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HEALTH “We Are Water”

07:34 PM

For someone, whose visual repertoire includes public French kiss orgies, laser blasting, hairy moobs and facially morphed plus-size cheerleader motorcycle gangs, a video with a classic splatter movie chase almost seems like a backslide to his personal Biedermeier, if only almost. After much-noticed, controversial videos for Depeche Mode, Major Lazer and Flying Lotus, US-American comedian (one half of Tim and Eric) and director Eric Wareheim has now worked with his effect-buddies Fatal Farm again, to create another piece of art for the (perhaps) best song of HEALTH‘s current second full-length Get Color, the terrificly destructive and mighty “We Are Water”. While he may abandons his typical humor here, he’s still included another surprising Wareheimian turn in this morbid, shocking chase of the young Lolita and her brutal slaughterer through a dark wood with almost ash-like falling snow.

Too, check the prior HEALTH video for “Die Slow” done by the band themselves and download a fine Azaari & II remix of “We Are Water”. And you can let the band beat both songs into your eardrums on their upcoming European tour soon as well! Have a look on Peter Seranfinowicz’s “I Feel Better” video for Hot Chip if you want to see more comedians-directed music videos.

HEALTH “We Are Water” Azari & III Remix

01:25 PM

HEALTH from L.A. are almost definitively our favourite band (especially live!) and “We Are Water” is probably the best song on their recent album Get Color. Though, it does not bother us, when the Canadian duo Azari & III transfer only a very slight bit of it into their new remix of the track. After all their re-worl easily conforms with HEALTH’s general idea to take their alien-like feedback noise / sound wall, amplifier and drum orgies to the disco. And here we’re talking about late night disco at its best!

HEALTH “We Are Water (Azari & III) (mp3, 128 kBit/s)

Too, its a some pastime while waiting for the release of the live footage shot in Leizpig, Germany, with HEALTH playing Get Color track-by-track.  Oh, and by the way: we got to this lovely piece, which appeared first on Mola Super Poco, through James Penycate (follow him, it’s a link to his Twitter profile).

Video | Azari & III “Hungry for the Power