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Is Tropical x Tweak Bird x Berlin

07:25 PM

There wasn’t much known about the three guys from Is Tropical, before they visited Berlin to play at Comet Club on Friday the 15th. And apart from a first single it was hitherto only a deal with Kitsuné and the fact, that they keep hiding their faces with bandanas, which attracted proper attention.

But the pleasure of opening the evening was on the side of Berlin’s I’m not a Band. And the two enchanted the few people who found their way to Comet Club. Lacking of an album release as well, I’m not a Band played their set sovereignly, but not boredly. The delay of Is Tropical couldn’t confuse them, too. So they played encore by encore, collecting plus point.

The headliner of the evening then entered the stage with a big delay. Without a word of explanation to the waiting crowd but with their bandanas on, the three started their gig. The ones who didn’t pay attention to the sound-check could see the face of Is Tropical’s drummer nonetheless because his bandana got lost as fast as the whole band’s enthusiasm.

One hour later and at a different venue Tweak Bird was supposed to be more thrilling. All those who brought along their earmuffs to the sold out West Germany were well-advised to do so, since the powerful drums and the hardcore guitars sounds got some long-grown hair to swing. Though, the good set lost some of its substance and creativity towards the end, because the Bird brothers kept maltreating the four very same chords over and over again.

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Lovvers’ consultation at West Germany

12:25 AM

lovvers onstage preview

Whenever you’re back to the point where you wonder why you aren’t yet bored by twanging guitar acts you know since Muddy Waters, The Monks or Billie Holiday – wait a sec: were dinosaurs still alive back then? – you suddenly stand in front of a stage built out of beer crates in a demolished former surgery – now called West Germany – in Berlin-Kreuzberg watching a band like Charlie Megira & The Mondern Dance Club playing on top of it. And intuitionally you start banging your head and doing the twist with the hippie girl next to you; you just can’t help yourself.

Later you will search for CM & TMDC on Google and will realize that they’re a sample of Israeli underground heroes But who cares? You already love this raw and loud band, this Mr. Megira with his overbite surely making him earning some good money as Dracula actor in various B-horror pictures; or this bass player named ‘The Dead Girl’ who’s starring at you like a – er – dead girl. You feel the joyful victory of a sweet cliché inside of you being verified when you watching beautiful drummer Mimi Shanel eating out Charlie (of course) and you don’t worry about Javier Schreiner since you know, he has his guitar. Simply perfect!

But don’t forget, they’re just the support for main act Lovvers. These looked actually a bit tired that night or just suffered some overdose onstage; singer Shaun didn’t seem to be really present anyway. What a fantastic benefit it was in this case that their album was recorded live and nearly without any production, so you can enjoy a gig like you prefer it to be: to sound like on record. At it’s end Shaun is dancing a little bit inside the crowd but that’s already the climax. Around this time Mimi is sleeping on the sofa next to the entrance door.

TEXT, FOTOS: Thomas Vorreyer

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