrong – expectations the oldies of UK Decay managed to hold their ground against the younger colleagues of Ulterior. A perfect evening for rock’n’roll one might say.

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We present: Ulterior & UK Decay

07:49 PM


We don’t actually know, if there are some among you, who lived in West-Berlin around 1982 and were already old and cool enough to go to concerts. Then again it’s not witnesses of a Cold War we’re looking for for the next tv documentary but a transition to the gig of UK Decay on this Saturday April 24 in Berlin – so here we are!

Because the British post punker’s last trip to the German capital was a solid 28 years ago. Shortly after that days the band disappeared from the business after three years of keeping post punk alive and by that somehow providing the starting shot for goth punk – at least that’s what this little article here is telling us (before that time most parts of UK Decay were already in a band one might know as The Resistors). Indeed the band got mostly spared the current referential namedropping in association with modern successor bands, both good and bad, – in contrast to their then-colleagues Bauhaus and The Cramps – but in terms of real music they are able to compete with them all, young and old.

One can only hope, that the old-timers aren’t blown against the wall by their Londoner support act Ulterior (photo above / Offset Festival 2009). Since at the moment we can’t think of any other band as self-destructive and powerful on stage as the bloody, black rock’n’roll monster that is Ulterior – inclusive all those dirty, pretentious poses and beer showers for the audience.  Check their brilliant single “Sister Speed” (plus some photos from London), if you don’t believe us!

In addition it’s the band’s first ever gig in town after numerous cancellations and postponements, which makes this Ulterior night a must-go for everyone.

So if you dare to put on your black leather jacket tonight, leave us a comment below, since we’re giving away 1×2 among everyone who does. Winners can save the ticket price for some more beers for instance (just a suggestion of course.)

Please, see more information concerning tickets and aftershow party below!

The 1-2-3-4 Festival review

02:09 PM

1234 preview

A festival which leaves your photographer with swine flu can’t sadly be the best festival of all times. And like our friend ANNA FERRARO this years 1-2-3-4 Festival at Shoreditch Park, London, had to suffer some struggles, too. To name the main issues: The wheather was unsteady like a 13-year-old, the running order turned into a lottery and Shoreditch Park, which by the way is the place where Englands grey industrial tenements meet Londons poor art scene, was full of boring people thinking posing around is the new dancing.

But every concert Anna caught by luck was great. So have a look on Autokratz smashing the crowd, Ulterior presenting their leather fetish once more, Crystal Fighters’ Sebastian letting Andrew VanWyngarden look like an office worker next to him and many more pics. Don’t miss the unknown dog pictured above, who was something like the secret icon of the festival. See all of Anna’s photos at her Flickr page.

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London: Ulterior’s Leather Fetish In Pics

05:53 PM

ulterior preview

Let’s have a minute for a honest thought: real Rock’n’Roll is dead! Well, not completely dead but very rare. Nevertheless our London correspondent ANNA FERRARO is still on the search for it. And last Thursday she indeed caught it once more at the fabulous Ulterior single release gig at Hoxton, London. Fortunately she took her camera with her.

Result: the band with Axl-Rose-remembrance-bandana wearing lead vocalist Paul McGregor easily and consequentely performs the task to bring their dark wave following studio sound live on stage. So you can finally nickname them The New Jesus & Axl Bandana if you like to. Anyway, with their new second single “Sister Speed” Ulterior/TNJ&AB recommend themselves for higher distinctions. See photos and promo video below:

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